How to Remove Trunk Cover Bmw X3

1. Open the trunk and locate the cover fastening points, which are usually located at each corner of the trunk floor. 2. Lift up on one side of the cover until you can access a clip from underneath it. This will likely require two people to do – one to hold up the cover while another person removes/unclips it from its fastening point.

3. Unclip all four clips that secure the cover in place by hand or with pliers if needed, then remove any other components (i.e., straps) that may be holding down or securing pieces of the cover together along its edges. 4. Pull out both sides of the trunk liner and lift up on them simultaneously so they come away from their mounting points inside each wheel well area and near where they wrap around under your rear window glass panel (if applicable).

  • Park your BMW X3 in a well-lit area and open the trunk lid
  • Locate the four retaining clips that secure both sides of the trunk cover to the car’s interior walls, then remove them by pressing down on each clip until it pops off from its groove or slot
  • Gently lift up on one side of the trunk cover while using one hand to press against each corner of it until all four corners are loose enough for you to pull it out of place without damaging anything else in the process
  • Carefully set aside or store away your trunk cover so that you can easily find and reattach it later when needed, then close your vehicle’s trunk lid afterwards

X3 Cargo Cover Removal And Storage | BMW Genius How-To

How to Remove Parcel Shelf Bmw X3

Removing the parcel shelf in a BMW X3 is a relatively easy process. Begin by removing the four screws located at each corner of the backseat, taking care not to lose them as they are necessary for re-installation. Once these screws have been removed, carefully lift up on the backrest cushion and remove it from its mounting.

This will expose two more screws that need to be taken out in order to remove the parcel shelf itself – take care when doing this as there may be wiring connected to the shelf that must be unplugged before removal can occur. Finally, once all three sets of screws have been taken out, you can pull off the parcel shelf and discard or store it away until needed again.

Bmw How to Remove Trunk Cover

Removing the trunk cover of your BMW is an easy process that can be done in just a few minutes. Start by opening the trunk lid and locating two small plastic pins near each side. Use a flathead screwdriver to carefully pry out these pins and set them aside for later use.

Then, carefully pull up on the rear of the trunk cover to release it from its clips; you may need a second person to help with this step. Finally, remove the trunk cover completely and store it somewhere safe until you’re ready to re-install it.

How to Remove Trunk Cover Bmw X5

Removing the trunk cover of a BMW X5 can be done in a few easy steps. First, you will need to open the rear hatch and locate the two plastic trim panels located on either side of the cargo area. These panels are secured by four Phillips head screws which must be removed with a screwdriver.

Once these screws have been taken out, carefully pull off each panel to reveal two metal hooks which hold the trunk cover in place. Reach behind these hooks and detach them from their respective posts before lifting off the entire cover to complete your task!

Bmw X3 Retractable Cargo Cover

The BMW X3 Retractable Cargo Cover is a great way to keep your cargo area secure and organized. This retractable cargo cover is easy to use, as it can be opened or closed with the simple push of a button. It also has an adjustable height so that you can customize the coverage based on what you need for your particular cargo load.

Additionally, this retractable cargo cover is made from durable materials that will protect your items from extreme temperatures, dust, and debris.

Bmw X3 Trunk Cover

The BMW X3 trunk cover is a great accessory for any SUV owner. It provides protection from the elements as well as from potential intruders, and can be easily removed when extra storage space is needed. The durable waterproof material will keep your items safe and dry, while the stylish design enhances the overall look of your vehicle.

Plus, installing it is incredibly easy – no special tools are required! With this trunk cover on hand, you’ll have added peace of mind to ensure that your valuables remain protected while travelling with ease.

How to Remove Cargo Cover Bmw X7

Removing the cargo cover of BMW X7 is a relatively simple process that can be done in only a few steps. First, you’ll need to lift up the rear seats to access the fastening points underneath, then loosen and remove all four screws using an appropriate screwdriver or socket set. Finally, slide the cargo cover out from its storage compartment and discard it if desired.

