How to Install Push-Pull Throttle Cables

How to Install Push-Pull Throttle Cables
How to Install push-pull Throttle Cables

A push/pull throttle is a dual wire throttle operation where the pull wire throttle plates open. Again when the throttle returns spring with a push wire, the throttle plates close.

A push/pull throttle cable is an upgrade to its old standard single throttle cable connection. Throttle grip works on carburetors when twisting/throttle is up and when obstruction/throttling is down.

Motorcycle control cables deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. The throttle valve in the throttle cable carburetor is opened or closed. When these breaks occur, the acceleration control is severely affected or completely lost. A new throttle cable needs to be replaced and installed.

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How to Install Push-Pull Throttle Cables Properly

Step 1

Select the correct route to follow your cable length and throttle cable. It is important to check and note the routing of the main cable. Please verify the original routing note before you remove the stock cable.

Step 2

Now keep turning the handlebars to the right to engage the steering lock. Keep turning it until the lock is engaged. This will create a short distance. This makes throttle cables easier to follow and install.

Step 3

Install the accelerator cable (pull cable) in the throttle housing by running the wire end from the rider into the mounting hole. Now fully screw the metal wire guide to the throttle housing. Then gently tighten the guide lock nut.

Step 4

Again install the deflector cable (push cable) in the throttle housing by running the end of the wire into the mounting hole closest to the ride. Similarly, screw the metal wire guide completely on the throttle housing. As well as tighten the guide lock nut lightly.

Step 5

Route the cables to the carburetor or throttle body. Make sure the cables do not revolve around each other or bind against other elements.

Step 6

The barrel should slip at the end of the accelerator wire in the catch of the throttle tube/sleeve farthest from the rider. Then slip the barrel of the delta (push) cable to the nearest catch of the rider. Finally, route the exposed cables through the throttle tube.

Step 7

Install the opposite end of the throttle cables in the carburetor or throttle body. Tighten the threaded ends of the guide only in the wire bracket. The barrels of cables need to slide into the valve catches. Slightly twist the throttle tube to check that the valve is properly emptied and closed.

Manage the throttle smoothly without tying or sticking the cables. Then adjust the wires by loosening or tightening the wire guides. Finally, tighten the guide lock nut after the cables are adjusted.

Necessary tips

When installing a new cable, make sure the dimensions of the cables are the same.

Lubricate the cable with a few light oils to lubricate the interior cable. This will make it easier to move the internal cable up and down while holding the cable upright.

In routing the cable, make sure there is no gap between the cable and any heat source. Adjust the first pull / open cable whenever possible.

Use less copper grease than heavy greases for lubrication on linkages.

Once the cable is installed, check to lock the steering lock and check the operation of the cable.