How to Fix a Squeaky Car Door

How to Fix a Squeaky Car Door

The door that sounds squeaky is very annoying. You might be facing this for a long time. Here is a solution for you. To get rid of this annoying sound, follow the below straightforward steps.


  1. WD-40 spray or lithium grease or a cane with engine oil.


  1. Wear a peer of gloves. It will prevent oil from your hands.
  2. Take a medium size cloth to clean the hinges.

10 Steps to Fix a Squeaky Car Door

Step-1: Frist, recognize the hinges that holds the door. Open the squeaky door. Two hinges hold the squeaky door and between them, there is a mechanism that has the purpose of holding the door once it’s open.

Step-2: Secondly, check the mechanism. Most of the time the problem occurs because of that mechanism. It gets either corroded or filthy over time which produces the squeaky sound. Clean the filthy from the mechanism which is on the surface. Because of that when the door is open is sounds unusual.

Step-3: After cleaning the mechanism between the hinges, come the hinges. Hinges are rarely responsible for the problem. But sometimes it can be a cause. For that reason, wipe over the hinges well.

Step-4: Fourthly, give a deep look at the mechanism. Try to figure out whether there stuck on any object or not. Complete the deep cleaning process.

Step-5: Then lubricate the upper hinge. You can use a WD-40 spray. It works well. It goes into the exact point. Take your time and carefully spray every part of the upper hinge. Try to spray as much as you need. Then spray the lower hinge as much as possible. The lubricant will remove the junk inside the hinges and make the inside slippery.

Step-6: Afterward spray the mechanism with the WD-40 spray. Spray the inside of the mechanism.

Step-7: Accomplishing the spraying part, take a piece of cloth to clean the excessive oil dropping from the hinges. Then remove oil from the mechanism.

Step-8: If you do not have WD-40 spray then use a cane fill with engine oil. Apply engine oil on the hinges and the mechanism. Then clean the excess oil with a piece of cloth. If you do not have engine oil then use lithium grease. Apply the same method.

Step-9: Now move the door right and left so the spray can get into the hinges as well as the mechanism.

Step-10: Finally, let it rest for a few minutes and then check the door. If everything is okay then the door must stop making a squeaky sound.

Final Thoughts:

This article will help you again and again because the door mechanism gets filthy very often. In that case, you may face the same squeaky sound again. That time apply this procedure again to stop this squeaky sound.