How to Turn Dash Lights off Ram 1500

To turn the dash lights off in a Ram 1500, first locate the dimmer switch on the left side of the steering column. Then, rotate it counter-clockwise until the LED indicator light turns off. After that, press and hold down both buttons located next to it for at least three seconds.

This will completely shut off all exterior lighting (including headlights) and interior lighting (including dashboard lights). Finally, ensure that all doors are securely closed before driving away to prevent any further draining of your battery.

  • Turn the ignition to the “On” position without starting the engine
  • This will allow you to access all of the electrical functions in your Ram 1500
  • Locate and press the button labeled “Lights,” which is usually located on or near the dashboard, depending on your model year and specific trim package
  • Identify and press a second button labeled “Dome Light On/Off
  • ” This should be located close to where you found Step 2’s button but may also be on a different panel altogether in certain model years or trim packages of your Ram 1500 truck
  • 4
  • Press this new switch again until it reads “Off
  • ” This should turn off all of your dash lights immediately, allowing you to drive at night with minimal distractions from distracting lights coming from within your vehicle’s cabin area during nighttime drives

2019 RAM 1500 Dash Light Problem

How to Turn Dash Lights off Ram 1500



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How Do I Turn off the Dash Lights on My Ram 1500

Turning off the dash lights on a Ram 1500 is relatively simple. Here’s how to do it: * Open the fuse box, located in the engine bay or passenger side footwell.

* Locate and remove the ‘Dash Lights’ fuse. * Replace with a new one of identical amperage rating. Once you have completed this process, your dash lights should be successfully disabled.

You Can Turn off the Dash Lights on Your Ram 1500 by Pressing And Holding the “Menu” Button Located at the Bottom-Left Corner of Your Instrument Cluster for Five Seconds Until You Hear a Beep Sound, Indicating That All of the Lights Have Gone Out

To turn off the dash lights on your Ram 1500, press and hold the “Menu” button located at the bottom-left corner of your instrument cluster for five seconds until you hear a beep sound. This indicates that all of the lights have been turned off: • Locate “Menu” button

• Press and hold for 5 seconds • Listen for a beep sound By following these steps, you can easily turn off the dash lights on your Ram 1500.


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Is There an Easier Way to Turn off My Ram 1500’S Dashboard Lights

Yes, there is an easier way to turn off your Ram 1500’s dashboard lights. The steps are: • Locate the fuse box under the hood of your vehicle.

• Unscrew and open the box. • Find a fuse labeled “lights” or something similar. • Pull out that specific fuse until it releases from its slot in the panel.

• Check to make sure all dashboard lights have been turned off before closing up the box and screwing it back in place. This process should take only a few minutes, making turning off your Ram 1500’s dashboard lights much simpler than they may first seem!

Yes, You Can Also Use the Key Fob to Easily Control Your Vehicle’S Interior Lighting Settings, Including Turning off All Dashboard Lights As Needed

Yes, the key fob can be used to control your vehicle’s interior lighting settings. It allows you to: – Easily turn off all dashboard lights.

– Adjust brightness levels. – Configure automatic dimming options for certain times of day. Using the key fob provides a simple and convenient way to customize your car’s lighting settings from afar.

To Do This Press And Hold down Both Buttons Simultaneously on Your Key Fob for Five Seconds Until You Hear a Chirp Sound Confirming That All Interior Light Sources are Now Turned off Or Dimmed Accordingly

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This simple procedure will help you save power while also keeping your car secure at night.


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Are There Any Risks Associated With Having My Dashboard Lights Stay on Continuously

Yes, there are risks associated with having your dashboard lights stay on continuously: * Battery drain: Continuous dashboard light usage can cause the battery to lose power. * Electrical system damage: Dashboard lights that are left on all the time can draw too much current and lead to electrical system failure.

* Fire hazard: If a wiring fault causes an overload of electricity, it could potentially result in a fire starting in or around the car’s dash area. It is important to address any issues with continuous dashboard lights right away as they can create long-term harm for your vehicle if not taken care of quickly.


In conclusion, if you need to turn your Ram 1500 dash lights off, the process is relatively simple. You can either use the switch located on the dashboard or navigate through a few menus in the vehicle’s settings. Whichever method works best for you, make sure to be safe and keep an eye out for any unexpected changes that may occur while adjusting your dash lighting.