How to Turn off Traction Control Ford Focus

To turn off the traction control on a Ford Focus, first open the hood and locate the fuse box. Remove your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find the location of the Traction Control System (TCS) fuse. Once you have identified it, use a pair of pliers to remove it from its slot in the fuse box.

Wait for 10 seconds before replacing it back into its slot in order to allow your car computer time to reset itself and disable TCS completely. Close up the hood, start up your engine and test out if traction control has been disabled by engaging sport mode while driving on a slippery surface. If there is no wheel spin or vibration from wheels slipping then this confirms that traction control has been successfully switched off.

  • Start your Ford Focus and press the “Traction Control” button located on the center console
  • It is a small round button with an icon of a car skidding sideways
  • On some models, you may have to press and hold the traction control button for up to five seconds before it will turn off permanently or until you restart the vehicle again
  • Wait for the traction control warning light on your dashboard to illuminate when turning off traction control has been successful; otherwise, try pressing and holding down the Traction Control button once more until it turns off properly
  • If necessary, refer to your owner’s manual for further instructions on how to disable traction control in your particular model of Ford Focus vehicle

Ford Focus – How to Turn ON / OFF TRACTION CONTROL (2011-2018)

How to Turn off Traction Control Ford Focus



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How Do I Turn off Traction Control on My Ford Focus

To turn off the traction control on your Ford Focus, you will need to: * Press and hold the “Traction Control” button located on the dashboard. * Release it once the indicator light turns on.

This should disable your vehicle’s traction control system, allowing you to drive without restrictions in certain circumstances.

To Turn off Traction Control on Your Ford Focus, Press And Hold the “Traction Control” Button for Three Seconds Until It Blinks Twice

To turn off traction control on your Ford Focus, press and hold the “Traction Control” button for three seconds until it blinks twice. Follow these steps: – Locate the Traction Control switch.

It is usually found near the center console or on the steering wheel. – Press and hold the switch for three seconds until it blinks twice. This will deactivate traction control.

Once you have turned off traction control, you can enjoy a more responsive driving experience with improved acceleration and cornering stability.


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Is There Any Way to Disable Traction Control Permanently on a Ford Focus

Yes, it is possible to permanently disable traction control on a Ford Focus. Here’s how: • Turn off the car and let it cool for about 15 minutes.

• Locate the fuse box under the dashboard of the vehicle and open it. • Unplug the TCS (traction control system) fuse from its position in the fuse box. • Put everything back together and start up your car again!

Traction control will now be disabled permanently until you replace this particular fuse with a new one.

No, You Cannot Permanently Disable the Traction Control System in a Ford Focus; However, You Can Temporarily Switch It off Using the “Traction Control” Button As Described above

No, you cannot permanently disable the traction control system in a Ford Focus. However, it can be temporarily switched off by following these steps: – Locate the Traction Control button, usually found on or near the steering wheel.

– Press and hold this button for two to three seconds until you hear a chime from your vehicle. – The Traction Control System should now be disabled; when ready reengage, press and hold the same button again until you hear another chime.


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What Happens If I Don’T Turn off My Traction Control When Driving in Snow Or Ice Conditions

If you don’t turn off your traction control when driving in snow or ice conditions, the following can happen: – You may experience wheel slip and reduced acceleration. – Your vehicle’s stability may be compromised.

– You could easily lose control of your car in slippery conditions. Failing to turn off the traction control system could result in serious safety risks for you and other drivers on the road. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your car is properly equipped with winter tires and that traction control has been disabled prior to beginning any journey during icy weather.

Without Turning off Your Traction Control, Your Vehicle May Not Be Able to Provide Adequate Grip And Stability in Slippery Conditions Due to Its Limited Wheel Spin And Ability to Modulate Power Delivery Accordingly Without Slipping Or Skidding Out of Control

Traction control is a critical safety feature for vehicles driving in slippery conditions. Without it, the vehicle’s limited wheel spin and power delivery can cause skidding or slipping out of control. Benefits of traction control include:

– Enhanced grip on slippery surfaces – Improved stability during cornering and braking – Reduced risk of hydroplaning or loss of directional control due to excessive wheel spin.

In summary, turning off your traction control when driving in slippery conditions may not provide adequate grip or stability without risking spinning out of control.


In conclusion, turning off traction control on a Ford Focus is an easy process that can be done in just a few minutes. It is important to remember to only turn off the traction control when it is safe and legal to do so, as traction control helps keep your vehicle stable during certain driving conditions. With these simple steps you will now have more freedom over how your car responds while on the road.