How to Shift Fj Cruiser into 4Wd

To shift an FJ Cruiser into 4WD, you’ll need to turn the engine off and place it in park or neutral. Locate the transfer case switch on the center console near your gear shifter. Push up on the switch to select between 2H (2-wheel drive), 4H (4-wheel drive high range) or 4L (4-wheel drive low range).

Make sure that you are stopped and have pressed down on your parking brake before shifting into a higher gear than 2H. Once shifted, start your car and check for any vibrations as these can signal an issue with power delivery from one axle to another.

4×4 Basics: How to shift into 4-High and 4-Low

  • Put the shift lever in neutral and make sure that both brake pedals are engaged and the parking brake is off
  • Press the 2WD/4WD switch located on the center console, to switch from 2Wd to 4 Wheel Drive (4WD)
  • Turn off traction control if it is on, or else it could interfere with shifting into 4Wd mode
  • This can be done by pressing the traction control button located near the steering wheel until you see a light indicating that it’s been disabled
  • Now press down firmly on gas pedal for a few seconds and then release slowly as this will help activate your transfer case for proper engagement of four-wheel drive mode
  • Finally shift your vehicle into drive gear and you should hear an audible click which indicates that your car has successfully shifted into 4Wd mode

Fj Cruiser 4 Wheel Drive Indicator Light

The Fj Cruiser 4 Wheel Drive Indicator Light is a helpful feature for off-road driving as it indicates when the vehicle is in proper four wheel drive mode. When illuminated, this light lets you know that all four wheels are engaged and ready to tackle whatever terrain lies ahead. It’s important to note that this indicator should only be used on low traction surfaces such as sand, mud or snow, because using it on an asphalt road may cause premature wear of the drivetrain components.

Fj Cruiser H2 H4 L4

The Fj Cruiser is a 4WD SUV that packs serious power under the hood. It offers three engine options, the H2, H4 and L4. The H2 is a V8 engine with 270 horsepower, while the smaller H4 has a 2.7-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 236 horsepower.

The L4 option comes with a 3.5-liter V6 engine offering 260 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque for plenty of hauling capacity when needed. All three engines come paired to an automatic transmission for added convenience and smooth shifting performance on any terrain or road condition you may encounter in your travels.

How-To Tell If Fj Cruiser is 4Wd

The easiest way to tell if your Toyota FJ Cruiser is 4WD or 2WD is to look at the badges on the rear quarter panels. The 4WD model will have a badge that reads “4×4”, while the 2WD models will have an “2×2” badge. You can also check under the hood and look for a transfer case in front of the transmission which indicates it is 4WD.

For further confirmation, you can always consult your car’s manual or speak with a qualified mechanic.

How to Turn off 4Wd on Fj Cruiser

To turn off the 4WD on a FJ Cruiser, ensure that the vehicle is on level ground and in park. Then, press down on the transfer case switch located near the shifter and hold it until you hear a beep. This will indicate that your 4WD has been disengaged, allowing you to drive normally with only two-wheel drive engaged.

How to Shift into 4Wd

Shifting into 4WD is a great way to give your vehicle extra traction and power when driving in slippery or off-road conditions. To shift into 4WD, first make sure that the transfer case is in neutral and then pull the transfer case’s lever into the ‘4H’ position – this stands for four-wheel drive high. You will feel a slight jolt as you engage all four wheels at once, but other than that it should be a relatively easy process!

How to Shift Fj Cruiser into 4Wd


How Do You Turn on 4Wd on a Fj Cruiser?

To turn on 4WD on a FJ Cruiser, press the 4WD switch located in the center console. The switch is labeled “4HI” and will light up when active. After pressing the switch, you should hear a series of beeps indicating that it has been activated.

You may need to shift your vehicle into neutral or park for the system to engage properly. Make sure you are stopped before shifting into 4WD as this can damage your transmission if done while moving. Once engaged, you’ll feel a slight vibration from beneath the floorboard as power is being transferred between axles to help with traction in slippery conditions such as mud or snow.

Enjoy exploring off-road trails safely and securely!

How to Put 2007 Fj Cruiser in 4Wd?

Answer: To put the 2007 FJ Cruiser in 4WD, shift the transfer case lever to either 2-high or 4-high. Then press down on the drive mode selector knob and turn it until you hear a click, which indicates that your vehicle is now in four wheel drive. Driving in four wheel drive can give you more control when navigating difficult terrain like mud, snow, and ice.

It’s important to know how to properly engage your vehicle’s four wheel drive system so you can stay safe while off roading. Doing so with a 2007 FJ Cruiser is incredibly easy – all you have to do is shift the transfer case lever into either 2-high or 4-high position and then press down on the drive mode selector knob located near the shifter before turning it until there is an audible click indicating you are now in four wheel drive. With this simple step taken care of, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy hitting those trails!

How Do You Put a 2013 Fj Cruiser in 4-Wheel Drive?

To put a 2013 FJ Cruiser in 4-wheel drive, turn the center differential lock switch located on the instrument panel to “Lock.” This will engage all four wheels and provide maximum traction as needed. The process is simple and can be completed within seconds.

Drivers who venture off-road with their FJ Cruisers should take advantage of the 4-wheel drive capabilities that are available. Doing so will help them navigate difficult terrain without getting stuck or losing control of their vehicle. By simply flipping the center differential lock switch, drivers will have access to enhanced traction which can make navigating mud, sand, rocks or snow easier and safer than ever before!

Are Fj Cruisers Full Time 4Wd?

Yes, FJ Cruisers are full time 4WD vehicles. This means that the vehicle is always in four wheel drive mode and that all four of its wheels are driving power from the engine simultaneously. The power split between the front and rear axles can be adjusted using a dial on the dashboard, allowing drivers to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive depending on their needs and road conditions.

The full time 4WD system makes off-roading much easier for owners of FJ Cruisers as it provides increased traction over slippery surfaces such as snow or mud, and allows them to tackle more difficult terrain with confidence. Additionally, having all four wheels driven improves handling when cornering quickly or traversing uneven roads – making these rugged vehicles well suited for both city driving and countryside exploration.


Shifting your FJ Cruiser into 4WD is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. By following the instructions above, you should now have no problem shifting your vehicle into 4WD and taking advantage of its off-road capabilities. With proper maintenance, your FJ Cruiser will remain reliable for many years to come—allowing you to explore new terrain with confidence.