5 Performing Best Struts For Honda CRV

Best Struts For Honda Accord CRV
Best Struts For Honda CRV

Strut is an important element available in the suspension unit of a car to ensure a smooth ride. It does this by absorbing large bumps and supporting the car’s weight. This is why it is important to look for the best when making purchases.

Choosing the best struts for honda crv is some how daunting due to the many different options in the market. Luckily, I have taken time to outline for you some of the best, including their features, pros, and cons. Besides, a buying guide is included to help you make purchases if your ideal ones are not here.

Top 5 Best Struts For Honda CRV Right Now In Market

When your Honda CRV faces any road deformities or bumps, struts act as a shock absorber to save you and your car from severe damage. If your car has perfect struts, you will care less about driving on the road with many irregularities. On this page, I will show you 5 best struts you can consider for your Honda CRV.

1. Monroe Shocks & Struts 172144

The best struts for Honda CRV should be easy to install and safe to do the complete repair, and that is precisely what Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 172144 does. It has everything required for strut replacement.

On top of that, this product is manufactured using quality steel that features an incredible tube alongside weld design to ensure the device is durable and convey structural integrity. Moreover, the steel body has a protective coating to prevent rusting.

Also, this product has components that are calibrated to meet the OE design. They include the strut, coil spring and preassembled upper strut mount. This guarantees excellent form, fit and function. The premium upper strut mount ensures smooth steering precision when installed in your car. In addition, it prevents memory steer, harshness, noise and vibration.

Key Features

  1. High-quality steel.
  2. Pre-assembled coil.
  3. OE-style design.


  • Durable.
  • Easy and fast to assemble.
  • Safe repair.


  • The manufacturer have changed the boot and bump stop design.

2. KYB 340066 Excel-G Gas Struts

It is important to have a comfortable ride. However, it is more important to restore the ride control, stopping, stability, handling, and lane change responsiveness of your car. With KYB 340066 Excel-G Gas Struts from KYB, the world’s famous leading struts and shocks’ supplier, you can be assured of that.

Typically, this product is nitrogen gas-charged and has a twin-tube design. Besides, it features quality components included by EOM products. It is a decent choice for Asian vehicles.

Additionally, this black strut has a multi-lip, synthetic oil seal and wiper engineered to keep fluid in and contaminants out. Besides, it has a seamless working cylinder that works together with a piston band that is Teflon coated to ensure the seal is positively done and it is durable.

Moreover, it has multi-lip oil seals and a triple chrome-plated piston rod for reducing wear. Another feature you will love about this strut is a precision, sintered iron strut rod guide to help you retain the right wheel alignment. 

Key Features

  1. Triple chrome plated piston rod.
  2. Precision, sintered iron strut rod guide.
  3. Multi-lip oil seals.
  4. Triple chrome plated piston band.


  • Restore designed stability.
  • Prolongs tire life.
  • Maintains wheel alignment.


  • Rear struts leak fluid after a short period.

3. Monroe Shocks & Struts 171380L

Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 171380L is a decent strut that guarantees you great performance and durability. It features a superior tube made of quality steel. This help in restoring struts rods and ride height.

Additionally, the rods have been engineered to bend up to 15 mm without cracking or fracturing.  This help to maintain the control of your car in a major road impact. More to that, it features coil springs that exceed or meet OE standards for the spring performance.

In the box, everything needed for the replacement process is included. Hence, you do not require a spring compressor to do this. Besides, this help makes the installation process easier.

Thanks to the upper coating of these strut components.  You can now be assured that no rust or corrosion will occur on the device.

Key Features

  1. It is made of quality steel.
  2. Coil spring.
  3. Boot and bump stop.
  4. Upper strut mount.


  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Hassle-free repair.


  • Tough to install.

4. UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 11605 Front Left Complete Struts

Another super strut you can get for your Honda CRV is UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 11605 Front Left Complete Strut. It is a pre-assembled suspension strut with many pieces of equipment involved. They include top mount, bearing plates, bumper insulator, upper spring seat, premium rubber dust boot and coil spring.

Having this strut installing it in your car is a simple job. This is mainly guaranteed by having the components pre-assembled. It has a perfect fit, and you can reduce its installation process from four hours to one hour.

Additionally, it has everything needed for doing the repair process. Thus, you can be assured that the repairing process will be fast and easy because you do not require an extra tool to do the task. It repairs the vehicle factory’s ride height excellently.

This strut is made of quality material to ensure the product is durable. Besides, it helps minimize leaks and ensure comfortable rides. On the exterior, it has been painted to look standard.

Key Features

  1. Coil spring.
  2. Bearing plate.
  3. Insulators.
  4. Bumper.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable.
  • Trouble-free repair.


  • Changed them from 14mm to 15mm.

5. Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 272491

Like other Monroe shocks and struts, you can be assured that this one is the perfect and best struts for honda crv as well. It is easier, safer, quicker and complete repair. All these are due to having everything needed for its replacement in one fully-assembled unit. No need for a spring compressor when you have this device.

When you have this strut, you can be assured that you will not go back to the market anytime sooner. Manufacturers use top quality steel when making it. As a result, it features a quality tube with a welded design.

All the components of this product feature an OE-style design. Therefore, you can be assured that they fit, form and function perfectly. When the premium upper strut is mounted, you can be assured of smooth steering that does not have harshness, vibration, noise and memory steer.

Not to forget, the product’s components have a protective coating to resist corrosion and rust. This enhanced the durability of the product.

Key Features

  1. It is made of quality steel.
  2. Coil spring.
  3. Upper strut mount.


  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Durable.
  • OE quality.
  • Affordable.


  • The top strut mount clanks.

