Best Exhaust For C6 Corvette High Tune

Best Exhaust For C6 Corvette
Best Exhaust For C6 Corvette

As a car enthusiast, you might have wondered why some sports cars outperform others. Or why some sound great, while others drone awkwardly. It’s simple; the difference comes with their varying exhaust systems!

If you own a C6 Corvette and you want to make it outstanding in terms of speed and sound; then you need to get the best exhaust for C6 Corvette!

With the right exhaust system installed in your car, all you’ll hear is a deep, aggressive sound once you hit the acceleration pedal — no drones, no cracks! Aside from the amazing sound, you will also get to enjoy the overall performance of the car.

The question now is; how can you find the best performing and best sounding exhaust for Corvette C6, given the host of varieties in the market this 2020?

Best Aftermarket Exhaust For C6 Corvette Review

It might sound so simple, but getting the nicest out of the available options out there is not that easy.

Modifying the exhaust system of your sports car is one thing but getting the best out of the car in terms of sound, horsepower, and longevity is a whole different ball game, that’s why you have to key into this review while I let you in on the best sounding exhaust for C6 Corvette.

Ready for the ride? Alright, let’s get down to business.

1. SLP 31077-Best Cat Back Exhaust for C6 Corvette

If you are looking for the most aggressive-sounding exhaust in the industry, then you should consider SLP 31077. This product is not good just because of the loud sound but because it is a typical case of “you get exactly what you paid for”.

The manufacturers are cognizant of your need as the buyer, that’s why they produced it with no sound-filtering technology; it produces the exact 100% sound that it is built for! Matter of fact, if you live in a calm neighborhood where people easily get mad at loud music, then you may want to reconsider this product because there is nothing silent about it… Plus the horsepower and performance level are top-notch as well.

SLP 31077 is pre-packaged and shipped most protectively. There is no chance the merchandise will get damaged during shipment as it is well wrapped and cushioned. Another interesting thing is; once you get your delivery, you don’t have to worry about having any hassles installing it; your local Chevrolet dealer can easily install it within a short time.

Ordinarily, one would wonder if this product is affordable, given the enormous quality, but the good news is; according to a recent SLP loudmouth Corvette C6 review; it is quite inexpensive. As long as you have a 2005-2008 Corvette and you are a lover of LOUD sound during ignition and when hitting top speed on the highway, then SLP 31077 is your best recommendation.

Product Features

  • Aggressive Sound
  • Stainless
  • Dual-polished barrels
  • Well packaged

2. Borla 11815 S-Type II Exhaust Rear Section

 Borla 11815 is often tagged the best exhaust for C6 Corvette 2005-2008 model for many unique reasons.

The boisterous sound system is one of a kind. Well, it doesn’t end at the sound because experts understand that Borla also increases horsepower and general performance by around 10% due to significant high engine airflow.

Ordinarily, any exhaust that promotes high airflow from the engine also promotes high combustion of fuel. But when it comes to Borla 11815, the case is different because the advanced technology allows for fuel economy — even at max performance.

Another very interesting factor that thrills most reviewers is that with this exhaust system, you will definitely enjoy pushing your throttle till you hit top speed. To be precise, even at 3500-4000 RPM, the sound is remarkably fascinating, to say the least! And at a low RPM range, you will surely love the tone too!

The only minor setback, however, is that the product might fit poorly into the mufflers during installation. Especially where the tips of the exhaust pipes are uneven.

Product Features

  • Improved sound system whether at a high or low RPM range.
  • High performance
  • Low fuel consumption

3. CORSA 14169 Axle-Back Exhaust System

 You don’t always come across an exhaust system that offers you the real value that you paid for. CORSA 14169 promises a lot, especially to those Corvette C6 users who crave a drone-free beastly sound.

Installing Corsa 14169 is absolutely hassle-free because it is designed to perfectly fit into the style and personality of your Corvette sports car. Also, there is no need to worry about maintaining top performance because just as the exhaust system sounds great, the performance level is impressive as well.

To give your C6 corvette 2005-2008 the best possible tone and rhythm even when hitting maximum acceleration, then Corsa 14169 should be your choice.

Product Features

  • Improved sound with no drones effects
  • Improved performance
  • Dual-walled design that works against heat distortion
  • Fits perfectly during installation
  • Genuine stainless steel

4. The NXTSTEP Performance EX3033A

If your bankroll can’t afford other expensive products out there, then you can count on NXTSTEP EX3033A. The average exhaust system can not offer you more quality than this product, yet the price is so friendly.

Well, NXTSTEP might not be as loud as a Borla or Bigmouth system that comes with ATAK technology, but then it’s far less expensive and is considerably loud! Matter of fact, it roars across all gear selections and can not be compared to the average stock option — making it one better sounding exhaust for C6 Corvette

The downside, however, is that at a lower speed, you might notice a slight drone but then much more should be expected from other budget options.

Another disadvantage with NXTSTEP is that it doesn’t do much to improve engine performance, unlike Borla. Remember, more airflow means improved engine performance — well, the same can’t be said about this product.

That notwithstanding, if you are looking to spend a little less on a beastly-sounding vehicle, then this exhaust system should be a great buy for you.

