How to Open a Stuck Glove Box-Easy & Perfect Way

How to Open a Stuck Glove Box
How to Open a Stuck Glove Box

Since glove boxes are as different as the cars they come from, finding the right way to unlock your unique style will require some detective work. Over the years, match and wrist processes have not improved much and they are fairly straightforward. The real trick is to open the door of your trapped glove-box without using a crowbar to smash it entirely. Here we gonna know about how to open a stuck glove box.

How to Open a Stuck Glove Box(Step by Step)

  1. Discover the Cause of Jamming:

Examine the apparent causes of the jam, such as foreign objects that are stuck between the door of the glove box and the space around it. Perhaps a variable as to whether they perform so poorly. It has a few moving parts that, if not lubricated properly, may become sticky.

  1. Try First for Simple Solutions:

In most situations, by softly tapping the lock mechanism while slowly pulling on the game box door, a stuck glove box may be unlocked. The focus here should not be on the attempt to tap the lock and drag the door back and forth before it unlocks, patiently soft, careful. A well-placed slap on the hand often does the trick when lightly pushing on the door if the glove box door is fixed on the surface. Try to remove it from the bottom with a small flat screwdriver if your glove box is fitted with a slip the lock mechanism.

  1. Open the Tool-Based Glove Box:

Look for wrist-mounted screws for glove box doors if you don’t have any luck. Push the bottom of the door away from the dash, cut these screws, and you can suddenly have access to the interior of the glove compartment, where you will make yourself invisible with the stuck latch. You should fully remove the glove box door from the car until this is done, and repair the stuck latch.


Lubricate is a small volume of oil with the latch system. For purposes of jamming through the door of the glove box outside the car, check the latch closely. If nothing is apparent here, it is presumably due to a clear lack of lubrication. On any moving sections of the latches, add some light oil and step backward to disperse the lubricant and loosen up the operation.

If this fails to unlock the lock, obtaining a new latch or glove box door is the only other choice. They are both accessible from rescue yards or sellers. In this way, you can easily know how to open a stuck glove box.