Why is Red Diesel Illegal

Red diesel is a type of fuel that is dyed red to indicate that it is not for use in road vehicles. The dyeing process makes the fuel illegal for use in most countries, as it does not meet environmental standards. In the United States, Red diesel is only legal for agricultural and construction machinery.

This restriction exists because red diesel produces more air pollution than regular diesel. The government has been working to reduce emissions from red diesel, but progress has been slow due to the difficulty of changing farming and construction practices.

If you’ve ever wondered why red diesel is illegal, you’re not alone. While the bright red fuel may look tempting, it’s actually a dyed version of regular diesel that is taxed at a lower rate.

So why is red diesel illegal? The simple answer is that it doesn’t meet all of the environmental regulations that regular diesel does. Red diesel contains less sulfur than regular diesel, which means that it produces less emissions when burned.

However, this also makes it more difficult to clean up if there’s a spill. In addition to being bad for the environment, using red diesel in your car can also void your warranty and result in expensive repairs. So next time you’re tempted to fill up with red diesel, remember that it’s not worth the risk!

Red Diesel Vs Regular Diesel

When it comes to diesel, there are two main types that you will find on the market – red diesel and regular diesel. So, what’s the difference between the two? Red diesel gets its name from its red dye, which is added to help differentiate it from regular diesel.

This type of fuel is typically used in off-road vehicles, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and generators. The main advantage of red diesel is that it’s taxed at a lower rate than regular diesel, making it more affordable for those who use it for business purposes. Regular diesel does not contain any dye and can be used in both on-road and off-road vehicles.

However, because it’s not taxed at a lower rate, it tends to be more expensive than red diesel. So, which type of diesel should you use? If you plan on using your vehicle mostly for business purposes (off-road), then red diesel is the way to go.

However, if you don’t mind paying a bit more or if you also plan on using your vehicle on the road occasionally (on-road), then regular diesel would be fine.

Why is Red Diesel Illegal

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Why are You Not Allowed to Use Red Diesel?

Red diesel is a type of fuel that’s dyed red to indicate that it’s not for use in road vehicles. It’s used in off-road vehicles like construction equipment, farm machinery, and generators. The main reason why you’re not allowed to use red diesel in road vehicles is because it doesn’t meet the environmental standards for road fuels.

Red diesel also has a lower tax rate than regular diesel, so using it in road vehicles would be a way to avoid paying taxes.

What Happens If You Put Red Diesel in a Diesel Car?

If you put red diesel in a diesel car, the car will not run. Red diesel is a type of fuel that is used for agricultural and construction equipment. It is not safe for use in passenger vehicles.

What is the Point of Red Diesel?

Red diesel is a type of fuel that is typically used in agricultural and construction vehicles. It is dyed red so that it can be easily distinguished from other types of fuel, such as regular diesel. The main benefit of red diesel is that it is significantly cheaper than other types of fuel, which can save farmers and construction companies a lot of money.

In addition, red diesel often has a higher energy content than regular diesel, which means that vehicles using this type of fuel can travel further on a single tank.

What’s the Difference between Red Diesel And Regular Diesel?

The main difference between red diesel and regular diesel is the color. Red diesel has a dyed red color so that it can be easily identified, while regular diesel is clear or yellowish in color. The dye used in red diesel is not harmful to engines and does not affect its performance.

Red diesel is also known as gas oil and is used mostly for agricultural or construction purposes, as it is exempt from road tax. It cannot be used for vehicles that are driven on public roads, as this would result in a fine. The price of red diesel is usually lower than regular diesel, making it more economical to use for those who are eligible.


The dye is used as a marker to show that the fuel has been taxed differently and isn’t subject to Road Fuel Duty (RFD). The use of red diesel in cars, vans and motorcycles is illegal.
It’s also against the law to use red diesel in any vehicle that isn’t registered for agricultural or construction use. If you’re caught using red diesel in an illegal vehicle, you could be fined up to £5,000. The police can also seize your vehicle if they think it’s being used illegally.