Will a Nv3500 Bolt to a 350

The NV3500 is a 5-speed manual transmission that was used in General Motors and Chrysler vehicles from 1992 to 2007. The 305 engine is a small block V8 that was used in GM vehicles from 1976 to 1996.

So, will an NV3500 bolt to a 305?

Yes, the NV3500 will bolt to a 305 engine. The two are compatible because they were both manufactured by GM. However, you may need to make some modifications to make the connection work.

For example, the bell housing on the NV3500 is slightly different than the one on the 305. But with a little bit of work, you can make it fit.

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How Much Horsepower Can a NV3500 Handle

The NV3500 is a series of manual transmissions manufactured by various companies, including New Venture Gear (now part of Magna Powertrain) and Aisin, and it’s used in different vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. The amount of horsepower that an NV3500 transmission can handle depends on several factors, including the specific model of the transmission, its condition, and how it’s used.

Generally, these transmissions are designed to handle a range of power outputs, and the exact rating can vary. In light-duty applications, an NV3500 transmission might handle anywhere from 250 to 300 horsepower or even more, depending on the specific model and any aftermarket modifications or upgrades.

For heavy-duty applications or high-performance setups, it’s not uncommon for enthusiasts to strengthen or modify the transmission to handle even more horsepower. However, exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended limits can lead to premature wear and potential transmission failure.

Is the NV3500 a Good Transmission

The NV3500 transmission can be considered a good transmission in certain contexts, but its suitability depends on the specific vehicle and application.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Strength and Durability: The NV3500 is known for its durability in many light to medium-duty applications. It’s commonly found in trucks and SUVs and can handle moderate power levels effectively.
  2. Smooth Shifting: The NV3500 generally offers smooth and precise shifting, making it a comfortable transmission to use for daily driving.
  3. Availability: Parts and replacement NV3500 transmissions are relatively easy to find, which can be advantageous for maintenance or repairs.
  4. Aftermarket Support: There’s a significant aftermarket support for the NV3500, allowing for upgrades and modifications to increase its performance and durability in high-performance or heavy-duty applications.

However, the suitability of the NV3500 can vary depending on your needs:

  • High-Performance Applications: If you’re looking for a transmission for a high-performance or racing application, there might be better options available with higher horsepower and torque handling capabilities.
  • Towing and Heavy-Duty Use: While the NV3500 is durable, for extreme towing or heavy-duty use, you might want to consider a heavier-duty transmission, like the NV4500 or other options, depending on the vehicle.
  • Automatic vs. Manual: The NV3500 is a manual transmission, and some drivers prefer automatic transmissions for their convenience, especially in heavy traffic.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure that the NV3500 is compatible with your specific vehicle model and engine configuration.

Ultimately, whether the NV3500 is a good transmission for you depends on your intended use, vehicle, and personal preferences. If you’re considering it for a specific project or vehicle, it’s a good idea to consult with experts or mechanics who can provide guidance tailored to your needs.

Will a Nv3500 Bolt to a 350

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Will a 4.3 Manual Transmission Bolt to a 350

In some cases, a 4.3L manual transmission can bolt to a 350 V8 engine, but it may require modifications and compatible components like the bell housing, clutch, and flywheel. Compatibility depends on the specific transmissions and engines involved, as well as the vehicle’s make and model.

It’s essential to verify compatibility and consult with a knowledgeable mechanic or transmission specialist for the specific combination you’re considering.

What Trucks Did the Nv3500 Come In?

The NV3500 was a five-speed manual transmission used in GM and Dodge light-duty trucks and SUVs. It was introduced in 1992 for use in the GMC Jimmy and Chevy Blazer, and was also used in the Chevrolet S-10 pickup and Blazer, Oldsmobile Bravada, Buick Rainier, Cadillac Escalade EXT, Hummer H3, Isuzu Ascender, as well as Suzuki XL7 and Sidekick Sport. The NV3500 is a top loading design with a tower shifter.

It has an aluminum case with integral bellhousing. There are two different versions of the NV3500: one for four cylinder/V6 engines (the HD), and one for V8s (the XD). The ratio spread on the V8 version is slightly wider than on the 4 cyl/V6 version.

Will a Chevy Nv3500 Work in a Dodge?

There is a lot of confusion out there about whether or not a Chevy NV3500 will work in a Dodge. The answer is yes, it will work just fine! The NV3500 is actually the same transmission that was used in early model Dodges (1989-1993).

So if you have an early model Dodge and are looking to replace your transmission, the Chevy NV3500 is a great option.


No, a NV3500 will not bolt to a 350. The NV3500 is a 5 speed manual transmission that was used in GMC and Chevrolet trucks from 1992-2004. The 350 is an automatic transmission that was used in Cadillac vehicles from 1968-1986.