How Much Do Aluminum Rims Weigh

How Much Do Aluminum Rims Weigh
How Much Do Aluminum Rims Weigh

It is assumed that the unsprung masses, or wheel and tire weights, have a major effect on the handling and acceleration of a vehicle. The unsprung mass induces tension and wears on the elements of the suspension as well. Replacing the aluminum wheels for heavier steel ones is the most effective method of reducing unsprung weight.

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How Much Do Aluminum Rims Weight(Right Info)

Aluminum vs steel weight:  Around 40 percent less than steel is the amount of aluminum alloy needed to give steel the same strength. Typically, aluminum wheels weigh less than steel wheels of the same dimension. However, the weight loss can be minimal if the aluminum wheel is constructed from a significant quantity of metal. Forged aluminum wheels are much heavier than aluminum die-cast versions and weigh less in total.

Rims weight:  Steel and aluminum wheels have a wide range of weight differences. Many of the automakers’ cast-aluminum wheels weigh about as much as steel ones. For eg, on the Chevrolet Cobalt and Malibu, the 16-by-6.5-inch steel wheels each weigh 19.2 pounds, and the available aluminum wheels weigh 18.9 pounds. Other examples: 14×5.5-inch Mazda Miata, steel: 18 lbs.; same aluminum size: 12 lbs. 15×6 Suburu Heritage, Steel: 19.5 lbs.; Enkei aluminum cast: 16 lbs.

Law of the Thumb:  Weight reductions are between 3 and 4 pounds per wheel by substituting traditional 14-inch or 15-inch steel car wheels for aluminum wheels of the same dimension. It can save £ 5 per wheel to change out 16-inch steel wheels for aluminum wheels. When replacing aluminum ones, SUVs and pickup trucks with heavier 17-inch and 18-inch steel wheels will save up to 10 pounds per tire.

A rise in the wheel size from steel to aluminum by just 1 inch is always necessary to cover the weight savings. At the same time, without raising the unsprung weight, you would have a bigger wheel. Besides, there is a wide variety of alloy wheel weights for the aftermarket.