Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs

Benefits Of Spark Plugs
Benefits Of Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs are one of the crucial parts to roll a vehicle. All the combustion engines must need these tiny plugs to run. Unfortunately, spark plugs cannot keep their good condition for much longer. These smaller parts of the engine need to change after covering a certain amount of miles.

But you can’t directly determine the time of changing spark plugs. You have to change your vehicle’s spark plugs by spotting their symptoms or after riding certain kilometers. However, you may ask, “My vehicle is running. so why should I change the spark plugs?” The reason is, there are lots of benefits of changing spark plugs that you are missing. Keep reading, you will learn them shortly.

What Spark Plugs Are For?

By the name, you might have already guessed that these plugs are for creating sparks for the engine of your vehicle. Basically, it creates a very tiny but powerful electrical bolt as you twist the key to start the engine. These tiny sparks are responsible for starting and running any internal combustion engine.

But this isn’t the end. After starting the engine, the spark plugs ignite and burn the fuel-air mixture in a rhythm to keep the engine pistons moving. Therefore, without good plugs, your vehicle engine won’t perform well at all. Since these plugs continuously deal with heat and spark, they damage much faster than other components of the engine. Keep in mind; the benefits of changing spark plugs after a certain time are limitless.

Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs

These are the most significant benefits you will get if you change the spark plugs on time.

Smoother Starts

One of the first things you will experience with new spark plugs is a smoother and instant engine starts. Often, worn or bad spark plugs cause miss or rough starts. Fresh new spark plugs should emit that issue immediately. Always be concerned about this problem. And if ever happens, check the spark plugs as soon as possible.

Improved Performance from The Engine

As I mentioned before, all vehicle that has a combustion engine uses spark plugs to burn the fuel and create pressure to keep pistons rolling. As a result, the engine runs and so does the vehicle. But these spark plugs eventually wear out and give an unbalanced engine performance. It even can cause damage to the functions of the engine. Therefore, you should change spark plugs at the appropriate time. Using good condition plugs ensures the appropriate rhythm of the engine pistons and provides the best performance.

Enhanced Cold Starting

Winter is quite a challenging weather for combustion engine vehicles. Cars struggle to start after a long rest. On top of that, cold weather reduces the power of the battery. If you ever face such problems, changing spark plugs could be an effective solution. New spark plus creates stronger sparks than old ones. As a result, cold staring will improve and smooth

Improved Fuel Economy

A major benefit of changing the spark plugs on time is great fuel economy. Worn-out spark plugs will surely reduce the fuel efficiency more or less. Apparently, this efficiency can reduce around 30%-35% in many scenarios. It may look little from a per-mile perspective. But it is truly a lot if you think the loss in a year. On average, it is better to change spark plugs after every 28,000 to 30,000 miles. This will ensure good fuel efficiency and engine performance.

More Responsive Acceleration

If your cars have worn-out spark plugs, then you are not getting 100% acceleration from the engine. This is quite obvious! Since the worn spark plugs can’t create enough powerful sparks and struggle to push the pistons. These will become much worse if you continue driving with worn spark plugs. However, with new and quality spark plugs, the engine will get a powerful electrical spark instantly. As a result, you will get full and immediate acceleration from your vehicle.

Less Harmful Emissions

Though this may seem an ignorable fact, it is s a crucial one instead. Especially in this era, harmful vehicle emission is a major influence on climate change. Though combustion engine emits harmful particles, bad spark plugs can increase the percentage. This is because worn spark plugs cannot burn the fuel properly and emit toxic elements. But it won’t be the scenario if you timely change the spark plugs of your vehicle.

What Happens When Spark Plugs Go Bad

In general, you should change your older spark plugs to around 30,000 kilometers. But there are also some symptoms you may find if your car has bad or damaged spark plugs. These are some of those indications that tell when to change spark plugs.

  • Difficulty to Start the Car

This is probably the major sign of spark plugs being worn out. If your car struggles to start every time with good battery voltage, then most probably it is time to change the spark plugs.

  • Poor Fuel Economy

If you ever notice that your car has become very fuel-hungry, it is probably because of the bad spark plugs. It is highly noticeable if you don’t change the spark plugs inside the recommended period. This can however damage other components of the engine slowly.

  • Sudden Engine Shut On Idle

Though several reasons can cause this problem, worn-out spark plugs are one of the common ones. In this case, you will face a regular engine shut while the engine is idle. Using the vehicle with this issue will defiantly damage the battery and engine.

  • Trouble with Acceleration

As I mentioned before worn spark plug significantly reduces the acceleration rate as well as the responsiveness of the accelerator. Check your vehicle’s spark plugs if you ever notice this problem.

  • The ‘Check Engine’ Light Is On

On most modern cars, there is an electrical light on the dashboard for engine issues. Apparently, this light turns on when there is any problem with the car’s engine. This light may also mean bad spark plugs. So, if you see the light is on, consider checking and changing the spark plugs.

Final Words

Good spark plugs are the reason for your vehicle’s powerful and responsive engine. For that reason, good spark plugs are a must. If you forcefully try to be “use to” with a bad spark plugs engine, it will eventually turn into disasters sooner or later. In the worst case, your car can break down in the middle of nowhere and deliver tons of difficulties. Therefore, no matter which vehicle you drive, you have to be aware of the spark plugs if the vehicle has a combustion engine. If you notice anything suspicious or run around 30,000 miles, change the spark plugs imminently. This will significantly improve the vehicle’s fuel economy and performance. Lastly, always uses the suitable and best spark plugs to get the best from the engine and give it a long life.