How to Replace Honda Accord Automatic Shift Knob

How to Change the Gear Shift Knob of the Honda Accord
How to Replace Honda Accord Automatic Shift Knob

A shift knob is also recognized as a gear knob. It is at times also referred to as a gear shift knob. Sometimes it is also called a stick shift knob. It is the physical or manual interface between the manual transmission stick shift and the driver’s hand.

The Honda Accord is a sequence of automobiles designed and manufactured by Honda since 1976. It is best known or famous for its four-door sedan variant, that has been one of the best-selling automobiles.

There are many drivers who prefer replace and altering their Honda Accords automatic shift knob by themselves. Now, who wants a piece of good news? The good news is that replacing and renewing the shift knob in your vehicle is a simple and easy procedure that you can finish off all by yourself in almost a few minutes.

How to Replace Honda Accord Automatic Shift Knob

The Honda Accord’s automatic shift knob is simple and easy to remove, replace, and renovate. It doesn’t matter whether your Accord is the seventh-generation model (2003 to 2007) or the eighth-generation model (2008 to 2010). These both models operate and use the same shift knob assembly. Senior models of the Honda Accord should be similar to replace and restore.

To know how to replace Honda accord automatic shift knob, just follow the instructions below-

Step 1

Turn off the engine. Then move and shift the shift knob to neutral that is to N. Now, immediately engage the parking brake for safety and protection.

Step 2

Pry off the plastic cloak from the front portion of the shift knob that is facing the radio. Once the cover is off, the screws on the shift knob will be perceptible and visible.

Step 3

Remove the two Phillips screws. Grab and pull the shift knob off. You might have to twist it a little to bring it off.

Step 4

Put and set the new fresh shift knob on top of the gear selector. Make sure the button is standing up to the radio.

Step 5

Insert and set the two Phillips screws and tighten them competently. Reattach the cover and apply pressure and lightweight to it to pop the clips back in again.

Step 6

Finally, move and bring the gear selector back to the park and release and disengage the parking brake.

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Those were the steps and instructions required to know How to Replace Honda Accord Automatic Shift Knob. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading so far and safe driving.

Here is a video about replacing Honda accord Sift Knob.