How To Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key

How To Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key
How To Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key

Imagine putting the key into the ignition switch and waiting for the engine to crank instead it makes a sound “click”! Or after putting the key into the key hole it does not turn! What if you are in hurray then?! In this situation you must know how to remove ignition lock cylinder Chevy without key.

The ignition lock cylinder gives power to the engine. It is designed as per the corresponding key which lifts the internal pin to start the system. You find it inside of the ignition switch. This key is must to start the vehicle. The pins and tumblers in Chevy ignition lock cylinder get worn out with time then the cylinder doesn’t work properly and starts to create various problems like the cylinder lock fails to turn on inserting position of the key. The damaged worn keys then prevent unlocking and ignition. Again the key may get broken into the ignition and can get stuck in on position which can make problems too.

The following methods will help you out to get rid of any one of the above problems you are facing.

Know the Sort of Your Ignition Tube First:

With different pros and cons, automobile manufacturers use three different kind of ignition system in vehicles. Many newer Chevy models are found nowadays with keyless starting systems and push buttons. But few of them still carry ignition lock cylinders.

How do You Know if You Need to Replace the Ignition Switch:

When you switch the ignition, your car engine starts to work. The mechanism is after your switching electric spark is produced to create a fuel-air mixture to burn. This burning creates force and makes your car to run. If this system doesn’t go properly you face this following problems within your car

  • Key gets stuck and doesn’t turn
  • Car doesn’t start, no crank in the engine
  • Starter motor doesn’t make any noise
  • Flickering dashboard lights

This signs can alert drivers. This symptoms say that you need to remove the ignition cylinder and to replace it.

Where Do You find the Ignition switch in Your Car:

The ignition lock cylinder is situated to the steering wheel side or to the dashboard column. The cylinder behind the keyhole is the main part you are looking for.

Chevy Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder + Pair (2) Door Lock Cylinder W/2 Logo Keys

How To Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key(Right Way)

Get the equipment:

Some basic tools are enough to remove the ignition lock cylinder. Nevertheless you can carry these tools to use

  1. An angle rod
  2. Simple narrow raker
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Power drill
  5. Screw extractor bits
  6. Mechanic gloves
  7. Socket wrench set

Now that you’ve gathered the tools let’s get started with the process of taking out ignition lock cylinder Chevy step by step.

Step 1:

Disable any kind of electrical connection for avoiding the shock getting risks. Firstly disconnect the negative battery cable from the car. Then disconnect the electrical connection of airbag if there is any.

Step 2:

Uncover the cylinder part with undoing steering column or dashboard column covering where your cylinder is located. Use a screwdriver and a socket wrench to remove the cover part. Do it cautiously otherwise it may give a spot to your car.

Step 3:

Release the connections of electricity leading to the ignition switch

Step 4:

Prepare the assemblies and install good conditioned equipment in the steering column.  Find out a hole in the body of the cylinder. It carries a switch or button inside. To take the cylinder outside this button has to be pulled down.

Step 5:

With the angle rod or with a narrow screw driver press the button inside the body. The cylinder will slide  out easily. After coming out the cylinder check it properly and replace it with a new one if necessary or use it just to know the code of the key

Step 6:

Introduce the parts again with the car. Before introducing the ignition switch, turn the ignition key to check the placement of the cylinder.

To test the switch reconnect the electrical connections by connecting negative battery terminal cables. If it cranks properly you can reconnect the column panels and set the airbag.

Replacing New Cylinder:

You can replace in two ways-

  1. By making new keys:

Each key hole has distinct key code. You can get the code written on the body of the cylinder. If your key is broken or damaged you can correct it by using this code with moving a new one in process. Give the code in computer software to find out the key model or for arrangement of the notch of the key. Make a new key according to the arrangement.

  1. By getting a new lock:

You can also rebuild the ignition switch with using same keys. If your old switch cannot be rebuilt, you can buy a new one.

To get a new switch you may ask a specific manufacturer dealership. They need to know make year and model of your car with the VIN number to provide you the right new key.

From local auto parts store you may get aftermarket ignition switches too to use.

 Final Thought:

Ignition lock cylinders generally last for many years. But once the problem arise it is seemed to have no solution further. Picking a Chevy lock cylinder is a tough deed to do. If you don’t have the proper knowledge about car repair, you might not find it easy to carry out the replacement. In this case it is wise to get a professional technician to access the replacement your cylinder needs.

If you are willing to do this by yourself you should ensure to follow all the steps carefully and place an order for a lock cylinder Chevy which is built based on the OEM specifications.

In recent years to reduce the need for this conventional way many vehicles are now equipped with smart keys and push button starting. It works as the 2nd line of defence.