Best 2 into 1 Exhaust for Harley Bagger

Best 2 into 1 Exhaust for Harley Bagger
Best 2 into 1 Exhaust for Harley Bagger

One of the essential components of a Harley bagger is the exhaust system. This is because it can make or break the bagger. Ideally, it has two major functions. One of them is that it offers your bike an exceptional sound and also removes all unwanted exhaust fumes from your space as you ride the bike. Thus, the one you choose can determine how great or worse your bike will be. For an excellent experience, you have to buy the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger.

You have to keep in mind different aspects to help you make the right choice. For example, you need to consider the quality of the material used to make the product, the sound level, the exhaust style, and the fitment. It is worth knowing that the exhaust system that has been installed in a Harley bagger determines its popularity. Below are some of the top Harley bagger 2 into 1 exhausts you can buy for your Harley bagger. Go through the reviews keenly to see what matches your needs and budget.

The Best 2 into 1 Exhaust for Harley Bagger Reviews

1. Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip-on Mufflers

The first best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger I can confidently recommend you to buy is Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash. It is compatible with all Harley touring models beginning from 1995 to 2016. This assures you that the compatibility and fit of these mufflers are by no means an issue.

Despite the amazing features of this product, some customers claim it is costly. Hence, consider buying it only if you are not on a tight budget.

Key Features

Compact Design- Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash has a compact design with a 4-inch size. In addition, they are lightweight. Thus, you can quickly increase your bike’s performance without boosting its weight.

Attractive- When purchasing an exhaust for your bike, the look is an essential factor if you love beautiful-looking things. Fortunately, this product has a distinctive look. Therefore, it will make your bike look pretty after the installation process.

Easy to Assemble- The round body design of this exhaust system makes its installation process easy. This gives you a guarantee of having it set up on your Harley bagger in a few minutes.

Quite Insert- Inside the package, you will find an optional quiet insert. Its major role is to make your bike quieter or silent completely. It is mainly designed to help a person who feels the sound produced by the exhaust has subsided to the extent of irritating the years.


  • Lightweight.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy and fast to install.
  • Nice-look.
  • Comes with a quiet insert for additional silence.


  • Quite expensive.

2. Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5” Mufflers Exhaust Slip

Next on my list is Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5” Mufflers Exhaust Slip. It produces a loud rumble that brings about a clear designation of a call for attention. Luckily, it does not require you to remove the baffles to have a deep, bass, and loud sound. It produces a loud blast even in its idle state.

Besides, it emits a well-adjusted sound between beautiful and loud at the acceleration range. Unfortunately, it only fits 2017 and 2018 bike models. Therefore, this is not your choice if you have another model.

Key Features

Construction- This exhaust system is made of quality 304 stainless. Thus, you have an assurance it is going to last longer. It is a perfect product if durability is a crucial factor you must consider when searching for the right one for your needs.

Easy to Install- Having an easy-to-install product comes with several advantages. Luckily, this exhaust system has been designed to fit excellently around the already existing exhaust pipe. This means you will not be required to do any welding or cutting task for it to fit. All you need is just a fast bolt-up work. Also, it includes an instruction guide and all the mounting hardware in the package to ensure your installation task is easy.

Adjustable- I also love this product because it has an adjustable bypass valve. The role of this is to regulate the sound reduction amount, devoid of sacrificing performance.


  • Easy installation.
  • Looks great.
  • Quality construction.
  • Comes with an instruction guide and mounting hardware.


  • Only fit 2017 and 2018 models of bikes.

3. Vance & Hines Big Radius 2 into 2 Exhaust Chrome 26042

As the name entails, this is an exhaust system with chrome color. It is another fascinating exhaust system you can have for your Harley bagger confidently. The sound produced by this product is just amazing. Thus, having it in your bagger is a plus.

The only thing that might discourage you from buying it is that their manufacturers do not ship the product with metal exhaust gaskets; therefore, you have to buy them separately.

Key Features

Construction- This gorgeous exhaust system for Harley baggers is constructed with 16-gauge steel. In addition, they are downward-curved with end tips that are scalloped. Furthermore, they feature full-coverage heat shields for removable baffles and blue-proof chrome.

Easy Installation- Vance & Hines Big Radius 2 into 2 Exhaust Chrome 26042 never disappoints when installing. It is an easy task to install the pipes as they come with a step-by-step guide.

