How to Get Rid of Dashboard Glare on Windshield

To get rid of dashboard glare on windshield, use a polarized sunglasses or anti-glare film. Dashboard glare can be a significant problem when driving, especially during early mornings and late afternoons.

The glare can reflect on the windshield, causing temporary blindness and making it challenging to see the road ahead. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or eliminate dashboard glare on the windshield. Using a polarized pair of sunglasses can help decrease the glare and reduce eye strain, making it easier to see the road.

Another option is to use anti-glare film, which can be easily applied to the windshield and reduce the reflection of light. Overall, it is crucial to address dashboard glare to maintain safe and comfortable driving conditions.

How to Get Rid of Dashboard Glare on Windshield


What Causes Dashboard Glare On Windshield?

Several factors can cause dashboard glare on the windshield, including:

  • The angle of the sun: depending on the time of day and season, the angle of the sun can create glare on the dashboard and windshield.
  • The design of the dashboard: some dashboards have glossy finishes or are made of materials that easily reflect sunlight, resulting in more glare.
  • Dirty or dusty windshields: a dirty or dusty windshield can intensify the glare from the dashboard.
  • Tinted windows: while tinted windows can help reduce glare, they can also create their own glare if they have a glossy finish.

The Dangers Of Driving With Dashboard Glare

Driving with dashboard glare is hazardous and can result in a variety of accidents and issues, such as:

  • Reduced visibility: glare can make it difficult to see the road ahead, other vehicles, pedestrians, or road signs.
  • Eye strain and discomfort: the strong light can cause eye fatigue, headaches, and discomfort when trying to focus your eyes on the road.
  • Accidents: dashboard glare can lead to accidents by reducing driver awareness, impairing visibility, and delaying your reaction time.

Why It’S Important To Address Dashboard Glare On Windshield

Now that you understand the dangers of dashboard glare, it’s essential to address the issue to ensure your safety and that of other drivers on the road.

  • Enhanced visibility: by addressing dashboard glare, you can improve your visibility, making it easier to see the road ahead, other vehicles, obstacles, and road signs.
  • Better driving experience: glare-free driving is a smoother and more comfortable experience, making it easier for you to drive for extended periods without fatigue.
  • Safety: by reducing glare, you can enhance your response time, reduce the risk of accidents, and ensure safe driving at all times.

Dashboard glare can be a significant concern for drivers, causing discomfort, reducing visibility, and posing safety risks. By understanding its causes and dangers, you can take steps to address the issue and drive safely and comfortably.

Ways To Prevent Dashboard Glare On Windshield

Driving with a dashboard glare on your windshield can be frustrating and potentially hazardous, especially during long trips. While it may seem like a minor issue, dashboard glare can impair your vision and cause eye strain and fatigue, making it challenging to see the road, leading to an accident.

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent dashboard glare on your windshield, allowing you to drive comfortably and safely.

Adjusting Dashboard Lighting

  • Turn off all interior lights when driving during the day to minimize unnecessary reflections.
  • Use a dash lighting control knob to adjust the brightness level on your dashboard. Avoid high levels that cause too much shine on the windshield.
  • Use matte finish panels in your dashboard to reduce reflection.

Using Dash Covers

  • Dash covers are specifically designed to provide an effective solution for dashboard glare. They sit on top of the dashboard and reduce the amount of sunlight reflected on the windshield.
  • Aim for dash covers made of non-reflective materials like suede, velour, or felt. Do not use shiny materials like vinyl.

Placing Anti-Glare Mats

  • Anti-glare mats are designed to absorb light and reduce reflection. These mats usually come with a non-slip backing, making them easy to stick to the dashboard.
  • Consider hoods or non-reflective materials when purchasing mats, such as soft fabric or silicone.

Tinting Windshield

  • Windshield tinting can help reduce reflection and block uv rays, improving heat and glare rejection.
  • Tinting may not be legal in all areas, so check local laws and regulations before attempting this.

Using Polarizing Sunglasses

  • Polarized sunglasses contain a special filter that reduces glare by blocking horizontal light waves.
  • Choose polarized sunglasses with a uv protection rating of at least 99% so that your eyes are well protected.

