How to Open a Matco Tool Box Without a Key: A Comprehensive Guide

These metal enclosures ensure the safety and security of valuable tools. However, sometimes users forget their locked keys or lose them outright. If this happens, you can open the lock with just a paper clip or other small piece of metal. But, you must be careful and precise when using this method to avoid damaging the lock or the box itself.

In this article, we’ll explore the precise steps to unlock a matco tool box without a key.

How to Open a Matco Tool Box Without a Key: A Comprehensive Guide


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Using A Screwdriver To Unlock A Matco Toolbox

Unlocking a matco toolbox without a key can be challenging but with a flathead screwdriver, you can easily do it yourself. Here are the steps you need to follow: insert the screwdriver into the keyhole, turn it to the right until you hear a click, then turn it to the left until you hear another click.

Repeat the process until the lock opens. To avoid damaging the toolbox, use caution and don’t apply too much pressure. You can also prepare your screwdriver by sharpening it or filing it down to fit into the keyhole smoothly.

By following these instructions and taking precautions, you can unlock your matco toolbox quickly and easily.

Picking A Matco Toolbox Lock With Simple Tools

Picking a matco toolbox lock can be done easily with simple tools. You just need to prepare a few items beforehand, such as a tension wrench, a rake, and a hook pick. Before starting the process, it’s important to make sure your tools are ready and in good condition.

Once everything is set, the next step is to insert the tension wrench into the keyhole and apply pressure in the right direction. After that, you can use the rake to move the pins up and down until they’re in the correct position.

Lastly, use the hook pick to set each pin individually until all of them are set in place. With practice, you’ll soon be able to open any matco toolbox without a key, but remember to only do it on your own toolbox or with the owner’s permission.

Matco toolbox missing keys/lock replacement and description of how locks work.


Drilling The Lock On A Matco Toolbox

Drilling the lock on a matco toolbox is not the first option you should consider, but sometimes it may be necessary. To do this, you will need a drill with a metal drill bit, a center punch, and a hammer.

You should also wear eye protection. First, make a small indentation with the center punch in the center of the lock. This will keep the drill bit from slipping. Then use the drill to make a hole through the center of the lock, drilling slowly and steadily.

The lock should eventually give way. Remember that drilling the lock will damage it, and you will need to replace it. Don’t forget to exercise caution and patience while drilling to avoid causing any damage to the surrounding toolbox.


After following the steps we’ve outlined, you should be able to open your matco toolbox without a key. Remember that this is an emergency solution, and obtaining a replacement key or contacting a locksmith should be your long-term solution. Taking proper care of your toolbox is also crucial to keeping it secure and in good condition.

Regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as proper storage, can also prolong the lifespan of your toolbox. By being prepared and taking steps to prevent future incidents, you can ensure that your matco toolbox remains a valuable investment in your work as a mechanic or diy enthusiast.