What Cars Have 5X108 Bolt Pattern- A Detailed Guide

When it comes to upgrading or customizing your vehicle’s wheels, one crucial consideration is the bolt pattern. The bolt pattern determines which wheels are compatible with your car’s hubs, ensuring a safe and secure fit.

In this exploration of “What Cars Have 5X108 Bolt Pattern,” we’ll delve into this specific bolt pattern, uncovering the car makes and models that utilize it. Whether you’re on the hunt for new rims or simply curious about compatibility, this guide will provide valuable insights into the world of 5X108 bolt patterns.

What is 5X108 Bolt Pattern

A 5X108 bolt pattern, also written as 5×108 or 5-108, refers to the configuration of the wheel studs or lugs on a vehicle’s wheel hub. In this pattern:

  • The “5” indicates the number of wheel lugs or studs on the wheel hub.
  • The “108” indicates the diameter in millimeters of an imaginary circle that would pass through the center of each of those five wheel lugs. This circle is used to determine the placement of the lugs in relation to each other.

This information is crucial when selecting wheels for a vehicle. A wheel with a 5X108 bolt pattern will have five evenly spaced lugs or bolt holes around a circle with a 108mm diameter. Matching the correct bolt pattern ensures that the wheels fit securely on the vehicle’s hub.

What Cars Have 5X108 Bolt Pattern

The 5X108 bolt pattern can be found on many Ford and Volvo vehicles. This includes the Ford Focus, Fiesta, C-Max, Mondeo, S-Max, Kuga and Edge models; as well as the Volvo V40/V50/V60/V70 (from 2000 onwards) and S80 (from 1999 to 2006). Additionally, some Jaguar XF, XJ and XK models also have this bolt pattern.

All of these cars feature a five lug nut design with a pitch circle diameter of 108mm in between each stud. The nuts are usually tightened using an aftermarket wheel adapter or spacer for optimal fitment.

Knowing what cars have the 5×108 bolt pattern will help you find compatible rims for your vehicle quickly and easily!

What Cars Have 5X108 Bolt Pattern

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Is 5X4 25 the Same As 5X108?

No, 5×4=25 is not the same as 5×108. The former is a multiplication operation involving two numbers (5 and 4) while the latter involves multiplying one number by itself 108 times. For example, if you wanted to calculate 5×108, you would write it out as: 5 x 100 + 8 = 500 + 8 = 508.

On the other hand, if you wanted to solve 25, simply multiply five by four which equals 20. As can be seen from these examples, even though both equations involve multiplying a single number by itself multiple times (in this case five), they are still distinct operations that result in different answers.

This difference is important to understand when doing math problems or calculations since getting an incorrect answer could lead to some serious consequences – such as not passing a test or making an error on an important project at work.

It’s therefore essential for people of all ages and backgrounds to understand how multiplication works so that they can accurately calculate any problem presented before them with confidence!

What Bolt Pattern is the Same As Ford?

The bolt pattern for Ford vehicles is 5×114.3 mm, which is also referred to as 5×4.5 inches. This particular bolt pattern is commonly found in many other makes and models of cars including Mazda, Nissan, Dodge, Hyundai, Kia and Honda among others.

While the exact dimensions may vary slightly from one vehicle to another depending on make and model year, this popular bolt pattern has been used for a wide variety of car manufacturers over the years making it easier to find compatible wheels or rims when shopping around for replacement parts or upgrades.

In addition to offering compatibility across multiple brands and models of vehicles, this specific bolt pattern also provides stability when installing larger tires since the wheel hub can accommodate a greater number of lugs than some other common patterns out there.

All these factors combined make this particular Ford bolt pattern an easily accessible option that offers plenty of versatility no matter what type of ride you’re looking to customize!


In conclusion, the 5×108 bolt pattern is an important measurement to consider when purchasing a new car. This bolt pattern can be found in many popular cars such as Ford Focus, Volvo S40 and most Volkswagen models. Knowing the correct bolt patterns for your car will help you save time and money by ensuring that your wheels fit correctly onto your vehicle.