Is Ms-12106 Same As Ms 90032

Yes, ms 12106 is the same as ms 90032. Ms 12106 and ms 90032 refer to the same set of requirements for suppliers of automotive products specified by ford motor company.

Suppliers must meet these requirements to ensure their products are fit for use in ford vehicles. While the numbers are different, the two specifications cover the same topics, including quality management, product testing, and manufacturing processes. It is important for suppliers to understand the requirements of both specifications to ensure they can meet ford’s standards.

Is Ms-12106 Same As Ms 90032


Overview Of Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

Definition Of Ms-12106

Ms-12106 refers to a microsoft standard that outlines the minimum requirements for the design and development of computer hardware. This includes the physical dimensions of the hardware, as well as the required electrical and environmental specifications.

  • It was first introduced in 1995 and has since been updated several times.
  • The standard applies to a wide range of computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and displays, as well as more complex hardware like servers and data storage devices.
  • Compliance with ms-12106 ensures the interoperability of hardware components, meaning they can communicate with each other and function as intended.

Definition Of Ms 90032

Ms 90032, on the other hand, is a microsoft standard that deals with software development. Specifically, it outlines the requirements for software development processes and procedures to ensure that software products are of a high quality.

  • It is often referred to as the microsoft solutions framework (msf) for agile software development.
  • The standard covers a wide range of software development methodologies, including agile and scrum, and provides guidance on best practices.
  • Compliance with ms 90032 ensures that software products are developed efficiently, with minimal defects, and in accordance with customer requirements.

Key Differences Between Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

Is ms-12106 same as ms 90032? The answer is no – ms-12106 and ms 90032 are two different products. Although both are microsoft exams, they have different objectives, features, and functionalities. In this blog post, we will explore the key differences between ms-12106 and ms 90032, analyzing their different aspects, comparing their features, and discussing their benefits and limitations.

Analysis Of The Different Aspects Of Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

To understand the differences between ms-12106 and ms 90032, it is important to first analyze their different aspects.

  • Ms-12106 is also known as the “designing and implementing a data science solution on azure” exam, while ms 90032 is the “microsoft dynamics 365 customization and configuration” exam.
  • The ms-12106 exam focuses on designing and implementing data science solutions that meet business requirements using microsoft azure technologies, while ms 90032 focuses on configuring and customizing dynamics 365 features and functionalities.
  • The ms-12106 exam is intended for data scientists, while the ms 90032 is intended for microsoft dynamics 365 consultants, developers, and it professionals.

Comparison Of The Features And Functionalities Of Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

Another way to understand the differences between ms-12106 and ms 90032 is to compare their features and functionalities.

  • Ms-12106 exam topics include designing and implementing azure data storage solutions, designing and implementing azure ai solutions, working with azure cognitive services, and deploying and managing azure resources. Ms 90032 exam topics include configuring and customizing dynamics 365 components, managing power platform environments, and integrating dynamics 365 with other systems.
  • Ms-12106 exam format consists of multiple-choice questions, case studies, and other question types. The ms 90032 exam format features multiple-choice questions and simulation questions.
  • Ms-12106 exam duration is 180 minutes, while the ms 90032 exam duration is 150 minutes. The pass mark for both exams is 700 out of 1000.

Discussion Of The Benefits And Limitations Of Using Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

Finally, let’s discuss the benefits and limitations of using ms-12106 and ms 90032.

  • Ms-12106 provides a certification for data science solutions on the azure platform. It demonstrates proficiency in designing and implementing reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that meet business requirements. However, this expertise may not be in high demand for all businesses.
  • Ms 90032 certification showcases the knowledge and skills required to customize and configure dynamics 365 features. This expertise can be beneficial to businesses that use dynamics 365, but may not be useful for other businesses.
  • Both certifications have prerequisites and require candidates to have relevant work experience. Additionally, the costs and efforts required for preparation can be significant.

Although both ms-12106 and ms 90032 are microsoft exams, they have different objectives, features, and functionalities. Candidates should choose the certification that aligns with their career goals, business requirements, and skill set.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

Are you unsure whether to use ms-12106 or ms 90032? The decision to choose between the two can be a daunting task. It is crucial to identify both the benefits and drawbacks of each option to make an informed decision.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the potential consequences of choosing one over the other. So, let’s delve into it.

Advantages Of Using Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

Both ms-12106 and ms 90032 have their own set of benefits.


  • An excellent option for outdoor usage due to its uv resistance.
  • Offers high tensile strength and elongation, making it suitable for use in making flexible objects.
  • Has excellent impact resistance, making it a preferred choice for making sturdy and durable products.

Ms 90032

  • Provides an excellent balance of flexibility and strength, making it suitable for creating objects that need both characteristics.
  • Has good chemical resistance, making it resistant to various chemicals.
  • Offers high tensile strength, making it ideal for creating products that need to withstand high tension loads.

Disadvantages Of Using Ms-12106 And Ms 90032

As with any product or material, there are some disadvantages to using both ms-12106 and ms 90032.


  • Poor resistance to solvents, making it necessary to avoid exposing to solvents.
  • The material tends to degrade and yellow over time due to prolonged exposure to uv light.
  • It is challenging to paint surfaces that are made up of ms-12106.

Ms 90032

  • Less resilient to uv than ms-12106, making it unsuitable for products that will be exposed to sunlight for an extended period.
  • May crack or become brittle over time due to exposure to outdoor conditions.
  • Not recommended for use in contact with food or pharmaceutical applications due to its low purity.

Discussion Of The Potential Consequences Of Using Ms-12106 Instead Of Ms 90032 And Vice Versa

Choosing between ms-12106 and ms 90032 significantly varies on the requirements of the product being created. Each material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and it is essential to make an informed decision when choosing one over the other.

  • If ms-12106 is used to create products that are intended for outdoor usage, the material will maintain its texture and color even after being exposed to uv light and sunlight. In contrast, if ms-90032 is used instead of ms-12106, the color may fade and become brittle.
  • If ms-12106 is used instead of ms-90032 in an application where it is exposed to solvents, it will not perform well. The material may lose its strength and deform over time.
  • In scenarios where flexibility and strength are both essential criteria for product creation, ms 90032 is the preferred option. In contrast, ms-12106 may be unsuitable due to its limitations.

It is essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to choose the material according to the application’s requirements. Each has specific use cases, and the right decision will depend on the intended use of the product.


After carefully analyzing the similarities and differences between ms 12106 and ms 90032, it can be concluded that they are not the same. Although both standards relate to environmental management systems, their scope, requirements, and objectives vary. It is essential to understand these differences to ensure compliance with the correct standard and achieve the intended environmental performance improvement.

Organizations should consider their environmental needs, priorities, and goals before opting for either of the standards. Moreover, they should take the necessary steps to comply with all the requirements while ensuring continuous improvement of their ems. Adhering to the right standard enhances an organization’s credibility, promotes sustainable practices, and helps drive long-term business success.

While ms 12106 and ms 90032 share some commonalities, they ultimately serve different purposes in the realm of environmental management systems.