How to Check Hours on Mercury Outboard

How to Check Hours on Mercury Outboard
How to Check Hours on Mercury Outboard

Many boats are equipped with a one-hour meter that tracks how many hours the motor has been used. The use of an outboard motor is important in determining whether the motor needs maintenance. The motor is used for several hours without motor maintenance.

How do you determine hours on a mercury outboard? For older boats, the engine hours can be checked by looking at the hour meter.

Here’s what you need to know about how to find hours on mercury outboard.

How to Check Hours on Mercury Outboard

Step 1

Check the engine for installed hour meters. The meter is usually found on top of the engine. If there is no hour meter, it should be installed by a marine mechanic.

Step 2

The engine itself puts the engine hours on the computer in the engine so the beauty of the engines is so beautiful. We can also see how many hours the engine ran and at what time it was started.

Mercury Outboard on Engine times can be found in the console gauges. You can easily navigate to display the hours by pressing the mode button for most gauges.

Step 3

If you change the gauge on the boat, the hours will be reset and you would not know how many hours the engine actually had. But if you lean the engine towards a computer, you will know.

So, to get the most accurate engine time, you hook the engine up to a computer. Using the manufacturer’s diagnostic software, you log in to the engine’s computer and get the exact number of hours in the engine. Be aware of the possibility of clock errors for certain engines other than computers.

How Does the Hour Meter Work?

The meter per hour of the console runs from the supplied voltage. This voltage is turned on when the key is turned on. The hour meter starts as soon as the key switch is turned on. When the gauge is replaced all the hours are reset and it returns to zero again. There are many averages to be discussed when talking about engine time on a boat. The reasons will also range depending on the owner of the boats.


In conclusion, checking the engine hours on a Mercury outboard is an important task for maintaining the health of the engine and ensuring its longevity. There are several ways to check the engine hours, such as using a diagnostic tool, checking the engine’s built-in hour meter, or consulting the engine’s manual.

It is important to follow the recommended maintenance schedule and keep track of the engine hours to prevent any major issues from occurring. By regularly monitoring the engine hours, boat owners can ensure that their Mercury outboard is running smoothly and enjoy their time out on the water with peace of mind.