By following these tips, you can effectively prevent dashboard glare on your windshield. Remember to make sure your solutions comply with your local laws and regulations, and always prioritize your safety on the road.

How To Remove Dashboard Glare On Windshield

Dashboard glare on the windshield is a common problem that many drivers face. It can be frustrating and even dangerous when the sun’s reflection obstructs your view while driving. Fortunately, there are ways to remove dashboard glare on the windshield.

In this article, we will explore various methods to get rid of the glare and improve your driving experience.

Cleaning Windshield And Dashboard

One of the primary causes of dashboard glare on the windshield is a dirty dashboard or windshield. Cleaning both surfaces can significantly reduce the glare.

  • Use a microfiber cloth or soft-bristled brush to remove dust and debris from the dashboard before cleaning with a cleaning solution.
  • Use a glass cleaner to clean the windshield and dashboard.
  • Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners because they can damage the dashboard and windscreen over time.
  • After cleaning, dry the dashboard and windshield with a clean dry cloth to prevent streaks.

Using Home Remedies Such As Vinegar And Newspaper

If you prefer a more natural approach to clean your dashboard and windshield, some home remedies could help get rid of dashboard glare.

  • Mix equal parts of vinegar and water, and spray the solution on the dashboard and windshield. Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or newspaper.
  • Use newspaper to clean your windshield. The ink in the newspaper acts as a mild abrasive that can help remove grime and dirt from the windshield.

Using Commercial Glass Cleaners

Commercial glass cleaners can be effective in removing dashboard glare on the windshield.

  • Make sure the product is safe to use on tinted windows.
  • Avoid purchasing products that contain ammonia or alcohol as they can damage the dashboard and windscreen.
  • Choose products that are easy to use and don’t leave streaks.

Seeking Professional Help

If the above methods are not effective, it may be time to seek professional help. Professional auto detailers and window tinting shops have specialized tools and equipment to effectively remove dashboard glare. However, this option can be costly.

There are several methods to remove dashboard glare on the windshield, including cleaning the dashboard and windshield using various cleaning solutions, using home remedies, commercial glass cleaners, and seeking professional help. Choose the method that works best for you and keep your windshield and dashboard clean to prevent dashboard glare.

  • If the damage is minor, use a glass repair kit or professional windshield repair.
  • If the damage is severe, replace the windshield entirely.
  • Make certain to deal with any windshield issues as soon as possible to avoid further damage or complications.

By regularly practicing these steps, you can ensure that your windshield remains glare-free, and reduce the risk of safety dangers associated with driving under bright sunlight or severe glare. Remember, it’s essential to maintain and care for your windshield, the most significant safety feature of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Get Rid Of Dashboard Glare On Windshield

How Does Dashboard Glare Form On Windshield?

Dashboard glare is typically caused by sunlight reflecting off the dashboard and onto the windshield.

What Are The Dangers Of Driving With Dashboard Glare?

Dashboard glare can impair visibility, cause eye strain, and increase the risk of accidents while driving.

What Are Some Ways To Prevent Dashboard Glare?

Some ways to prevent dashboard glare include using a non-reflective dashboard cover, tinting the windshield, adjusting the angle of the sun visor, and using polarised sunglasses.

Can I Remove Dashboard Glare Once It Appears On My Windshield?

Yes, you can remove dashboard glare by cleaning the dashboard with a microfiber cloth, using anti-reflective sprays, and using a glass cleaner to clean the windshield.

Is It Possible To Repair A Windshield With Extensive Dashboard Glare Damage?

Yes, it is possible to repair windshield damage caused by dashboard glare by consulting a professional windshield repair service. They can evaluate the extent of the damage and suggest the right repair solution.


Now, you know how to get rid of dashboard glare on windshield. From the use of polarized sunglasses and dashboard covers to tinted windows and anti-glare coatings, these tips are effective and affordable solutions. Not only will these techniques reduce the dangerous and distracting glare, but they will also increase the aesthetic appeal of your car.

Remember to clean your windshield regularly, position your car correctly while driving, and avoid cluttering your dashboard. Dashboard glare can be a nuisance, but with the right tools and habits, you can keep it at bay and enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride.

Take action today to improve your driving experience and protect yourself and your loved ones on the road.