Sound- The sound produced by this exhaust system is just amazing. They produce more horsepower and torque than stock pipes.

Attractive- When installing these exhaust pipes in your Harley bagger, its look is appealing.  Therefore, installing it on your bike is a plus. When your bike has this exhaust, a lot of people are attracted to it.


  • Beautiful look.
  • Easy installation.
  • Full-coverage heat shields.


  • Does not have port gaskets.

4. Vance & Hines Big Radius 2 into 2 Exhaust Chrome 26073

Vance & Hines Big Radius 2 into 2 Exhaust Chrome 26073 is another gorgeous 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger you can get on the market today.

It makes the bike to produce exceptional sound you will be highly impressed with. What discourages people from buying this product is because it does not come with metal exhaust gaskets. Hence, you will be needed to have extra cash to help you buy the gaskets separately.

Key Features

Easy Installation- You will not struggle to install this pipes in your bike. This is because the package contains an installation instructions and mounting hardware. Hence, the installation process will not be a challenge.

Construction- When you have this system, be assured of its durability. This is because it has been constructed with quality materials. Typically, this exhaust system are constructed with 16-gauge steel. These pipes are down-curved with scalloped end tips that features full-coverage heat shields for removable baffles and blue-proof chrome.

Sound- In terms of sound, these exhaust pipes produce more horsepower and torque than stock pipes. This, you are assured of excellent look of your bike, unique sound and great performance.


  • Amazing look.
  • Durable.
  • Produced great sound.


  • Does not have metal gaskets.

5. Bassani- Greg Lutzka Limited Edition Stainless 2-1 Exhaust for Harley Dyna 1D2SSL

This is a great product with everything ideal in a 2 into 1 harley exhaust. Besides its stunning performance, this exhaust system is great because it looks great and produces a great sound that does not feel punitive on your years. This makes the product a perfect one you can ask for your bike. Despite being a great product, it might not be your great match if you have a tight budget. This system is costly.

Key Features

Design and Construction- When buying this product, one of the things that will impress you is its construction and design. When building this exhaust device, stainless steel material is used. The type of construction and build makes these products not only durable but strong. Hence you are much assured that it will last for years.

Sound- This is another thing you will fall in love with when you buy these exhausts. Upon installing them on your bike, it sounds loud as well as aggressive. Luckily, it is not a way that is irritating.

Installation– No worries when it comes to its installation on your bike. This is because the package consists of everything needed to do the installation.


  • Looks beautiful.
  • Resistant to heat.
  • Balanced sound.
  • Durable.
  • Fits an extensive choice of Harley bagger models.


  • Costly.

6. New Supertrapp Stainless Steel Bootlegger 2 into 1 Exhaust

This exhaust system is highly recommended to bootleggers. Therefore, if you are one, take your time to have it for your Harley bagger. It has been designed perfectly to work with stock pipes and features 2 into 1 configurations. On the downside, it does not come with a heat shield. Therefore, take a keynote on this when making your purchases.

Key Features

Design- In terms of design, this exhaust system has a weldless design. This is an excellent benefit because it means its installation process is easy. Luckily, it has a lifetime guarantee against rust.

Construction- As the name implies, these pipes are built with stainless steel material. Typically, this is a quality material that boosts the exhaust system’s performance. Besides, you are assured it will last longer and will not rust.

Simple Installation- This exhaust system gives you peace of mind because it has an easy installation process. This is guaranteed by the mounting brackets and hardware bolts available in the package. Even though the baffles are detachable, it is advisable not to remove them because removing them will lead to poor exhaust performance.

Compatibility- This is a factor you cannot overlook while searching for the best exhaust system for your Harley bagger. Make sure you get one that is compatible for excellent performance. The design of this product accommodates the Harley bagger model from 2011 to 2016.


  • Easy installation.
  • Flexible end cap.
  • Provides good backpressure.
  • Compatible with high flow intake.


  • Does not have heat shields.

7. Bagger Brothers BB-EX1002 4” Diameter and 31” Long Slip-On Muffler

Bagger Brothers BB-EX1002 is a reliable 2 into 1 exhaust you can have for your Harley bagger if your target is getting one that is perfect for adaptability to a wide array of models. Despite its fascinating features, some people do not like it because it has tips that are not resistant to heat. Furthermore, the paint at the tip tends not to be of high quality. Therefore, it peels off and changes the color after some use.

