Will Dodge Ram Rims Fit Toyota Tundra

Dodge Ram rims are not typically designed to fit a Toyota Tundra directly. While it is possible that some Dodge Ram rims may have the same bolt pattern and similar specifications as the Toyota Tundra, it is not guaranteed.

To ensure that rims from one vehicle will fit another, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Bolt Pattern: The most critical factor is the bolt pattern. Both the Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra have different bolt patterns, which means their rims will have a different number of bolt holes and a different spacing between those holes. You must match the bolt pattern of the rims to the hub of the vehicle.
  2. Rim Size: Check the rim size, including diameter and width. Even if the bolt pattern matches, the rim size should be appropriate for the Tundra. Rims that are too large or too small may not fit properly.
  3. Offset and Backspacing: The offset and backspacing of the rims affect how the wheel sits in relation to the vehicle’s fenders and suspension components. Ensure that the offset and backspacing of the Dodge Ram rims are suitable for the Toyota Tundra to prevent rubbing or clearance issues.
  4. Hub Bore: The hub bore of the rim should match the hub diameter of the Tundra. If it doesn’t, you may need hub-centric rings or adapters to ensure a proper fit.
  5. Load Rating: Check the load rating of the rims to ensure they can handle the weight of the Tundra. The Tundra is a relatively heavy truck, so the rims should be rated to support its weight.

It’s essential to verify all these specifications before attempting to install rims from one vehicle onto another. Using rims that do not meet these criteria could lead to safety and performance issues, and it’s generally recommended to stick with rims designed specifically for your Toyota Tundra.

If you’re interested in changing your rims, consider consulting with a professional or using a reputable wheel and tire fitment guide to ensure compatibility.

What Rims Interchange With Toyota

The compatibility of rims (wheels) with a Toyota vehicle depends on several factors, including the specific Toyota model and year, as well as the size, bolt pattern, offset, and other specifications of the rims you’re considering. To ensure a proper fit, it’s crucial to match these specifications with the requirements of your Toyota vehicle.

Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Bolt Pattern: The bolt pattern is the number of wheel lugs and the distance between them. Toyota vehicles typically have a 4-lug or 5-lug pattern. Common bolt patterns for Toyota cars include 4×100, 5×114.3 (also known as 5×4.5), and 5×120. Make sure the rims you’re considering have the same bolt pattern as your Toyota.
  2. Wheel Size: Wheels come in various sizes, typically measured in inches. Ensure that the rim size is compatible with your Toyota’s recommended wheel size. Installing wheels that are too large or too small can affect handling and safety.
  3. Offset: The offset is the distance from the wheel’s mounting surface to the centerline of the rim. It can be positive, negative, or zero. The correct offset is essential for proper fitment and alignment. Check your vehicle’s recommended offset range and match it with the rims you want.
  4. Hub Diameter: The hub diameter is the size of the center bore on the wheel. It should match the size of your Toyota’s hub. If the center bore is too small, you may need hub-centric rings to ensure proper centering.
  5. Load Rating: Make sure the rims have a load rating that’s sufficient for your Toyota’s weight and usage. Exceeding the load rating can be dangerous.
  6. Tire Size: Ensure that the rims you choose are compatible with the tire size you intend to use. Different rim widths are suitable for different tire sizes.
  7. Brake Clearance: Some Toyota models have larger brakes that may require rims with more clearance. Verify that the rims you’re considering provide adequate clearance for your vehicle’s brakes.
  8. Lug Nuts/Bolts: Check if the rims require a specific type of lug nuts or bolts and whether they are included.

To determine which rims are compatible with your specific Toyota vehicle, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact a reputable wheel and tire shop. They can provide guidance and help you choose rims that not only fit but also meet your style and performance preferences while ensuring safety and proper vehicle operation.

Additionally, many websites and online tools allow you to enter your vehicle’s make, model, and year to find compatible rim options.

Will Dodge Ram Rims Fit Toyota Tundra

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Frequently Asked Question about the Rims

What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern on a Toyota Tundra?

The bolt pattern on a Toyota Tundra is 5x150mm. This means that there are five bolts that are 150mm apart from each other. The bolt pattern is the distance between the center of each bolt hole.

What Bolt Pattern Does a Dodge Ram 1500 Have?

The bolt pattern on a Dodge Ram 1500 is 5×139.7mm. This means that there are five bolts spaced 139.7mm apart around the circumference of the wheel.

Do All Dodge Ram 1500 Have the Same Bolt Pattern?

When it comes to the bolt pattern on Dodge Ram 1500s, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that all Ram 1500s do indeed have the same bolt pattern. The bad news is that this bolt pattern is not particularly common, so finding aftermarket wheels can be a bit of a challenge.

The Dodge Ram 1500 has a 5×5.5″ bolt pattern, which means that the bolts are spaced 5 inches apart from one another (measured across the center of the wheel) and they are 5.5 inches apart from one another when measured from hub to hub.

This bolt pattern is shared with a few other vehicles, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler, but it’s still not as common as some others. If you’re looking for aftermarket wheels for your Ram 1500, your best bet is to search for “5×5.5” or “5x139mm” wheels.

You may have to do some digging to find a style that you like, but there are definitely options out there – you just might have to look a little harder for them than usual!


If you’re considering upgrading the wheels on your Toyota Tundra, you might be wondering if Dodge Ram rims will fit. The answer is yes! Dodge Ram rims are a great option for Toyota Tundras, as they offer a stylish upgrade that can improve both the look and performance of your truck.

When choosing Dodge Ram rims for your Tundra, be sure to select the right size and offset to ensure a proper fit.