Will Bondo Stick to Primer: The Relationship Between the Two

Yes, bondo will stick to primer. Bondo is designed to adhere to most surfaces, including properly primed surfaces.

Bondo is a popular brand of automotive body filler used for repairing and restoring vehicles. A common question among diy enthusiasts and professionals is whether bondo will stick to primer. The answer to that question is yes, bondo can be applied over properly primed surfaces.

Primers provide a smooth and clean surface for bondo to adhere to, ensuring a strong bond. However, it is important to use the correct primer for the type of surface being repaired and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Using the right combination of primer and bondo will ensure a long-lasting repair that looks professional.

Will Bondo Stick to Primer: Understanding the Relationship between the Two

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What Is Bondo And Primer?

Bondo is a body filler that seals dents, cracks, and holes in a car’s bodywork. It’s made up of polyester resin and hardener. On the other hand, primer is a preparatory coating that is applied to the surface before painting.

It adheres well to the surface and improves paint’s adhesion and durability. When it comes to sticking to primer, bondo can stick to it, but only if the surface is properly prepared. This involves sanding, cleaning, and priming with the right primer.

Using the wrong primer or not preparing the surface correctly can result in the bondo not sticking to the primer. It’s essential to understand bondo and primer and their properties before using them to ensure a durable and flawless finish.

Does Bondo Stick To Primer?

Bondo is an auto repair product used to fill holes and repair dents. Bondo sticks well to a properly prepared surface. Therefore, it is advisable to prime the surface before applying bondo. The primer helps to create a surface for the bondo to grip to.

The adhesion between the bondo and the primer depends on several factors such as the type of primer used, how well the surface was prepared, the temperature, and humidity conditions during the application. Be sure to use a recommended primer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using bondo.

Failure to prepare the surface correctly can lead to the bondo falling off or not sticking properly to the surface, which can result in a car with an unsightly appearance.

How To Ensure Bondo Sticks To Primer

When it comes to ensuring bondo sticks to primer, there are a few steps you can follow. First, clean and sand the surface area to remove any dirt, rust, or old paint. Next, apply an even coat of primer and let it dry completely.

Then, mix the bondo according to the package instructions and apply it in a thin layer over the primer. Allow it to dry and sand it smooth before applying another layer if needed. To promote adhesion, use a feathering technique when applying the bondo and avoid leaving any air bubbles or gaps.

Overall, following these tips can help you achieve a strong bondo-primer bond that will last.

Alternatives To Bondo

When bondo is not the ideal option for repairing your vehicle, there are several alternative products that offer comparable results. Fiberglass filler, auto body filler, and putty are just a few options available.

It’s important to choose a product that matches the size and shape of the damaged area, as well as your personal skill level.

If the area is large or complex, it may be best to seek out a professional. Always wear safety gear and read the product instructions carefully before use. With the right product and approach, you can achieve a smooth and long-lasting repair.

Frequently Asked Questions On Will Bondo Stick To Primer

Will Bondo Stick To Primer?

Yes, bondo can stick to primer. However, the surface should be thoroughly sanded before applying bondo.

Can Bondo Be Applied Over Primer?

Yes, bondo can be applied over primer. But, the surface must be sanded properly and cleaned.

How Long Should Primer Dry Before Bondo?

The primer should be given 24 hours to dry before applying bondo. This ensures a proper bondo adhesion.


After conducting extensive research and analyzing various factors, it’s safe to say that yes, bondo will stick to primer. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met in order to ensure a strong and long-lasting bond between the two products.