How to Turn Rain Sensing Wipers in Your Mercedes

Rain sensing wipers are an innovative convenience feature of modern vehicles that allows you to drive safely in rain and snow. Mercedes-Benzes’ is no exception, with most models coming equipped with this technology. Instead of manually turning on your wipers, the system uses sensors to detect rain on the windshield, automatically activating the wipers.

This leaves you free to focus on driving, while your vehicle takes care of the rain-sensing wipers. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps you need to follow to turn on the rain-sensing wipers in your Mercedes-Benzes.

How to Use Rain Sensing Wipers in Your Mercedes


The Rain Sensing Wipers Feature

Rain sensing wipers are a nifty feature in mercede’s cars that automatically turn on your wipers when it starts to rain. These wipers work by using sensors that detect moisture on the windshield. The sensors send a signal to the control module which then activates the wiper system.

This feature is advantageous as it eliminates the need to constantly adjust your wipers while driving in the rain. It not only makes driving safer but also improves the lifespan of your wiper blades by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

To turn on rain sensing wipers in your mercedes, simply ensure that the wipers are on auto mode, and the rain sensors will take care of the rest. Upgrade your driving experience with the convenience of rain sensing wipers.

Turning On The Rain Sensing Wipers Feature

To turn on the rain sensing wipers feature in your mercedes, start by locating the lever, usually on the right side of the steering wheel. Once you find it, push it down towards the windshield to activate the rain sensing wipers.

This feature works by detecting raindrops on the windshield and adjusting the speed of the wipers accordingly. It’s important to note that the rain sensing wipers work best during light to moderate rainfall and may not function well in heavy downpours or when snow and ice are on the windshield.

In these cases, it’s recommended to switch to manual wiper mode. With these tips, you can now efficiently use your rain sensing wipers in different weather conditions without hassle.

How To: Use Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers on Your Mercedes-Benz!

Adjusting The Sensitivity Settings Of Rain Sensing Wipers

Adjusting the sensitivity settings of rain sensing wipers for your mercedes is quite easy. Start by understanding the sensitivity settings. This will help you know the optimal settings you should use. Next, follow the steps for adjusting these settings. Check the manual guide for specific guidelines on the process.

Don’t forget to test and ensure the sensitivity settings are adjusted correctly. This will ensure that you’re confident of their effectiveness. By following these steps, your mercedes rain sensing wipers will function effectively in all weather conditions.

Maintaining Rain Sensing Wipers For Optimal Performance

Rain sensing wipers are a nifty feature in modern-day cars, and mercedes vehicles are not far behind in this aspect. However, like every technology, rain sensing wipers need occasional maintenance to perform optimally. One of the key factors in keeping the wipers functioning smoothly is regular cleaning.

Make sure to clean them thoroughly every once in a while. Another problem that car owners may face with these kind of wipers is false activation. In such cases, try wiping the sensors with a damp cloth. And if all else fails, it’s time to get new wipers installed.

With regular maintenance and cleaning, rain sensing wipers can make your driving experience a breeze.


Turning on the rain sensing wipers in your mercedes vehicle is not hard, as you have learned from this guide. It just requires you to follow some simple steps. The integrated sensor system in the windshield of your mercedes is intended to activate the rain sensing wipers.

It can detect when your windshield is wet and generates an electrical signal that prompts the wipers to start functioning. By turning on your steering column switch to the automatic position, you will be able to activate the rain sensing wipers mode.

This will activate the automatic windshield wipers and adjust the speed and frequency to match the rain’s intensity. Don’t hesitate to try out this feature and add more convenience to your driving experience. Follow these steps and enjoy driving your mercedes with rain sensing wipers.