How to Fix Sun Visor With Velcro

Sun visors play an important role in vehicles, protecting drivers and passengers from the sun’s glare when driving. The visor pivots on a hinge and extends to cover the side window. With time, the visor’s attachment mechanism may weaken, requiring fixing.

Common causes of weakened attachment include exposure to heat and friction. When the attachment is weak, sun visors may droop, flop or not stay in position, causing visibility problems. Velcro is a popular fix for sun visors. It provides sufficient adhesive force to keep the visor in place, yet still allows for easy removal for cleaning or replacement.

Repairing sun visors with velcro can be a quick and inexpensive diy solution for drivers.

How to Fix Sun Visor With Velcro


Materials Needed For Fixing The Sun Visor

Materials needed: to fix the sun visor with velcro, you’ll require a few materials. You’ll need a velcro strip, a pair of scissors, a sharp blade, a ruler, and a marker. You can get a velcro strip from a hardware store.

The scissors and the blade can be found in any diy store. The ruler and marker can be found in a stationery store. Once you gather all the required materials, you can proceed with the sun visor repair process. Remember, the materials should be of good quality and the right size to ensure the job is done well.

Mis-matching the sizes can lead to poor adhesion and make the repair ineffective. With the right materials, you’ll get this job done with ease.

Fixing The Sun Visor With Velcro

Fixing a sun visor with velcro is a simple process that anyone can do at home with just a few steps. First, start by applying the velcro patch to the appropriate location on the sun visor. Next, measure and cut the velcro patch to fit properly.

Lastly, keep in mind certain factors, such as the type of velcro used, to ensure a long-lasting solution. By following these easy-to-understand guidelines, you can fix your sun visor quickly and efficiently. Remember to use active voice and a variety of phrases to maintain the reader’s interest.

How you might be able to fix your sun visor from falling down

Testing The Sun Visor

Testing your sun visor is an easy task to ensure it’s fixed correctly. First, check if it’s tight enough against the roof. Push it up and down to see if it stays in position, without sliding down. Also, try the visor from the side window to test its stability.

If it’s still faulty, you can fix it easily with velcro tape. Just cut several small pieces of tape and apply it on the top of the visor. To maintain your visor after fixing it, avoid touching it too much or yanking it down forcefully.

With these simple steps, you’ll have a sturdy and durable sun visor that you can rely on.


The sun visor is an important component in a car that blocks the sunlight and glare while driving, ensuring safe and comfortable driving. However, over time, the velcro on the sun visor tends to wear off, which can be inconvenient and frustrating for drivers.

But with these easy steps, fixing a sun visor with velcro is no longer a daunting task. It simply requires some basic tools and little patience. Therefore, you can avoid the additional cost of professional repair by following these simple steps.

Once the sun visor is fixed, you can enjoy safe and comfortable driving once again. Remember to check the visors for wear and tear periodically to prevent the velcro from falling off in future. With a little bit of effort, you can save money and time by fixing a sun visor with velcro yourself.