How to Remove Speed Limiter on Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson motorcycles are renowned for their powerful engines and classic styling, and many riders seek to maximize their performance. One way to achieve this is by removing the speed limiter, a device that restricts a motorcycle’s top speed.

Like As a mechanic, with a comprehensive guide on how to remove the speed limiter on a Harley Davidson while emphasizing the importance of safety and legal considerations.

Safety and Legal Considerations

Before proceeding with the removal of the speed limiter, it’s crucial to recognize potential consequences:

  1. Warranty Concerns: Removing the speed limiter may void the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving you responsible for any repairs or damage that may occur.
  2. Legal Implications: Modifying or tampering with safety features, such as speed limiters, may be illegal in your jurisdiction and could result in fines, penalties, or legal consequences.
  3. Rider Safety: Speed limiters are primarily designed to enhance rider safety by preventing excessively high speeds. Removing them increases the risk of accidents, particularly for inexperienced riders.

Steps to Remove the Speed Limiter on Harley Davidson

If you decide to proceed with the removal of the speed limiter, it is crucial to follow these steps responsibly:

  1. Consult a Professional: Seek advice from a certified Harley Davidson mechanic or technician who possesses expertise in handling this type of modification.
  2. Diagnostic Scan: Use a diagnostic scan tool to locate the speed limiter within the motorcycle’s engine control unit (ECU). This helps in understanding the specific configuration.
  3. ECU Remapping: In many cases, removing the speed limiter requires reprogramming the ECU. This is a task that should be carried out by an experienced mechanic using specialized software and tools.
  4. Hardware Modifications: In rare instances, some Harley Davidson models may have physical speed-limiting devices that need to be bypassed or removed. This is a delicate operation that should only be undertaken by a qualified professional.
  5. Safety First: Always prioritize rider safety and responsible riding practices. Even without a speed limiter, it is vital to operate your motorcycle within legal speed limits and with proper safety gear.

How to Remove Speed Limiter With Power Vision

If you want to remove the speed limiter from your Power Vision, there are a few things that you need to do.

First, you need to make sure that your Power Vision is updated to the latest firmware. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu on your Power Vision and select “Firmware Update.” Once your Power Vision is updated, you will need to connect it to your computer via the USB cable.

Next, open the Power Vision software and go to the “Tuning” menu. From here, you can adjust the speed limit settings.

Simply change the “Speed Limit” setting from “100” to “255” and click on the “Write Changes” button. This will remove the speed limit from your Power Vision.

Can a Speed Limiter Be Removed?

There are a number of ways to remove a speed limiter, but the most common and effective method is to use a Speed Limiter Removal Device (SLRD). This device is connected to the vehicle’s OBDII port and allows the user to adjust the speed limit settings. The SLRD overrides the factory settings and allows the vehicle to reach higher speeds.

There are a few different models of SLRDs available on the market, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one.

How Do I Increase the Top Speed of My Harley?

Assuming you would like tips to increase the top speed of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, there are a few things that can be done. Most importantly, if the bike is not stock, check with the manufacturer to see if any modifications will void the warranty.

One way to increase top speed is by installing a higher performance cam. This will change the timing of when the valves open and close, resulting in more air and fuel being drawn into the cylinders. A good rule of thumb is that for every 1 degree that the intake valve opens earlier, top speed will increase by 2-3 mph.

Another way to add a few extra mph to your top speed is by porting and polishing your cylinder heads. This involves opening up the intake and exhaust ports so that air can flow more freely through them. It’s also important to make sure that there are no sharp edges inside the ports where air could get turbulent and slow down.

If you have an older Harley with carburetors, one way to eke out a little more power (and thus top speed) is by jetting them slightly richer.

This means adding slightly larger jets so that more fuel gets mixed into the incoming airflow. Just beware that too much fuel can cause engine damage, so it’s important not to go too far with this modification. Finally, one other way to potentially pick up a few extra mph is by changing your final drive ratio.

This is usually done by swapping out your rear sprocket for one with fewer teeth or your front sprocket for one with more teeth. Keep in mind though that this will also change how quickly your bike accelerates from a stop as well as how comfortable it is at lower speeds – so it’s important to find a balance that works well for you.

How Do You Over ride a Speed Limiter?

If you’re the owner of a car with a speed limiter, there may be times when you want to override it. Maybe you’re on an open stretch of highway and want to let the engine run a little bit, or maybe you’re trying to pass another vehicle. Whatever the reason, if you know how to do it, overriding your speed limiter is easy.

There are two ways to override a speed limiter.

The first is by using the accelerator pedal. If you depress the pedal all the way to the floor, it will bypass the speed limiter and allow your car to accelerate as fast as possible.

The second way is by using manual transmission mode (if your car has one). By shifting into a lower gear, you can increase your car’s RPMs and bypass the speed limit.

Both of these methods will work temporarily, but they’re not foolproof.

If you use either method too often or for too long, eventually your car’s computer will catch on and re-engage the speed limiter. So if you want to override your speed limit occasionally, go ahead – just don’t make a habit out of it!

Is It Easy to Remove a Speed Limiter?

It is not easy to remove a speed limiter. Speed limiters are put in place to help keep drivers safe and to obey the law. If you want to remove your speed limiter, you will need to have a mechanic do it for you.

This process can be expensive and it is not something that we would recommend unless you are an experienced driver.


If you own a Harley Davidson, you may have noticed that there is a speed limit of around 80 mph. This is because the bike is equipped with a speed limiter. While this may be fine for some riders, others may want to remove the speed limit so they can go faster.

Fortunately, removing the speed limit on a Harley Davidson is relatively easy to do. All you need is a simple tool called a Speedo Healer. This device will allow you to adjust the speedometer reading on your bike so that it reflects your actual speed, rather than being limited by the factory setting.

Once you have installed the Speedo Healer, simply ride your bike as normal and enjoy increased speeds without having to worry about getting ticketed or damaging your bike.