Buying Guide About The Best Struts for Honda CRV

Even though there are many confusing options, finding the best struts for honda crv should not pose any problem. Just keep yourself on the right track with the following surefire buyer’s guide.

Type of Strut

There are different types of struts. Ensure you know what type suits your Honda CRV model. In the market, you will find three struts types: gas, Coilover, and pneumatic. The major principle of these struts is to minimize the shock of driving. This is only achieved when the oil, spring, and gas work together. Therefore, take your time to see the type of strut you want before making purchases.

Air Suspension

Air suspension is a great choice you can use in your CRV if you do not want other options. You will find other perfect air suspension kits that you can consider for your car in the market. Thus, check to ensure you only choose struts with air suspension quality. If your preferred one has, make sure you can use it easily.

Another thing you need to check is the setup process of the suspension. The best should have an easy setup process. A perfect strut ought to have a faster suspension than the engine to go faster.

Spring Rate

The quality of the spring is another thing you need to pay much attention to as you set up the suspension. This is because it is part of the setup. It should make a low body roll once loaded, absorb bumps and Bounce once required. All these require you to check the spring’s rate. Keep in mind that the higher the spring’s rate, the more it can compress the spring. Besides, it helps to reduce the suspension’s level.

The spring rate also helps to determine how the struts are going to respond to such forces. Thus, take time to check the spring rate before making purchases if you want to do an ideal suspension setup for excellent outcomes.


When choosing a strut for your Honda CRV, size is a perfect factor to consider. This is because not all struts can go with your model. In the market, you will find different struts of different sizes. Hence, he is sure that the one you choose suits your car model.


When you want to buy a quality strut, the material is a factor you cannot ignore. A strut with bad construction will have some of its features working inappropriately. The best one is made of high-quality steel.

Spring Adjustability

The best strut should have an adjustable valve and spring. Such a strut will help you have the best ride height, damping and spring reload. You cannot overlook this factor if you want a top-quality coil-over.


Whether the strut is stable or not is a factor you need to focus your eyes on when making purchases. This great quality ensures you a safe ride. Therefore, take time to buy a stable strut.


As I have said, there are different struts in the market, their prices also differ. Some people rush to buy either the cheap ones to help them save money or the expensive ones because it is said that expensive products have high quality. This might be true or false. Therefore, take time to look for a quality strut being sold at a rate that you can comfortably afford.

Signs Your Vehicle Need Struts Replacement

Some people fail to replace their car struts because they do not know how to tell that they are worn out. Luckily, we have come to your aid. Following are some of the signs you can witness on your vehicle to indicate it require strut replacement.

A Bouncy Ride

This is the major sign, but many people miss it because they get accustomed to how their car rides over time. One of the major ways you can check this is by pushing or standing on the bumper and bouncing up and down several times. Afterwards, hop-off carefully to avoid falling. A car with perfect struts will only bounce once. If it does several times, that is a good indication that it needs new struts.

Droopy Bottom and Dipping Front End

If your car’s front end dips down like a curtsy before the queen after going over a speed bump or after hitting the brakes harder than expected, that is a sure-fire sign that the front strut of your vehicle is worn out. Otherwise, you can know that the rear struts are worn out if the rear wheels of your car hit the dip at the curb when you back out of a driveway.


Once you get a flashlight, it is the right time to look at your car’s struts. At times, you might see brown fluid leaking down onto the bottom of your strut. A different leak will have a different color.

If you choose to have a professional mechanic to check the presence of leaking, you have to be careful. This is because some of them squirt oil around your struts and bring you over to show you the leaking part. The perfect method of confirming a leak is by asking them to clean it off with a rag and drive home. The presence of leaks will be seen again after driving several miles away.

Tire Vibrations and Wear

At times, vibration is felt in the steering wheel because of unbalanced wheels. Other times, it can mean worn out struts. The tires of your car can help you know more concerning the condition of its front struts. A car with cupping tires is a sign that it has very worn out struts.

A Loss of Control

If your vehicle hits a pothole and feels it is swaying or experience it unstable, there are higher chances that the struts are not good. You can also check this using the old-fashioned method of having another person drive your car as you follow behind. If your vehicle is bouncing along or swaying from side to side, that is a clear indication that its struts are worn out and need immediate replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Best Struts for Honda CRV

Q: How long do Honda struts last?

A: Generally, it is advisable to replace struts anywhere between (50 000-100 000) miles. However, they need immediate replacement if they begin leading, become damaged, or broken. They should be replaced in pairs.

Q: Will better struts improve ride quality?

A: Having the best struts in your car help improve the quality of your ride. This is because some struts are constructed to give comfort. Therefore, it is worth buying those to make your riding experience smooth.  A perfect strut will be easily adjustable.

Q: Can I get alignment with bad struts?

A: The best time to get a wheel alignment is after replacing the struts, bushings, and strut bearings with new ones. Besides, it is important to have the work done by a professional mechanic because the strut assembly has dangerous, high-tension springs.

Q: Do bad struts affect steering?

A: Worn struts and shocks can have detrimental effects on your car’s stopping, steering, and stability. When shocks begin to wear, they also start to lose the capacity to control the rate of weight transfer needed when going around a corner. Additionally, this can lead to enhanced steering input to navigate turns.


From my guide, struts are very important. Your car will experience a lot of issues if it has workout struts. Thus, you should install new struts to save your life and experience a great ride. buying the best struts for Honda CRV should have the best quality alongside working well.

Besides, they should be stable to control and come with an adjusting feature. Luckily, on the above Honda crv struts review, I have outlined the best ones in the market today. Thus, what is left for you is going through each of them to see what suits your car. Good luck!