Will an Airbag Light Fail Inspection: What You Need to Know

Yes, an airbag light can cause a vehicle to fail inspection. Your vehicle’s airbag system is a vital safety feature that helps protect you in the event of a collision.


The airbag light is designed to alert you when there is a problem with this system, and it can cause your vehicle to fail inspection if it is not resolved. When the airbag light is on, it is indicating that there is a malfunction in the airbag system, which can prevent the airbags from deploying properly in the event of an accident.

This is a serious safety concern, so it is important to address the issue and have it repaired as soon as possible. In this article, we will discuss why the airbag light can cause a vehicle to fail inspection and how to rectify the problem.

Will an Airbag Light Fail Inspection: What You Need to Know

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Explanation Of What Airbag Lights Are

Airbag lights are dashboard alerts that let you know if your airbags are working correctly or not. They’re typically found on the dashboard panel or within the center console of your vehicle. When you turn on your car, the airbag light will illuminate for a few seconds as part of a standard test process.


If the light doesn’t turn off after a few seconds, it’s a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Importance Of Airbag Lights For Safety

Airbag lights are important for safety, as they signify if your airbags are working correctly or not. Airbags are a critical safety feature in your car, providing an added layer of protection for you and your passengers during an accident.

If your airbag light is on, it could be a sign that your airbag won’t deploy properly during an accident.

Reasons For Airbag Lights To Turn On

Several factors can cause the airbag light to turn on.

  • Faulty sensors: if the sensors in your vehicle’s airbag system are faulty, it can cause the airbag light to turn on.
  • Electrical issues: wiring problems or electrical malfunctions can also trigger the airbag light.
  • Low battery voltage: if your vehicle’s battery is low, it can cause electrical components to malfunction, including the airbag system.

Implications Of A Malfunctioning Airbag

If your airbag isn’t working correctly, it can have significant consequences during an accident. The airbag might not deploy properly or at all, putting you and your passengers at risk of serious injury. Furthermore, a malfunctioning airbag can sometimes cause the airbag to deploy unexpectedly while driving, leading to a dangerous situation.

A malfunctioning airbag light should never be ignored. If you notice that the airbag light is on in your vehicle, it’s important to take your car to a trusted mechanic as soon as possible to diagnose and address the issue.

Inspection Processes And Requirements

It’s natural to worry whether you’ll pass your state car inspection with an airbag light on your dashboard. After all, the airbag system is an important safety feature in your vehicle. In this section of the blog post, we’ll dive into the inspection processes and requirements to help you understand whether an airbag light can cause your car to fail the inspection.

Overview Of State Inspection Process

State inspection processes vary, but most states require that cars undergo inspections annually or biennially to ensure they meet specific safety and emissions standards. The inspection typically includes inspections of the brakes, exhaust system, lights, and tires. States may require additional inspections as well.

Explanation Of What Inspectors Look For

During a state inspection, inspectors check for any equipment or component issues that put the driver, passengers, or other road users at risk. They will check the airbag system during the safety inspection and look for any signs of malfunctions.

Requirements For Passing Inspection

To pass inspection, a car must meet certain criteria set by the state.

  • Proper tire tread depth
  • Correct headlight placement and alignment
  • Fully functioning brakes and emergency brake
  • Airbags that deploy correctly and without errors
  • Working horn, wipers, and mirrors

Specifics On Airbag Light Inspections

During the inspection, the airbag light will be subject to scrutiny. If the airbag light is on, it indicates that there might be a problem with the airbag system. In such cases, the inspector will want to determine if the system is faulty.

If you’re worried about a failing inspection due to your airbag light, have your car checked by a professional mechanic. They can help diagnose and repair any issues with your airbag system before inspection time.

Will An Airbag Light Fail Inspection: A Straight Answer

Yes, an airbag light can cause your car to fail the safety inspection. If the airbag system is not working correctly, it may not deploy in an accident which can put you and your passengers at risk. Make sure to address any issues before you go in for inspection to avoid failing and needing to have a re-inspection.

In general, a well-maintained car has a better chance of passing inspection, so make sure to keep up with your regular vehicle maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep your car running smoothly and improve your chances of passing the state inspection.

To sum up, it is crucial to address any airbag light issues before taking your car in for a state inspection. Remember that the airbag system is a critical safety feature, and a faulty system can put you and your passengers at risk.


Causes And Fixes For Airbag Light Issues

Airbags are designed to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries in cases of vehicular accidents. However, just like any other car part, it may malfunction and cause problems that need fixing. One of the most common issues that drivers face with airbags is the airbag light turning on and off for no apparent reason, and this can cause drivers to panic or worry.

In this section, we will discuss the causes and fixes for airbag light issues.

Common Reasons For Airbag Lights To Come On

There are a few reasons airbag lights may come on.

  • Loose wiring: if the wires are deprived of a secure connection, the airbag light may turn on.
  • Airbag module issue: the airbag module could be faulty, and it may need to be replaced.
  • Battery issues: the airbag module’s backup power supply (the battery) may be running low or malfunctioning.
  • Faulty sensor: the sensor that triggers the airbag deployment could be faulty or malfunctioning.

Tips For Resolving Airbag Light Issues

If you ever notice that your airbag light is on, here are some tips on how you can address the problem:

  • Check the wiring: ensure that all wires are correctly installed, and there are no loose connections.
  • Contact your car dealer: if you’re unaware of the issue or are unsure of how to fix it safely, reach out to your car dealer for their expert opinion and potentially fixing the problem.
  • Reset airbag module: resetting the airbag module may clear the error and turn off the airbag light. If you attempt this, do so with caution as it requires disconnecting the battery and waiting for at least 15 minutes before turning it back on.

Explanation Of Passive And Active Systems

Vehicles either have passive or active airbag systems. A passive system relies on sensors throughout the vehicle, which detect when and where an accident occurs, whether a person is sitting in a particular seat, and what movement took place before the collision.

Passive systems include single-stage, dual-stage, or triple-stage airbags, which primarily inflate to reduce the risk of injury. In contrast, active systems refer to developing airbags that provide greater protection against larger collisions. Modern airbag systems use sensors that continuously assess the vehicle’s speed and orientation to optimize airbag deployment in case of accidents.

Advice On When To Seek Professional Help

Working with anything that has to do with airbags can be a challenge, and managing it without the proper knowledge and experience could be deadly. If you experience issues with your airbag, consult your dealer or a professional mechanic immediately.

However, never attempt to fix or tamper with airbag systems or wiring without proper guidance. Professionals should diagnose and fix airbag issues to ensure they’re working as intended correctly.

The airbag light may turn on when there is an issue with your car’s airbag system. Check the wiring, reset the airbag module or contact a professional in case of anything. Ensure that you always take care of airbag systems with caution and unique expertise.


The airbag light may seem like a minor issue, but it can lead to a failed inspection if not addressed promptly. A properly functioning airbag is crucial for passenger safety, and a faulty system can prevent the airbag from deploying in case of an accident.

Even if the airbag light is on due to a minor issue, it’s best to have it addressed by a qualified mechanic. Don’t attempt to reset the light yourself as this will only mask the problem. As we’ve discussed, the inspection process varies by state, and the specifics of what will cause a vehicle to fail can vary.

However, a malfunctioning airbag system is usually non-negotiable and can result in a failed inspection. Take care of any airbag light warnings as soon as they appear, stay safe, and pass your inspection with flying colors.