Key Features

Easy Installation- A great product for your needs should not have installation challenges. Gladly, this is how this exhaust system for a Harley bagger is. It comes with all hardware needed in the installation process.

Compatibility– When buying this product, you have to pay attention to the compatibility aspect. This is because it has to be compatible with your bike for excellent performance. Bagger Brothers BB-EX1002 has a design to fit Harley bagger models from 1996 to 2016.


  • Easy installation process.
  • Appealing loud sound.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of models of bikes.
  • Affordable.
  • Looks good on your bike.


  • Poor paint quality at the tips.
  • Non-heat-resistant tips.

Buying Guide About The Best 2 into 1 Exhaust for Harley Bagger

Whether cheap or expensive, you want to settle for the best when buying goods. This is not excluded when buying Harley exhaust 2-into-1. Unluckily, you will find a lot of choices in the market. This alone makes your selection not to be simple as you may wish. However, worry no more because this article is for you. The guides below will help you settle for a Harley exhaust system that will impress you in terms of needs and budget. Take a keen look at them.

The Brand

As indicated above, there exist numerous things you ought to consider during your search for a perfect Harley bagger2 into 1 exhaust. Of the factors, the brand is the first one.  You realize that some brands available in the market will be considered more trustworthy and with a better reputation than others. Therefore, it is worth taking your time to thoroughly research the various brands to help you see the ones with the best reviews.

The Type

The exhaust type is another essential aspect you require to pay attention to whenever you are on the search for the right one. Out on the market, there exist various types of the 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger. To have the best, make sure you are aware of the type you want alongside the one which will work excellently depending on your requirements.


Once you have decided on the type and brand of the product you want, now proceed to check their features. A perfect exhaust for Harley bagger ought to have amazing features. Different products on the market might look similar and serve the same purpose, but their difference is based on what they feature.

Therefore, when making purchases, take note of the features that are going to be important to you. Figuring out the features will help you know the ones you can do without and the ones you cannot avoid. From this, you are in a perfect position to make an excellent purchasing decision.


Make sure you set a financial plan before you dive into the market. Because different products come with different prices. It is wise to look for what matches your needs. If you are on a tight budget, it is wise to look for one which is not too expensive. But, to have a quality one, be aware you have to spend a lot of your cash.


Durability is another essential aspect you need to keep in mind when buying a reliable Harley2 in 1 exhaust. Some products tend to last longer than others. Hence, get a durable exhaust to get a long-term solution.


How easier the 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger is should be another factor you cannot overlook during your search for the excellent one. You realize some are easily portable while others are not. If your major reason for having this exhaust includes going with it wherever you want, a more portable one is an added benefit.


Moreover, check if the product has a warranty. It is advantageous to buy a warranted exhaust because the manufacturers can replace or repair it if it experiences issues. You cannot ignore this aspect, especially when purchasing cheap products.

Easy to Use

Failure to take note of this factor is a great mistake whenever you buy a 2 into 1 exhaust Harley bagger. In fact, nobody wants something that will make them experience challenges when either setting up or using it. The best you ought to come with vibrant guidelines and useful customer service. Failure to have knowledge on how to use a product can lead to not using it or returning it.  Thus, to avoid this, make sure you only pick the one you can easily use and set up.

The Look of a Product

The look of this exhaust is another essential tip you need to contemplate as you do your search. Some exhausts tend to be more aesthetically pretty than others in the market. Therefore, get something easier for your eyes if you desire a nice-looking exhaust.


If you are a serious biker and love hearing a rumbling sound escaping the exhaust, the best investment you can make is getting the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger. Besides, this exhaust is a plus because it brings a reduction to entire weight because it is lightweight. Having it in your bagger makes the engine perform better and look more stylish.

But, from the guide above, you cannot just rush to buy the first one you locate on the market. You have to know the exact exhaust type compatible with your Harley bagger and its engine. That way, you will have a wonderful experience when riding. Luckily, this article will help you make the right choice based on your budget and needs. Provided you select one that is compatible with your bike, I am confident that my list consists of the excellent and high-performing Best 2 into 1 Exhaust for Harley Bagger. Happy Shopping!