How to Remove Harley Rear Turn Signals

How to Remove Harley Rear Turn Signals
How to Remove Harley Rear Turn Signals

Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles come fitted with a pair of rear fender frame rails with turn signals. Although they have served their purpose well in this space, for aesthetic reasons, it might be appropriate to install a collection of saddlebags or remove turn signals.

For this reason, Harley-Davidson and other vendors have special license plate braces. You build yourself a reasonably pain-free job that can be completed in less than an hour by using either of these items to relocate rear turn signals or a bracket.

How to Remove Harley Rear Turn Signals (Easy Steps)

Part- 1:

Drop the motorcycle seat and use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the seat bolt from the rear fender. Lift the seat from the motorcycle to get the motorcycle tank. Pick up the cover of the battery box whether you are working on a sports model or a Diana model. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the ball from the battery’s negative terminal. Move the battery-free from the negative wire.

Part- 2:

Using a Phillips screwdriver to detach screws from the lens of the tail light. To enter the rear turn signal cable connectors situated in the upper corner of the housing, pull the lamp and bulb from the lamp ignition liner. Push the turn signals connectors on the housing of the prong lamps.

Part- 3:

Reach the bottom of the rear fender and take the wires and connectors of the turn signal out of the turn lamp housing. Unscrew the nuts from the locking studs of the turn signal at the bottom of the rear fender using a socket wrench. Pull the turn signals and their wires from the rear fender’s frame rails.

Part- 4:

Using a socket wrench, unscrew the bolts of the stock license plate bracket. In the new license plate brackets, slip the rear turn signal wires into the mounting holes. Use a socket wrench to loosely tighten the nuts of the turn signal above the bracket.

Part- 5:

Via the holes in the rear fender stock license plate mounting point, click the turn signal wires. Rotate the turn signals to level, then use the socket’s wrench to tighten their mounting nuts. Bolt the license plate bracket into the rear fender using a socket wrench.


Via the rear fender and in the tail lamp casing, drive the turn signal wires. At the required prongs, plug the connectors. Using a Phillips screwdriver, screw the tail lamp bulbs and lenses.

Reconnect the negative cable through a Philips screwdriver to the negative terminal of the battery. If so, lower the battery box’s identification box. Using a Phillips screwdriver, re-install the seat and secure the seat screws.

After following the upper instruction, you can easily able to learn about how to remove harley rear turn signals.