How to Make Grand Marquis Faster

How to Make Grand Marquis Faster
How to Make Grand Marquis Faster

Grand Marquis is not a performance vehicle. It was produced for luxury luxury-trim levels of Ford vehicles. From 1930 to 2010, it was not financially viable. It was not even a halted product among other products of the company.  Though it was not a performance vehicle, may products lunched in the market to make it faster. This article will describe you the process to faster your Grand Marquis.

5 Steps Make Grand Marquis Faster

Step-1: First you need to work on your Grand Marquis’ engine. The engine of the vehicle needs  to be replaced to add horsepower in it. You have to remove the engine from the vehicle.

Step-2: Secondly, install a performance aftermarket control chip. Engine control chip manages the electronic fuel injection system or EFI. Factory Engine Control Chips maximize safety and fuel efficiency. New aftermarket control chip will increase the capability of the electronic fuel injection system. It will decrease fuel budget simultaneously increase the speed.

Step-3: After the engine, air intake is the second thing to think for. Air intake of the Grand Marquis requires to be changed. Air intake takes part to the speed process  of a car. A performance air intake needs to be placed instead of the Grand Marquis air intake. It will allow more air to the fuel mixture inside the engine. This adds extra power to the vehicle.

Step-4: Fourthly, you need to exchange the Grand Marquis exhaust system. It flows minimum airflow to maintain a quiet cabin. It also minimize CO2 emissions. To make the Grand Marquis faster it is essential to take the installed exhaust system out of it. So, in this step remove the exhaust system.

Step-5: Now the finishing task is to install a performance exhausted system. The side effect of this system is noise. But it will add speed to your vehicle. It will allow the Grand Marquis engine to release hot air and engine pressure.


Why do you need to faster the Grand Marquis?

Grand Marquis is not a performance vehicle. It is designed in a way which makes it a regular vehicle. That is why one may want to faster the Grand Marquis.

Is it safe to faster the Grand Marquis?

To make the Grand Marquis faster one needs to change the engine, the air intake and the exhaust system. Installing them properly the main issue. It is very important to ensure their accurate installation.

Why the Grand Marquis is not faster?

The Grand Marquis is not faster because it is a regular vehicle. It is not a performance vehicle.

What is the different between the Grand Marquis engine and a Performance engine?

The Grand Marquis engine is responsible for its speed. It maximizes safety and fuel efficiency for which it slows down the vehicle. On the other hand, a performance engine empowers the capability of the electronic fuel injection system.

Is using the performance exhaust system legal?

There are some country who restricts the performance exhausted system. If the country you live in does not allow the performance exhausted system then do not us it.

Final Thoughts:

This article will help the knowledge seekers who want to know how to faster Grand Marquis. Hopefully, it will benefit you.