Is a Windage Tray Necessary: Everything You Need to Know

Yes, a windage tray is necessary for high performance engines. It prevents oil from splashing around too much, leading to less power loss and reduced oil starvation.

A windage tray is an essential component in high-performance racing engines, especially those that regularly reach high rpms. In simple terms, a windage tray is a flat plate, custom-fitted into the oil pan that helps reduce oil splash in the crankcase. This accessory is designed to prevent the engine lubricant from getting whipped up and thrown, creating a thick foam of oil that can’t lubricate and cool the engine effectively.

By keeping the oil in the pan under control, a windage tray helps maintain oil pressure, reliability, and power output, ideal for high-performance street and track use. Although some people argue that windage trays are unnecessary, it is recommended to fit one if you’re building a high-performance engine.

Is a Windage Tray Necessary: Everything You Need to Know


How Does A Windage Tray Work?

A windage tray is an essential component in an oil pan. It is typically made of metal and fits into the engine’s bottom end. Its purpose is to prevent oil from moving around inside the pan and coming into contact with the rotating assembly and crankshaft.

When the engine is running, the windage tray keeps the oil in the right position. Additionally, it also helps prevent the oil from foaming up, which can lead to engine damage. Oil pans with windage trays tend to be more expensive than those without.

However, the added expense is worth it. A windage tray is a valuable component as it keeps the engine running smoothly and prevents unnecessary damage.

Does An Engine Need A Windage Tray?

A windage tray is an essential component in some engines. It helps in reducing oil spray and increases horsepower. Engines of high-performance vehicles or those that run at high rpms tend to require a windage tray. It is because such engines tend to generate oil aeration, which affects engine performance.

The factors that determine whether a windage tray is necessary include the type of engine, the driving conditions, and oil pressure. Older engines may not necessarily need a windage tray due to their low performance level. However, in modern high-performance engines, it is a vital component that should not be ignored.

In brief, the use of a windage tray is necessary if an engine generates oil aeration or operates at high rpms.

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Are There Any Downsides To Using A Windage Tray?

A windage tray is a beneficial addition to an engine, but it does come with some potential downsides. Using a windage tray can slightly decrease horsepower and torque output due to the increased restrictions on oil movement. However, this is a very minor effect and is often outweighed by the benefits of reducing oil surge and improving overall engine longevity.

In terms of cost-benefit, a windage tray is a relatively low-cost modification with significant long-term benefits for the engine’s health and performance. It is worth noting that the impact of a windage tray can vary depending on the engine’s design and intended use, so it is essential to consult with a professional before making any modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions On Is A Windage Tray Necessary

What Is A Windage Tray?

A windage tray is a metal plate that fits inside the engine’s oil pan to prevent oil from being whipped up by the crankshaft. you can read more details about it.

How Does A Windage Tray Work?

By reducing the amount of oil that is whipped around inside the engine, a windage tray keeps the crankshaft from coming into contact with the oil.

What Are The Benefits Of A Windage Tray?

A windage tray can improve engine performance by reducing drag, increasing horsepower, and protecting the engine from oil starvation.


To sum it up, a windage tray plays a significant role in optimizing the performance of your engine by improving oil control. It prevents oil from splashing around the crankshaft and increases the efficiency of your engine through reduced windage.

Despite the additional cost it may entail, investing in a good quality windage tray is worth considering, especially if you have a high-performance engine. It ensures that your engine stays lubricated and prevents damage to crucial components. However, before making any purchase decisions, you should take into account the specifics of your engine and consult with a professional.

With the right windage tray, you can enjoy improved performance, reduced oil consumption, and extended engine lifespan. Don’t let the small details escape your attention – every little improvement counts when it comes to taking care of your engine.