Where is the Key Hole in a Dodge Journey

The key hole in a Dodge Journey is located on the driver’s side of the car. It can be found near the bottom edge of the door handle, below where your hand would normally rest when opening and closing the door. The keyhole looks like a small circle with no visible markings on it, but if you look closely there will be an arrow pointing to it which indicates that this is where you insert your key.

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Where is the Key Hole in a Dodge Journey

Q1: Can I use the keyhole to start the engine of my Dodge Journey?

A1: No, the keyhole on the Dodge Journey is specifically designed for manual unlocking purposes only. To start the engine, you need to use the key fob or, in some models, a push-button start system.

Q2: Are there any other keyholes in a Dodge Journey apart from the driver’s side door?

A2: In most Dodge Journey models, there is only one keyhole, which is located on the driver’s side door. However, some older models may have an additional keyhole on the tailgate or trunk for manual unlocking. But in modern versions, the keyhole is typically limited to the driver’s side door only.

Credit: hiride.com


In conclusion, the keyhole of a Dodge Journey can be found in either the driver or passenger side door handle. It may also be located on the rear hatch depending on your model year. Knowing where to find your keyhole is essential for quick access when you need it most!