What is a Screw Blown Hemi

A screw blown hemi is a type of engine with a screw-type supercharger that compresses the air and fuel mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber to produce high horsepower. This engine is popular among drag racers and hot rod enthusiasts due to its exceptional power and reliability.

The screw blown hemi engine has its roots in the 1950s and 60s when drag racers started experimenting with different ways to boost the performance of their engines. The hemi engine, with its hemispherical combustion chamber, was already a powerful contender in the racing scene.

But by adding a screw-type supercharger, the engine’s horsepower could be exponentially increased. Today, several manufacturers produce screw blown hemi engines for racing purposes, with some boasting horsepower outputs over 3000.

Despite the high cost of these engines, their unbeatable power and reliability continue to make them a popular choice in the racing world.

What is a Screw Blown Hemi

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The Basics Of Screw Blown Hemi Technology

Screw blown hemi is a type of technology used in high-performance racing engines. Hemi engines are designed with a hemispherical combustion chamber, allowing for better airflow and increased power. The screw blower works by compressing air and fuel, increasing the engine’s power output.

Screw supercharging is when the compressed air is forced into the engine at a higher rate, resulting in even more power. This technology is popular in drag racing and has become increasingly important as engine builders push the limits of horsepower.

However, it requires a skilled technician to properly install and tune the engine, making it a costly investment for most racers.

Advantages Of Screw Blown Hemi

A screw blown hemi engine is a powerful and efficient method of producing power in a vehicle. The advantages of using a screw blown hemi include increased power and performance due to the supercharging capabilities of the system.

The increased efficiency of the engine leads to optimal fuel consumption, reducing overall maintenance costs of the engine.

Another significant benefit of the screw blown hemi is enhanced engine reliability, as it ensures a consistent power output. However, it is important to note that routine maintenance is still necessary to prevent any wear and tear on the engine parts.

With its unique technology and efficiency, a screw blown hemi engine is an excellent choice for anyone looking for increased power and performance while also maintaining reliability and fuel efficiency.

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Screw Blown Hemi Vs. Turbocharged Engines

A screw blown hemi engine is a supercharged engine that has a screw-type compressor. This is in contrast to turbocharged engines that use exhaust gas energy to create boost. The advantage of a screw blown hemi is that it can produce higher boost levels at lower speeds, resulting in better low-end performance.

Additionally, a screw blown hemi can deliver smoother and more consistent power delivery, as it is not reliant on exhaust gas energy. However, a disadvantage of this engine type is that it can be more costly to build and maintain due to its complex design and components.

Ultimately, whether to choose a screw blown hemi or a turbocharged engine will depend on the individual’s needs and preferences in terms of performance, cost, and maintenance.

Racing Applications Of Screw Blown Hemi

Screw blown hemi engines are a popular choice for professional racing enthusiasts. Known for their high-performance and reliability, these engines have revolutionized drag racing. Drivers are able to achieve remarkable speeds and acceleration due to the precision engineering in each component.

The most popular screw blown hemi engines used in racing include the 526 hemi and the 572 hemi. This technology offers an extra edge over other supercharging techniques because of its ability to deliver consistent power and maintain high levels of efficiency.

The screw blown hemi has become an integral part of professional racing and is a testament to the technological advancements in the industry.


To wrap up, the screw blown hemi is a powerful engine that has revolutionized the racing world. With the use of a supercharger powered by a mechanical drive system, it creates an impressive power output. This system has won numerous races, and its advanced technology has become a game-changer in the racing industry.

The screw blown hemi engine boasts of high horsepower, torque, and quick response times. As a result, it’s a top choice for drag racers and racing enthusiasts alike. Manufacturers are continually making advancements to improve the engine’s overall performance, making it even more efficient and reliable.

Despite its high cost, its capabilities make it a valuable investment for those looking to surpass their competition. The screw blown hemi engine continues to set the pace for performance and power in the racing industry, and we will continue to see more advancements in years to come.