Why are Usps Trucks Right Hand Drive

USPS trucks are right hand drive for a variety of reasons. One important reason is to reduce the risk of collisions with oncoming traffic when making turns at intersections. Right-hand drive allows drivers to have better visibility and helps them be more aware of any potential hazards coming from the left side.

Additionally, USPS trucks typically make frequent stops, so a right-hand drive configuration provides easy access to curbside mailboxes and loading docks without having to maneuver around nearby vehicles or pedestrians. It also makes it easier for drivers to exit their vehicle quickly and safely in areas where there may be limited space or time constraints. Finally, USPS trucks are often tasked with driving through narrow streets or alleyways, which can be difficult if they were configured as left-hand drives due to limited visibility.

USPS trucks are right-hand drive for a few reasons. Firstly, it helps them maneuver around crowded streets and tight corners more easily, as the driver has better visibility of oncoming traffic when driving from the right side of the vehicle. Additionally, this arrangement allows postal workers to deliver mail more efficiently by allowing them to quickly and safely exit their vehicles at each stop without having to walk around the entire truck.

Finally, most USPS routes involve turning onto narrow roads or walking down alleys which can be difficult in a left-hand drive vehicle due to limited visibility. Right-hand drive trucks provide an additional safety benefit as they allow drivers greater control over their surroundings while navigating these difficult terrain conditions.

Driving a Mail Truck for the First Time

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Grumman Llv

The Grumman LLv was a lightweight, light-duty postal delivery vehicle manufactured by the Grumman Corporation from 1987 to 1994. It was designed as an alternative to more expensive and heavier full-sized vans used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The LLv featured 4×4 capabilities, improved maneuverability, and better fuel efficiency compared to traditional mail trucks.

Its lightweight design also enabled it to be transported on flatbed trailers or in standard shipping containers for overseas deployment. As of 2020, there are still many Grumman LLvs that remain in service with USPS and other private companies across America.

Rural Mail Carrier Vehicles

Rural mail carriers often use specially-modified vehicles to deliver mail in remote areas. These vehicles must be able to traverse rough terrain, mud, and snow while carrying large quantities of packages and letters in a secure environment. Common modifications include 4×4 capability with high ground clearance, added storage capacity for packages, and improved suspension systems for the comfort of the driver.

Advanced safety features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags are also included on most rural mail carrier vehicles.

Do Mail Carriers Pay for Their Own Gas

Mail carriers do not pay for their own gas; it is covered by the USPS. All mail carrier vehicles are owned and maintained by the Postal Service, so they provide fuel at no cost to the individual employee. This means that while mail carriers are responsible for driving safely and efficiently, they don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for gasoline or vehicle maintenance costs.

Best Vehicle for Rural Mail Delivery

A reliable and sturdy vehicle is an essential tool for rural mail delivery. The best choice of vehicle for this purpose is a four-wheel-drive pickup truck, such as the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado 1500. These trucks are designed to handle off-road conditions with ease and have superior power, traction, and payload capacity compared to other vehicles.

Additionally, their roomy cabins provide ample space for carrying mail bags on extended routes.

Why are Usps Trucks Right Hand Drive

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Why are Ups Trucks Right-Hand Drive?

UPS trucks are right-hand drive for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows the driver to have an unimpeded view of the road ahead when making deliveries. Right-hand drives allow drivers to see oncoming traffic more clearly and also make it easier to back up into tight spaces or parking spots without having to worry about obstructing other vehicles or pedestrians.

Additionally, right-hand drive helps reduce fatigue in delivery personnel since they don’t need to constantly turn their heads left and right while driving long distances. Furthermore, UPS trucks are designed with many features that make them easy to maneuver in congested urban areas such as narrow streets and busy intersections. This is especially important considering that many deliveries must be made within limited time frames during peak hours of activity.

Why Does Usps Drive on the Left Side?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) drives on the left side of the road for a variety of reasons. First, it allows mail carriers to be more visible to drivers and pedestrians, as they are closer to them on the right-hand side. It also makes it easier for mail carriers to spot and collect mailboxes along their route while driving.

Additionally, since most roads in the US have two lanes going in each direction, USPS vehicles can get out of traffic faster by taking advantage of the left lane. Finally, many older streets were designed with one-way traffic down either side – so driving on the left would naturally occur when delivering mail on these narrow roads. All these factors combined led USPS to adopt a policy that all vehicles should drive on the left side whenever possible – ensuring both safety and efficiency for its employees and customers alike.

Are Mail Trucks in England Left-Hand Drive?

No, mail trucks in England are not left-hand drive. Mail trucks in the United Kingdom follow the same rules as other vehicles and must be right-hand drive. This is because of a law, dating back to 1865, which states that all vehicles on public roads need to have their steering wheel located on the right side of the vehicle.

Although this law was originally established for horse-drawn carriages, it still applies today and has been updated over time to include motorized transportation options like mail trucks. While some countries around the world allow left-hand drive cars or have alternating highway lanes that accommodate both styles of driving, England only allows right-hand drives due to its long history with this particular rule. For visitors who are used to driving a left-hand drive vehicle while abroad, they will need to adjust when travelling through England since all public roads require right hand driven vehicles – including mail trucks.

Can You Deliver Mail from the Left-Hand Drive?

Delivering mail from a left-hand drive vehicle can be done, but it’s not recommended. The reason being that left-handed drivers have to constantly adjust their driving position in order to see the road ahead and this could lead to an increased risk of accidents. Additionally, there are extra safety considerations associated with delivering mail while operating a left-hand drive vehicle such as making sure all passengers wear seatbelts and ensuring visibility is clear on both sides by keeping windows clean and free from obstructions.

It is also important for postal workers to make sure they understand the laws regarding operation of vehicles on public roads in their area before attempting to deliver mail from a left-handed drive vehicle. Finally, if any special training or certifications are required for safe delivery of mail with a left-handed drive vehicle then these should be obtained prior undertaking such tasks.


This blog post has explored the interesting history behind why USPS trucks are right hand drive. It is believed that this design was implemented to improve visibility and safety for postal workers, allowing them to remain vigilant while delivering mail in their local community. The use of RHD vehicles also reduces costs by enabling USPS to buy slightly used, foreign-made commercial vehicles at a lower cost.

Ultimately, the decision to use RHD vehicles makes sense for USPS – not only does it benefit its employees’ safety but it helps reduce overhead costs as well.