Can I Use 85W140 Instead of 80W90

Yes, you can use 85W140 instead of 80W90. The two oils are similar in viscosity and performance, and 85W140 may provide better protection in some applications. However, be sure to check your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s recommendations before making a switch.

Can I Use 85W140 Instead of 75W90

If you’re wondering whether you can use 85W140 oil instead of 75W90, the answer is yes. 85W140 oil is a heavier weight oil than 75W90, and it can be used in place of 75W90 without any problems. In fact, 85W140 oil may even provide better protection for your engine than 75W90 oil, since it’s designed to withstand higher temperatures and pressures.

Can I Use 85W140 Instead of 80W90


Which is Better 80W90 Or 85W140?

If you’re looking for a gear oil for your car, you might be wondering which is better – 80W90 or 85W140? Here’s a look at the two types of oil and what they’re each best suited for. 80W90 gear oil is a lightweight oil that’s often used in lighter duty applications.

It offers good protection against wear and tear, but isn’t ideal for high temperatures or heavy loads. 85W140 gear oil is a heavier weight oil that’s designed for use in more demanding situations. It flows better at higher temperatures and can better handle heavy loads without breaking down.

So, which one should you choose? If you’re not sure, it’s always best to consult your car’s owner manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. In general, though, 80W90 gear oil is best suited for light duty applications while 85W140 gear oil is better for more demanding driving conditions.

What is the Difference between 80W 90 And 85W-140 Gear Oil?

The main difference between 80W-90 and 85W-140 gear oil is the viscosity. The lower the number, the thinner the oil and the easier it is to pump. The higher the number, the thicker the oil and the more resistance it has to flow.

So, 80W-90 gear oil is thinner than 85W-140 gear oil and will flow more easily at lower temperatures. However, 85W-140 gear oil will provide better protection at higher temperatures and loads.

What is 85W140 Gear Oil Used For?

85W140 gear oil is a heavy-duty lubricant designed for use in high-load, high-temperature applications. It is typically used in gearboxes, differentials and other enclosed mechanical systems where extreme pressures and temperatures are encountered. This type of oil is also often used in heavy-duty trucks and other commercial vehicles.

85W140 gear oil can provide superior protection against wear, corrosion and temperature extremes when compared to lighter weight oils. It is also designed to maintain its viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, providing consistent performance even in the most demanding conditions. If you operate a vehicle that subject to frequent high loads or extreme temperatures, 85W140 gear oil can help protect your investment by keeping your gears running smoothly and extending their lifespan.

When Should I Use 140 Gear Oil?

The most common time to use a 140 gear oil is when you are towing or hauling a lot of weight. This type of oil can help protect your gears from wear and tear, as well as prevent any leaks.


If you’re wondering whether you can use 85W140 oil instead of 80W90, the answer is yes. 85W140 is a heavier weight oil that can be used in place of 80W90. The main difference between the two oils is that 85W140 has a higher viscosity, which means it will flow more slowly and provide more protection for your engine.