With these easy instructions, you can quickly and easily remove your BMW X7’s cargo cover without any hassle!

Bmw X3 Cargo Cover Replacement

Replacing the cargo cover in a BMW X3 is relatively simple and can be done with ease. It’s important to choose the right replacement part that matches your vehicle for a proper fit. A new cargo cover will help protect your items from dust, dirt, and other debris while providing extra security when you need it most.

With an OEM-grade material, installing a new cargo cover ensures long-lasting durability and protection for years to come.

Bmw Cargo Cover Not Retracting

If the cargo cover in your BMW is not retracting, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check if the cargo cover’s latch is securely attached and that it moves freely when manually operated. Additionally, inspect any tracks or cables to make sure they’re free from debris and properly lubricated with silicone spray.

If these steps don’t fix the issue, contact an authorized BMW dealership for further assistance as this could indicate a more complex problem such as a broken spring or motor failure.

How to Remove Trunk Cover Bmw X3


How Do You Remove the Cargo Cover on a Bmw X5?

Exact Answer: To remove the cargo cover on a BMW X5, press the release button located at either end of the cargo area and pull up gently to disengage the clips. Detailed Blog Post Paragraph: Removing your BMW X5’s cargo cover is an easy task that will take no more than a few seconds. All you need to do is locate and press the two release buttons found on either side of the rear cargo space – one near each tail light – and then simply pull upwards until both clips are disengaged from their respective sockets.

Once this is done, you can lift off your BMW X5’s cargo cover with ease, allowing for convenient access to whatever items may be stored in your vehicle’s trunk or boot. If you ever find yourself needing extra storage space after removing your cargo cover, don’t worry; it can easily be put back into place just as quickly by pushing down gently until both clips are securely fastened once again!

How Do You Remove the Trunk Divider on a Bmw?

To remove the trunk divider on a BMW, first open the trunk and locate the two plastic clips that secure each side of the divider to its brackets. Unhook them with your fingers or use a flat-head screwdriver if necessary. Once these are unhooked, you can lift out the trunk divider from its brackets and set it aside for later use.

Removing a trunk divider on a BMW is an easy process that requires no special tools or knowledge beyond knowing where to look for those clips. With just a few minutes of effort, you’ll be able to quickly and easily gain access to extra storage space in your vehicle’s trunk without having to worry about reinstalling anything when done.

Can You Close Bmw X3 Trunk from Inside?

Yes, you can close the BMW X3 trunk from inside. To do this, use the button located on the dashboard near your left knee. With a simple press of this button, you will be able to shut your trunk securely without having to leave the vehicle.

The convenience that this feature gives is unparalleled as it allows drivers to keep their belongings safe and secure without having to step out of their car in inclement weather or dangerous areas. Additionally, if anyone else has access to your car and tries to open the trunk from outside, they won’t be able to get away with it since closing it requires an additional action from within. This advanced technology is just another example of how BMW continues their commitment towards safety and quality for their customers each day.

How Do You Open the Trunk of a Bmw X3 With the Foot?

The trunk of a BMW x3 can be opened using the Comfort Access feature. This allows you to open and close the trunk with just a simple kick of your foot under the rear bumper. To activate this, press and release the Unlock button on your key fob twice within two seconds or use your BMW Digital Key in conjunction with Near Field Communication (NFC).

Once enabled, simply stand behind the car, near where the license plate is located and press down firmly on one side of the rear bumper for 1-2 seconds; then repeat for other side until both sides are pressed simultaneously. The trunk will open automatically when done correctly. With this convenient technology, you no longer have to worry about dropping keys or fumbling around them when getting groceries from your vehicle – simply give it a good kick!


Removing a trunk cover from your BMW X3 is an easy task that can be accomplished in no time. With the right tools, it’s simple to take off and replace. Taking care of your BMW X3 means taking care of the small things, like removing and replacing the trunk cover when needed.

Doing so will help keep your vehicle looking great while protecting its contents.