What Is a Ratchet Shifter?

A ratchet shifter is a type of gear shift mechanism commonly used in racing cars. It allows the driver to shift gears quickly and precisely, without the need to remove their hand from the steering wheel.

Ratchet shifters are popular in drag racing and other high-speed competitions, where every fraction of a second counts. They work by using a ratchet mechanism to hold the shifter in place until the driver releases it, allowing them to shift up or down at lightning-fast speeds. Because they offer more control and precision than traditional shifters, many car enthusiasts prefer to use them even in non-racing situations.

Whether you’re a professional driver or just someone who loves to feel the thrill of the open road, a ratchet shifter may be just what you need to take your driving experience to the next level.

Understanding a Ratchet Shifter: An Introduction

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What Is A Ratchet Shifter?

A ratchet shifter is an aftermarket device that allows for quicker gear changes in an automatic transmission. Ratchet shifters work by locking the shifter into specific gears, making it impossible to accidentally shift too far or miss a gear. There are different types of ratchet shifters, such as the full ratchet, the reverse ratchet, and the sequential ratchet shifter.

The full ratchet allows you to select any gear, while the reverse ratchet only allows you to shift down one gear at a time. The sequential ratchet shifter works similarly to a manual transmission, allowing you to shift up or down one gear at a time.

Ratchet shifters enhance the performance of your vehicle and make for a more exciting driving experience.

Advantages Of A Ratchet Shifter

A ratchet shifter is an essential component in manual transmissions that is designed to offer better control over the vehicle. One of the primary advantages of using a ratchet shifter is improved performance. By using a ratchet shifter, drivers can change gears quickly and smoothly which allows them to accelerate faster and reach higher speeds.

Additionally, ratchet shifters provide increased safety for drivers as they eliminate the risk of accidental gear shifts. With a ratchet shifter, drivers can keep their hands on the wheel, hence improving safety. Another advantage of using a ratchet shifter is better control over the vehicle.

With a ratchet shifter, drivers can achieve the perfect shift, giving them total control over the car and maximizing performance.

B&M Pro Rachet Shifter functioning & usage

Choosing The Right Ratchet Shifter

Ratchet shifters are the type of shifting mechanism that allows quick gear changes in manual transmissions. Choosing the right ratchet shifter is crucial for enhancing your driving experience. Factors to consider include the shifter’s compatibility with your vehicle, your budget, and the shifter’s durability.

Some top brands to consider are b&m, hurst, and tci. Compared to other shifting mechanisms, ratchet shifters offer faster and smoother shifts, making them ideal for drag racing and other high-performance driving. However, they may not be suitable for everyday street use due to their harsher shifts and noise.

Ultimately, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Installation And Maintenance Of A Ratchet Shifter

A ratchet shifter is an aftermarket device that enhances the transmission system in a vehicle. To install it, first, remove the existing shifter and disconnect the transmission linkage. Install the new shifter in its place and reconnect the linkage. Ensure the shifter and linkage are well-oiled to increase longevity.

Regular maintenance of the ratchet shifter is important to prolong its lifespan. Keep the shifter clean and oiled to prevent rusting and stickiness. Occasionally, you may encounter common issues such as misalignment or difficulty shifting gears. Realigning the shifter or lubricating the cable may resolve the issues.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to add value to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is A Ratchet Shifter

What Is A Ratchet Shifter On A Car?

A ratchet shifter is a shifter mechanism that lets you shift gears without using a clutch.

How Does A Ratchet Shifter Work?

A ratchet shifter has a set of interlocking gears that allow for quick, precise gear changes with one hand.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ratchet Shifter?

A ratchet shifter makes it easier to change gears, especially during high-speed driving or racing situations.


With all the information provided in this article, it is clear that a ratchet shifter plays an important role in racing and sports cars. Its ability to provide quick and precise shifting makes it a popular choice amongst car enthusiasts who prioritize performance.

Although it may seem complex, understanding its basic components can help with maintenance and repairs. It is important to note that ratchet shifters are not suitable for everyday driving and can be cumbersome in traffic situations. If you’re considering installing a ratchet shifter in your car, it’s important to understand the potential benefits and drawbacks.

Overall, a ratchet shifter is an essential tool for enthusiasts who seek to enhance their driving experience on the race track.