Product Features

  • Improved aggressive sound
  • Full stainless steel material
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

5. Borla 11822 Exhaust System for Corvette C6 ZO6/ZR1

 The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Borla 11822 is “ATAK” which stands for; Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics. This new revolutionary technology allows engineers to dictate the sound of the exhaust system through all RPM range. With this invention, your Borla 11822 exhaust can produce the maximum-possible decibel — this technology is of course the only major difference between Borla 11822 and 11815.

Interestingly, Borla 11822 doesn’t just take pride in aggressive sound only because it also guarantees increased engine performance by at least 10%. Plus it subsidizes fuel consumption. That’s why most analysts regard it as the best exhaust for C6 Corvette.

Another intriguing aspect is that the manufacturer understands that the Corvette brand is of different varieties, hence, the same quality is made available across all Corvette versions (including; C5, C6, and C7).

The whole point is; since the manufacturer considers different versions while building the exhaust cores, you can rest assured that each exhaust system will be fine-tuned to ensure the best possible sound even at the maximum volume — unlike how some other products tend to lose their sound quality once the volume is fired up.

Now, if you prefer your C6 Corvette car to sound beastly, tough, and steady while maintaining a decent performance level, this is the absolute right choice for you. But if you loathe all sorts of loudness, then you don’t want to consider this spec.

Product Features

  •  Clear sounds even at a very high decibel
  • Fortified with “ATAK” technology
  • Fine-tuned specifically for this Corvette version to improve the sound system.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Exhaust For C6 Corvette

I will say it again; no matter how easy it sounds, getting the very best exhaust system in the market today is not that simple. There are a whole lot of factors to consider, else you might end up paying so much for a needless value.

Some of the important things to consider when buying the best exhaust for C6 Corvette are;

The Type Of Corvette C6 Exhaust System

 The first two names that come to mind once you are shopping for a brand new Corvette C6 exhaust system are “Cat-Back and “Axle-Back.

 Although both types of exhaust systems are reliable and can give you the rumbling sound you crave in your C6 corvette, there is a massive difference between both systems in terms of price!

So, you want to know all you can about the two of them and how they serve specific purposes so you don’t end up paying much for what you don’t really need.

For instance, if your main aim for buying the best exhaust system is to improve the horsepower and sound of your Corvette, then Cat-Back is the right choice for you. Of course, this option is usually more expensive because it is built to improve performance while also ensuring deep rumbling sound.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in the sound system of your Corvette and less interested in the horsepower, you should be looking at Axle-Back. This alternative ensures that the mufflers are specially tuned to deliver a well-rounded rumbling sound to the delight of every sound lover.

In a nutshell, you should know exactly what you want before going for any of these two specs.

Other Factors To Consider Are when Buy the Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette

 The emission regulations of your locality:

Certain exhaust parts are legal while others are not. Moreover, the Noise Control regulation, 2017 makes it an offense for anyone to use vehicles that emit a certain amount of decibels which is deemed excessive.


Another important consideration to make is the warranty. What longevity does the exhaust system promise?

Material Makeup:

 You should also consider what material the exhaust system is made of. C6 Corvette exhaust systems are generally made of stainless steel, making them quite durable.

Shipping Packaging:

Is the exhaust system well packaged for better protection during shipping? You don’t want to receive a damaged parcel on delivery.


How expensive or cheap is the exhaust system compared to the value it offers?

You have to consider all of the above if you want to get the best quality for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Best Exhaust For C6 Corvette

 Q: Will C6 exhaust Fit C5?

 Ans: Truth is; both C6 and C5 are similar in many ways. However, it’s not advisable to use a Corvette C6 exhaust in place of a C5 and vice versa. Why?

It’s simple; the exhaust ports won’t fit into the block ports unless you surely want to pass through the stress of modifying and resizing all the miss fitting parts.

In a nutshell, a C6 exhaust system will not readily fit into a C5 Corvette car.

Q: How Can I Uninstall A C6 Corvette Exhaust?

Ans: One of the advantages of C6 corvette exhausts remains that they are easy to install and uninstall. However, if you have little or no technical knowledge with regards to installation, you should allow a professional to do it for you.

Here are some steps for it;

  1. Unscrew the bolts that connect the cat to the H-pipe.
  2. Loosen the clamps that fasten the H-pipe to the over-axle pipe.
  3. Adjust the H-pipe forward to free it from the over-axle pipe.
  4. Release the mounting hangers by pushing the mufflers forward continually.
  5. Remove the axle pipes from the axles.

Q: How Can I Choose The Right Exhaust System For My C6 Corvette?

 Choosing the right exhaust system becomes easier once you understand that it all depends on your preference and how you want your car to function.

Do you prefer an aggressive sound to performance or vice versa?  Or do you want both?

As earlier mentioned, if you want both performance and aggressive sound, then Cat-Back exhaust systems will do the trick. But if you prefer that rumbling sound, you should go for Axle-Back

 Most importantly, if your preference is longevity, then consider going for exhaust systems that are made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Final Thoughts

Establishing the best exhaust for C6 Corvette might be trickier than it seems. But depending on your preference, you can always make a choice. After all, most manufacturers understand the differences in individual priorities. On that note, the best option for me is the CORSA 14169 Exhaust System; this is because although it’s an Axle-back system, it still satisfies the cravings of both sound lovers and performance enthusiasts. Interestingly, it’s also quite affordable.