How to Install Coil Spring Spacer

How to Install Coil Spring Spacer
How to Install Coil Spring Spacer

Spring spacers are discs that sit on top of your coil-equipped car. A solid-axle coil-spring 4×4 or IFS ring with coil-over-strut set-ups. These are cheap, suitable fits, and a solid alternative to changing springs. These are usually made of metal, rubber, or polyurethane, each with obvious advantages. The procedure for installing a coil spring spacer is given below:

How to Install Coil Spring Spacer

Step 1

Check that the spacer kit matches your car model. Loosen the wheel log nuts while the car is on the ground. When using a floor jack, loosen only one wheel at a time. Loosening the log nuts on all wheels can damage the studs on the opposite side of the car moves away from the jack.

Step 2

Lift the vehicle with a large floor jack or frame lift. Be sure to use factory lift pads to avoid harmful components or lines.

Step 3

Place jack-stands under the frame to support it and lower the car over them. You will need a jack to increase your axis while putting everything back together.

Step 4

Place the jack under the axle. This will prevent loss of suspension in an axle-free state.

Step 5

Remove the tires from the car. Make sure the axis is firmly supported by the jack. If it slips, other components may be damaged.

Step 6

Unbolt the shock absorbers from the axle. It’s best to keep them hanging under the vehicle.

Step 7

Now remove the cotter pin from the sway bar nut. Then unscrew the castle nut smoothly from the sway bar end link.

Step 8

Use a spring compressor to secure the spring before loosening any components. Make sure the spring compressor is secure on it.

Step 9

Insert coil spacer on top of spring. Raise the jack until coil spring connects both axle and frame. When mounting, grab it around, and never come close to the top. If the compressor fails during an installation, it will reduce the risk of injury.

Step 10

Reconnect the coil spring once you are able to. Make sure the axle is carrying the weight of the frame. Reassemble everything in reverse order and repeat the process on the other side.

After installing both spacers properly, you can install your front tires and lower the vehicle back to the ground.