How to LS Swap a G Body: The Ultimate DIY Guide

To ls swap a g body, you need to remove the original engine and transmission and replace them with an ls engine and a compatible transmission. G body cars have become increasingly popular among car enthusiasts, and ls swapping these vehicles has become a common modification.

Ls swapping involves taking out the factory engine and transmission and replacing them with the modern and reliable ls engine family. The ls engine fits nicely in the engine bay of these cars, making it a relatively easy swap in comparison to some other models.

However, it requires significant preparation and research to ensure that all the parts are compatible and run correctly. In this article, we will discuss the steps to ls swap a g body correctly.

How to LS Swap a G Body: The Ultimate DIY Guide


Ls Swaps For G Body Cars

Looking to upgrade your g body car? Understanding ls swaps is the key to transforming your ride. In essence, an ls swap involves taking out the original engine and replacing it with an ls engine. Why choose an ls engine?

For starters, the ls engine is lightweight, powerful, and versatile. Not all g body cars are suitable for ls swaps, though. The buick regal, oldsmobile cutlass, and chevrolet monte carlo are popular candidates for ls swaps. Before starting an ls swap, there are several things to consider.

What tools and equipment will you need? Plan your project carefully and enjoy the ride!

Preparing For An Ls Swap

If you want to ls swap your g body, you need to prepare carefully. Before removing the old engine, make sure to have all the necessary tools. Consider upgrading the suspension and brakes as well. Choosing the right ls engine is important for optimal performance.

Modifications to the engine bay may also be needed for a proper fit. Additionally, upgrading the fuel system is necessary to handle the increased power. With these steps covered, you’ll be ready to start your ls swap project.

A G Body LS Swap that even you could do! Cammed 6.0L LS & 4L80e Swapped Oldsmobile 442 G Body

Ls Swap Installation

Ls swaps are a great way to boost your vehicle’s performance. When you install an ls engine in your g body, you need to consider several factors. One important consideration is the engine mount. There are several options available for ls engine mounting, including aftermarket kits and custom fabrication.

Upgrading the transmission for your ls swap is also important. An upgraded transmission can handle the power and torque of the ls engine. Wiring and electrical components should also be addressed during the installation process. Cooling system upgrades are necessary to ensure your ls engine performs at its best.

Finally, consider upgrading your exhaust system to match the increased performance of your ls swap. With these considerations, you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of your ls swap and take your vehicle’s performance to the next level.

Post-Installation Tuning And Test Drive

After successfully completing the ls swap on your g-body, it is time for post-installation tuning and test driving. First, you need to tune your ls swapped g-body by setting up gauges and sensors. This ensures that the engine is running smoothly and efficiently.

Once you have done that, take your car out for a test drive. During this test drive, be sure to pay attention to any issues that arise. Once you have identified any problems, you can diagnose and correct them. Additional modifications, such as upgrading your exhaust system or adding a cold air intake, can further improve your car’s performance.

With proper tuning and testing, your ls swapped g-body can provide optimum performance on the road.


The ls swap g body project can be an exciting and rewarding experience for any car enthusiast. The process requires dedication, technical know-how, and an eye for detail. With the information outlined in this post, you should be able to tackle the project with confidence.

Remember, preparation is key, and taking the time to gather all necessary parts and tools will make the engine swap process smoother. Additionally, it’s essential to plan out the project in advance, ensuring that you stay within budget and on schedule.

By following these tips and staying patient, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your ls-powered g body for years to come. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the journey!