What Cars Have a 5X112 Bolt Pattern

A 5×112 bolt pattern is commonly seen on Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and other European vehicles. This bolt pattern is specific to these brands as it has a 5 lug design with the distance between each lug being 112mm apart. The center bore of this type of wheel is generally 57.1mm but can vary depending on the manufacturer’s specifications for certain models.

Commonly used in cars such as the Audi A4, S4, A6 and S6; VW Passat, Touareg and Phaeton; Mercedes C Class Coupe & Sedan; Porsche Panamera Turbo/GTS/S/Turbo S; Bentley Continental GT/Flying Spur; Lamborghini Huracan Performante/Spyder; Bugatti Veyron Super Sport are just some examples that feature this particular bolt pattern.

If you’re looking for a car with the 5×112 bolt pattern, you can find it in many Volkswagen and Audi models. This includes vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Jetta GLI and Tiguan as well as Audi’s A4, A6 and even some of their SUVs like the Q7. It is also used on certain Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans from 2003 to 2009.

Additionally, several Porsche models have this bolt pattern including Boxsters from 1997 to 2012 and Caymans from 2006 to 2012.

5X112 Bolt Pattern is the Same As 5X120

No, the 5×112 bolt pattern is not the same as the 5×120 bolt pattern. The 5×112 bolt pattern is used primarily for Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles, while the 5×120 bolt pattern typically fits BMWs and some other European cars. Both patterns utilize five bolts spaced 112mm apart on a circle with a diameter of 112mm in one case, and 120mm in the other.

What Cars Have a 5X112 Bolt Pattern

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What Other Cars Use the 5X112 Bolt Pattern?

Exact Answer: Some other cars that use the 5×112 bolt pattern include Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Skoda. Detailed Blog Post Paragraph: If you’re looking for a vehicle with a 5×112 bolt pattern, you have plenty of options! Many popular car brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Skoda all utilize this type of bolt pattern on their vehicles.

This makes it easier to find compatible aftermarket wheels when upgrading or replacing your current ones. However, even if these are the main manufacturers using this particular bolt pattern there can still be differences in offset and center bore measurements so always double check before purchasing any new wheels!

Will a 5X120 Fit a 5X112?

No, a 5×120 will not fit a 5×112. The two sizes have different bolt patterns and are not interchangeable. A 5×120 is commonly found on many BMW vehicles while the 5×112 is typically seen on Volkswagen and Audi models.

Therefore, attempting to install a wheel with one pattern onto an automobile designed for the other could lead to problems such as improper installation or even damage to both the wheel and vehicle. It’s important that drivers ensure their wheels match up perfectly before attempting any type of installation or replacement work in order to avoid potential safety risks and costly repairs down the road.

Can You Convert 5X112 to 5X114?

Yes, you can convert 5×112 to 5×114. The process for doing this is fairly straightforward and involves changing the lug nuts, wheel spacers, or both. To begin with, you will need to determine which type of bolt pattern your wheels have: either 5×112 or 5×114.

Once you know that, it’s just a matter of finding the right lug nuts and/or wheel spacers to fit the new pattern. It’s important to remember that even though they are both five-lug patterns, there are still slight differences between them in terms of thread size and spacing so make sure you get the right parts! After making these changes, your wheels should now be compatible with a 5×114 bolt pattern allowing for more options when selecting rims for your vehicle.

What Bmw Has 5X112?

Exact Answer: The BMW 3 Series (E90, E91, E92 and E93) has a 5×112 bolt pattern. BMW’s iconic 3 Series is one of the most popular models in their lineup and it comes with a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition. One such feature is its 5×112 bolt pattern which makes it easier for drivers to customize their wheels and tires.

This bolt pattern gives drivers more control over what type of wheels they can put on their vehicles, allowing them to choose from a wide range of aftermarket options or even OEM replacements if needed. Aside from being able to easily customize your vehicle’s look, having this bolt pattern also means you’ll have an easier time finding new parts when something needs replacing. All-in-all, the BMW 3 series’ 5×112 bolt pattern is one of its many great features that help contribute to its popularity in the automotive world.


It is important to know the bolt pattern of your car before purchasing aftermarket wheels. The 5X112 bolt pattern is commonly found in cars such as Audi and Volkswagen models, so if you have one of these vehicles chances are you will need a 5X112 bolt pattern for your new wheels. It is always best to double check with the manufacturer or an experienced shop before making a purchase to ensure that your wheel choice fits properly on your vehicle.