How to Remove Pitting from Windshield Easily

How to Remove Pitting from the Windshield
How to Remove Pitting from Windshield

When your windshield is spotless and functioning, it’s understandable if you take it for granted. As a matter of fact, on normal days you simply look right through that finely engineered portion of auto glass, without pondering on all the crucial roles that your automobile’s windshield plays in your driving security and satisfaction. In time, windshield pitting can damage the body of your auto glass, impacting the vehicle’s appearance and also creating unsafe visibility and crash safety difficulties.

Now, before we get to anything else we need to know what is ” Wind shield Pitting”, how does it happen and why is it dangerous?

When someone thinks of a windshield defect, the first thing they think of is major, sudden damage, for instance, car crashes. But, windshield pitting is more of gradual deterioration that needs immediate awareness and restoration to maintain your safety on the street. Windshield pitting can be said as wear and tear damage. It’s less noticeable and less usual than car accident windshield damage, but even then it can make driving risky.

There are many ways it is caused. Some common situations that cause windshield pitting are, for instance, windblown sand because it is like natural sandpaper, any tiny or pointed object pushed by the wind, and maybe garbage was thrown up close to the vehicle’s tires. It also happen cause of UV rays and heat from hours of the direct sun even though that takes years, rain or snow pollution, salty air, and sea spray. Another situation that results in windshield pitting is the road salt and gravel used on icy-snowy roads.

There is a huge risk in driving with a pitted shield. For example, driving towards other vehicles at night with the headlines on will be blinding, so will be driving into the sun even with very little pitting. Another danger is that it will overall weaken your windshield by damaging the structural integrity which means you will have less safety in a front-end collision or rollover.

Finally, to avoid all those risks and know how to remove pitting from the wind shield follow the steps below –

How to Remove Pitting from Windshield(Step by Step)

Step 1

You have to station the car in a shadowed area that is away from direct sunlight.

Step 2

Then tidy up the car’s windshield with a glass cleaner and microfiber fabric.

Step 3

Now, get inside the car and mark out the sketch of the windshield’s pitting with the help of a crayon or maybe masking tape.

Step 4

Next, mix water and the polishing compound in the mixing pan. Read the glass polishing kit’s instructions on the proper water and polishing compound mixture.