How to Use a Harmonic Prop Puller

To use a harmonic prop puller, first locate the center of the propeller shaft. Then, position the jaws of the harmonic prop puller around the shaft so that they are evenly spaced. Once in position, tighten the jaws of the puller until they are snug.

Next, strike the end of the prop puller with a mallet to loosen the propeller from the shaft. Finally, remove the prop puller and set it aside before removing the propeller from the shaft.

  • Place the harmonic prop puller on the end of the crankshaft where the harmonic balancer is located
  • Insert the tool’s pins into the holes in the harmonic balancer
  • Tighten the tool’s nut until it is snug against the harmonic balancer
  • Do not overtighten
  • Unscrew the tool’s bolt until it contacts the crankshaft
  • Again, do not overtighten
  • While holding onto the tool’s body, unscrew the nut until the harmonic balancer pops off of the crankshaft

Remove Prop Without Puller

Most people don’t know how to remove a prop without a puller. Here’s how: If the nut is tight, use a pair of vise grips to loosen it.

If the nut is really tight, you may need to use a hammer to tap the vise grips. Once the nut is loose, unscrew it by hand. Now that the nut is off, you should be able to wiggle the prop free.

If not, gently tap it with a hammer until it comes loose. Be careful not to damage the shaft!

How Do You Remove a Prop With a Prop Puller?

Using a prop puller is the easiest way to remove a propeller. First, identify the manufacturer and model of your engine. Next, find the right size prop puller for your engine.

Most hardware stores or boating supply stores will have a variety of prop pullers to choose from. To use the prop puller, first put the jaws of the tool around the hub of the propeller. Make sure that the teeth on the jaws are lined up with the blades of the propeller.

Next, turn the handle on the prop puller clockwise until it is tight against the hub of the propeller. Finally, twistthe handle counterclockwise andthe propeller should pop right off.

How Does a Prop Puller Work?

A rope or strap is wrapped around the blade of the prop and then tightened using a winch. The winch pulls on the rope which in turn rotates the blade, propelling the boat forwards.

How Do You Remove a Prop from a Shaft?

Assuming you are talking about a boat propeller: There are a few ways to remove a prop from a shaft, but the most common is to use a prop puller. A prop puller is a tool that attaches to the propeller and pulls it off the shaft.

Another way to remove a prop is to use an impact wrench, which can loosen the bolts that hold the propeller on the shaft.

How Do You Loosen a Prop Nut?

If your propeller is attached with a nut, over time this nut can become tightened from the vibration of the engine. To loosen a prop nut, you will need to safety the engine first. Once the engine is off and cooled down, you will need a wrench to loosen the prop nut.

Place the wrench on the nut and turn it counter clockwise until it is loose enough to remove by hand. If the nut is extremely tight, you may need to use an impact wrench or breaker bar. Be sure to not over tighten when putting the prop back on, as this can damage both the threads on the shaft and in the hub of your propeller.


Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post “How to Use a Harmonic Prop Puller”: A harmonic prop puller is a tool that can be used to remove props from an engine. The process of using a harmonic prop puller is relatively simple and only requires a few steps.

First, the user must locate the crankshaft pulley bolt and loosen it. Next, the user should place the harmonic prop puller on the crankshaft pulley and tighten the bolts until they are snug. Finally, the user should use a wrench to turn the crank clockwise until the prop comes loose.