What are Wobble Bolts

Wobble bolts are a type of fastener that provides an adjustable connection between two parts. They consist of two components, the bolt and the nut. The bolt has a standard thread but is designed with an eccentric head or collar which causes it to ‘wobble’ in relation to the nut when tightened.

This allows for some angular misalignment between the connected parts so they don’t have to be perfectly aligned during assembly. Wobble bolts can provide strong connections and are often used in automotive applications where precise alignment may not always be possible due to engine vibration or other factors. They can also work well for joining unevenly matched surfaces such as sheet metal panels or plastic panels on cars, trucks, buses and recreational vehicles.

Wobble bolts are unique fasteners that feature a unique design. Unlike traditional bolts, wobble bolts have an eccentric head which allows them to be mounted in slotted holes and adjusted up or down slightly to ensure proper fitment without the need for additional shims or spacers. This makes them incredibly useful when it comes to mounting uneven surfaces such as engine blocks, frames, and other machinery.

Because of their versatility and ease of installation, wobble bolts are becoming increasingly popular with mechanics and engineers worldwide.

Wobble Bolts 101

Are Wobble Nuts Safe

Wobble nuts are a safe and practical alternative to traditional nuts, as they feature an extended body that allows them to be easily adjusted even after installation. The unique design of this type of nut also makes it more resistant to loosening due to vibration or impacts, which is why it’s often used in applications where regular nuts would not hold up. As long as the wobble nut is securely tightened during installation, there should not be any safety concerns when using this product.

What are Wobble Bolts

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What is the Purpose of Wobble Bolts?

The purpose of wobble bolts is to provide a secure connection between two parts with slight misalignment. Wobble bolts have a unique design which allows them to move in multiple directions within the same plane, providing flexibility for mounting components that are slightly out of alignment or require an offset connection. This makes them ideal for applications where precision alignment is not always available and when traditional fasteners may be difficult to install.

In addition, these specialized bolts can even be used as part of an adjustable suspension system due to their ability to adjust the tension on parts without having to remove the entire bolt assembly from its position. With their versatility and ease-of-use, wobble bolts provide an invaluable solution for many engineering projects.

Why Does Vw Use Lug Bolts?

Exact Answer: Volkswagen uses lug bolts to secure the wheel to the vehicle’s hub and axle. Lug bolts are essential components of all vehicles, as they help keep your wheels safely secured to your car’s hub and axle. The safety and performance of a vehicle depend on having properly tightened lug bolts, so it is important that you use quality parts when replacing them.

This is why Volkswagen has chosen to use their own proprietary lug bolts in their cars – not only do these ensure a snug fitment, but they also provide added durability compared with aftermarket options. Furthermore, VW’s lug bolts come pre-coated with corrosion-resistant plating which helps protect against rusting over time, making them an excellent choice for long-term reliability. With more than 80 years of experience under its belt, Volkswagen knows what kind of components will stand up best over time – so if you’re looking for top performance from your wheels and want peace of mind knowing you’ve made the right choice, choosing genuine VW lug bolts is definitely the way to go!

Can You Put 5X112 on 5X108?

No, you cannot put 5×112 wheels on a 5×108 bolt pattern vehicle. The bolt patterns are not interchangeable due to the difference in number of lug bolts and spacing between them. A 5×112 wheel has five lugs spaced 112mm apart from each other, while a 5×108 wheel has five lugs spaced 108mm apart from one another.

This means that even if the center bore diameter is the same, these two wheels will not fit together properly as they have different numbers of lugs and spacings between them. It is important to make sure your vehicles have compatible bolt patterns before attempting to install new wheels or rims on it; otherwise, this could lead to expensive damages and dangerous driving conditions due to improper installation.

Do You Need Special Lug Nuts for Aftermarket Rims?

Yes, you need special lug nuts for aftermarket rims. Aftermarket rims are designed differently from the stock wheels that come on your car, and these differences require different components in order to install them correctly. Special lug nuts are designed specifically for aftermarket rims and feature a larger diameter than standard lug nuts in order to accommodate the bigger holes found on most custom wheels.

They also usually have an extended thread length so that they can reach through the wheel and clamp securely against the hub. Lug nuts also come with various finishes such as chrome or black which allow you to customize your look even further. Having special lug nuts is essential when it comes to properly installing your new set of rims so make sure that you purchase those along with your aftermarket wheels!

What is the Difference between a Hub Bolt And a Lug Nut?

A hub bolt is a fastener that connects the wheel hub to the axle. It has a threaded shaft and usually requires special tools for installation and removal. A lug nut, on the other hand, is an externally threaded fastener used to secure wheels or rims onto vehicles.

Lug nuts have tapered ends which allow them to be secured tightly with a wrench. The number of lugs per wheel vary depending on the make and model of vehicle but typically range from four to eight per wheel. Both hub bolts and lug nuts play important roles in maintaining safe operation of motor vehicles by securely affixing wheels onto axles; however, they differ significantly in design and application.


This blog post has provided a thorough explanation of what wobble bolts are, how they work, and their various applications. From the information in this post, it is clear that wobble bolts provide a unique solution to many problems related to fastening objects together. Wobble bolts can be used in situations where traditional fasteners fail or when an extra bit of flexibility is needed.

With their exceptional design and ease of use, wobble bolts offer a reliable and efficient way to secure parts with precision.