How to Change Headlights on Pontiac G6

If you have the methods to get your work done quickly, you would definitely choose that right? This article will simplify your hardship. It will clearly show you how to change the headlights of your Pontiac G6 in a very short time.

In addition, it will save your service charges. Again, it will help you with your need. For your convenience, we have added the necessary tools and tips with the steps. Let’s have a look-

Necessary Tools-

  1. Suitable wrenches to remove bolts
  2. Gloves
  3. New headlights or bulbs

10 Easy Steps to Change Pontiac G6 Headlights

Step – 1: Safety comes first. To ensure it, turn off the car. Then we have to remove the bolts of the fender to start the installation. There are two bolts under the fender that holds the bumper to the fender liner and the fender. Gently remove the bolts with a suitable wrench and keep the bolts. They will be needed to adjust them again.

Step – 2: After removing the bolts of the fender, it is needed to unscrew a clip on the top half of the fender liner. Carefully remove them. Otherwise, you might lose them. It will be an extra hassle for you then.

Step – 3: Now remove a few clips of the front bumper. Removing these will be much easier for you to change the headlights. Start from the right headlights. Usually, it is sufficient to remove the closest four clips nearer to the headlight to do the rest of the work smoothly. Gradually, unscrew the clips. You can also use a screwdriver or wrench to remove them. If you do not have them then use other tools that you have. Once these clips are removed, the bumper is loose and moveable. This is what we need. This condition will us to take out the headlight from the car.

Step – 4: Next, remove the two bolts that are holding the headlight to the body of the car. These bolts are needed to be removed to change the headlight.

Step – 5: Here comes the main part of the process. Remove the headlight from the clips that hold it into the fender. Tactfully hold the headlight and pull it straight toward the front of the car. Keep the bumper from getting in the way of separating the headlight.

Step – 6: Now unplug the power wires. These are attached to a plug. This plug is at the base of the headlight.

Step – 7: Now we can replace the bulb or change the whole headlight. If you want to service the bulbs then there are three covers on the back. The first one there is high beams. Twist the cover off. Then twist the bulb out. Once the bulb got out, you will see three prongs. Find the connector the connector has two tabs on either side and pull out on those tabs. Then reinstall the new bulb. Put the new bulb in at the point at which the old one was. Press it in and after that twist the cover tightly. Gradually change the other bulbs if needed. There are two parking lights. Pull them and check. Chang them in case of need. Replace them with the new ones and then put the lights in. If you want to change the whole headlight then take the new headlight and plug it with the connectors back into the headlight. Then step it back into the clip.

Slowly place the headlight and set it in the right position. It is crucial to check the locator pin. Sometimes the locator pin of the old headlights broke and stuck in the car. Pull that off to set the new one. Fix the clip by removing the broken part. Salvage that clip that goes into the body so the new headlight is able to fit into the body. After fixing the clip, place it to the body.

Step – 8: Tighten the bolts down to make sure the headlight is seated as straight as possible. Make sure the bumper cover around the headlight. Line up everything. Reinsert the clips. Tighten the clips and check out the set up.

Step – 9: Repeat the same process for the left headlight. Unscrew the bolts under the left fender. Keep them safe. Then unscrew the top four front clips nearer to the left headlight. After that, take the bolts and see whether the bumper is movable or not. If it is flexible then you are in the right condition. Now pull forwrd the left headlight gently and check the power wires. Unplug the plug from the left headlight. It will unlock the headlight. Now take the new headlight to replace it. Plug in the new headlight to the connectors. Lock the headlight perfectly. Then check the position of the headlights.

Step – 10: Finally, turn on headlights to make sure they are successfully installed. If the headlights do not work then your have to check the plugs and connect them properly. If the headlights are too down from it position then you have to lock them in their right position.


  1. Wear cotton gloves while inserting the headlights. It will prevent oil from your skin.
  2. Put the bolts in a container. It will help you to find them quickly to set them back.
  3. Clean the place before inserting new headlight.

Final Thoughts:

Pontiac G6 headlights are indispensable for the car to see any obstacles or sings in the road. Though the headlights dim and burn out often. This article is dedicated to all the enthusiast out there who are facing this problem and looking for a simple solution. If you follow these steps you will successfully change the headlights of your Pontiac G6.