How to Derestrict a Taotao 50cc Scooter Quickly

How to Derestrict a Taotao 50cc Scooter
How to Derestrict a Taotao 50cc Scooter

A tiny washer located in the variator system of the scooter limits the velocity of your 50cc 4-stroke scooter. If you uninstall this washer, the speed will slow down, allowing your scooter to speed up and go further.

A few simple hand instruments and a rudimentary understanding of how to disassemble a scooter variator device are required to access the washing machine. Removal of limits on the use of the 50cc 4-stroke scooter. It is a problem that can be overcome with the right instruments and skills.

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How to Derestrict a Taotao 50cc Scooter(Step by Step)

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Disconnect the Kickstart:

Disconnect the kickstart from the drive machine. With a pin that is tightened into place with a short bolt, it is connected to the device. Loosen the bolt and pull on the stud, and the kickstart can be separated from the scooter.

Open the Device:

Open the Device of Variators. This would involve cutting the suction shroud first on certain 50CC scooters. The intake shroud is a molded piece of plastic to which the kickstart is mounted. Two or three bolts are securing it in place.

You just need to unscrew the six bolts that lock the clutch cover in place if your scooter doesn’t have an intake shroud on the outside. The body of the variator is like a bent, long, thin.

Disconnect Pulley Wheel:

Disconnect the pulley mechanism from the front pulley wheel. A bolt attached to the middle of the wheel locks the wheel in place. Before trying to manually unscrew the bolt, you will either need to lock the wheel of your engine, or you will need an air effect wrench. Protect the wheel and put the key handle under the rear pulley wheel by wrapping the strap end of the lanyard key around the wheel.


Remove the washer around the front pulley shaft from its location. By increasing the distance between the pulley belt and the pulley bar, this washer restricts your scooter’s rpm, keeping the belt from pulling at the full load on the bar.

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