How to Straight Wire A Cooling Fan Properly

How to Straight Wire the Cooling Fan
How to Straight Wire the Cooling Fan

Cooling fans cool down the engine of any car in traffic or in any situation. Attaching a cooling fan might seem a complex process but in reality it is an effortless process. Go through the five straightforward  steps to straight wire a cooling fan.

Equipment’s and Tools:

  1. 10 Gauge wires
  2. One pack of butt connections (10 gauge)
  3. One pack of quick disconnects (10 gauge)
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Some Clamps
  6. Zip ties

5 Steps About How to Straight Wire a Cooling Fan

Step- 1: First install the cooling fan to your radiator. To do that locate the ground wire and power wire or positive and negative wire.

Step- 2: After identifying that, second step is to clamp a round connector piece to the ground wire. Then tap it and ensure that it is place well. Attach the clamp to a piece of metal that is placed inside the engine bay. Then screw it tightly in place.

Step- 3: The next step is wiring. Now bring that 10 gauge wire. Put it in the hole around the fire wall. This lengthy wire will connect the switch to the fan’s power wire. After that, join the lengthy wire and their power wire. Then comes connecting a butt connection. A butt connection will be used to fuse these two wire together. The butt connection will be placed between the joining point of those wires.

Step- 4: Now the concern is safety measure. To ensure safety take some zip ties. Then lock them to a stationary place which is in the engine bay. Get rid off the excess zip tie.

Step- 5: Then unscrew the according link which is situated in ON position of the switch. Then the power link must be connected to the main ignition wire of the car. The lengthy wire should be connected to the ignition and the power wire to the battery. Remember the ignition wire should be in the cabin under the dash board connected to the key system. Then tap the ground wire to the lengthy wire. As a finishing touch, connect the negative wire back on to the battery. Finally the cooling fan is ready to provide cool breeze to your car’s engine.


  1. Switch of your car before starting the installation process.
  2. Carefully connect the wires according to their position and place.
  3. Do not put the fan in any hot place or where the sun light can directly touch the fan.


  1. Keep any kinds of tools away from the cooling fan.
  2. Make sure the fan shut off after a few minutes later shutting down the engine.
  3. The cooling fan should be placed in a free suitable place.

Final Thoughts

This article describes the simple process about how to straight wire a cooling fan easily. Try this mentioned method and your engine will be safe from getting too hot.