How to Reset the ABS Light on the Dodge Grand Caravan

How to Reset the ABS Light on the Dodge Grand Caravan
How to Reset the ABS Light on the Dodge Grand Caravan

The full form of ABS is ‘Anti-lock Brake Skid’, also referred to as an anti-lock braking system. Whenever there is a problem with this system, the ABS light is turned on to let the driver know that the system is disabled. This can be a kind of warning for the driver.

However, you can easily reset the ABS light. Do you know how to reset the ABS light on the dodge grand caravan? If you don’t know then this article is for you. We will share step by step process so that you can do it very easily. We will also try to highlight the possible causes of ABS Lite turning on here. So let’s get started with it.

How to Reset ABS Light on The Dodge Grand Caravan:

Turn on the vehicle first and put your foot on the brakes. Don’t move your legs.

Now, turn the steering wheel to the right and turn the van around.

Keep the car in the drive while putting your foot on the brake.

Pull forward while straightening the wheel.

When the car is straight, take your foot off the brake and brake again.

You can repeat your car parking spaces. It may look silly but it has worked in some cases.

It will work if no code is set.

The ABS Light Problems on Dodge Grand Caravan:

When there is a problem with the anti-lock braking system, the ABS light is turned on in the caravan. This means that the vehicle system and its accompanying safety features have been discontinued. The ABS system uses a sensor that calculates the wheel speed during braking. Once a wheel is locked, the ABS will allow maximum braking in that cycle and protect it from sliding.

Here Are Some Common Reasons Why ABS Light Turns On:

The wheel speed sensor is responsible for sending signals to the computer to activate the ABS. If there is a problem with the sensor, no signal will be sent to the ABS. This means that the ABS is not working properly and the ABS light will be activated.

The ABS system runs through the ABS module. This module is physically responsible for controlling the system. The disadvantage of this module is that it will bring ABS light. A common cause of damage to the ABS module is corrosion.

If the pressure on the ABS line is low, the ABS lines will move. ABS will not be able to activate without pressure.

Final Thoughts:

Although resetting ABS light is an easy task but not many people know how to reset abs light on dodge grand caravan. Thinking about them, we have tried to highlight some of the possible causes of ABS Lite turning on and ways to reset it. Hope you can do this easily by following the mentioned process.