How to Remove a Stripped Caliper Bolt

Dealing with a stripped caliper bolt can be a frustrating challenge for anyone performing brake maintenance or replacements on their vehicle. A stripped bolt occurs when the threads become damaged or worn, making it difficult to loosen or tighten.

This situation can pose a significant obstacle, potentially leading to delays in your automotive project. However, with the right tools, techniques, and a bit of patience, removing a stripped caliper bolt is a task that can be successfully tackled by both seasoned mechanics and DIY enthusiasts alike.

In this guide, we will explore step-by-step instructions and useful tips on how to effectively remove a stripped caliper bolt, ensuring a smooth and efficient brake system repair.

  • First, make sure the car is parked on level ground and the brakes are cool
  • Then, remove the wheel that contains the stuck caliper bolt and secure it so it won’t move while you’re working on it
  • Next, spray some penetrating oil onto the surface of the caliper bolt to help loosen up any rust or corrosion that might be preventing its removal
  • Once you have sprayed a generous amount of penetrating oil onto the area around the caliper bolt, allow it to sit for at least an hour before attempting to remove it again with your wrench or socket set
  • If after soaking in oil for an hour does not work use a rubber hose clamp/vise grips which can provide more gripping power than standard wrenches would normally provide; place one end over top of one side of either head then begin turning clockwise until fully tightened down tight around both sides of each end providing ultimate grip trapping them together causing rotation when trying to loosen from either direction.
  • Finally, once you’ve loosened or removed all necessary bolts from your car’s calipers, take care to properly dispose of all used parts according to local laws and regulations
How to Remove a Stripped Caliper Bolt


How Do You Get a Bolt Out With a Stripped Head?

To get a bolt out with a stripped head, you may need to use one of several tools.

These include:

– A pair of locking pliers, which can be clamped onto the head and used as leverage to turn it in the desired direction.

– An impact driver, which uses high torque to break rusted or stuck bolts free from their threads.

– A carbide drill bit, which is capable of cutting through hardened steel without damaging surrounding materials.

– A file or grinder wheel for filing down and removing material from around the head until it is flush with the surface.

Are Caliper Bolts Reverse Thread?

Caliper bolts are not reverse threaded, meaning they should be tightened in a clockwise direction. The purpose of this is to ensure the caliper remains stable and secure when under pressure.

Here are some tips for tightening your caliper bolts:

* Use the correct wrench size for the bolt type you’re working with

* Check all threads before tightening any bolts

* Apply appropriate torque as specified by manufacturer instructions

What Tools Do You Need to Remove Caliper Bolts?

To remove caliper bolts, you need a few basic tools:

* Socket and Ratchet

* Breaker Bar

* Torque Wrench

* 3/8″ Drive Extension

How to Remove a Rounded Nut or Bolt

How to Remove Stuck Caliper Bracket Bolts

If you’re trying to remove stuck caliper bracket bolts, the first step is to spray them with a penetrating oil, such as WD-40.

This will help loosen up any rust and corrosion that may be preventing the bolt from coming loose. Once the penetrant has had time to work its way in, take an adjustable wrench or socket set and try gently loosening the bolts until they come out.

If these steps don’t work, it might be necessary to use a power tool like a drill or grinder for more stubborn bolts.

How to Fix Stripped Caliper Bolt Hole

If you have a stripped caliper bolt hole, the best way to fix it is by using a thread tap.

To use a thread tap, start off by cleaning the area around the hole with some acetone and then apply some thread locker on the threads of your tap before inserting it into the damaged hole.

Make sure that you’re using an appropriate size of tap for your specific caliper bolt so that you don’t make things worse.

Once inserted, slowly rotate clockwise in order to create new threads inside of your caliper bolt hole.

Afterward, remove any excess debris from within the newly tapped threads and apply some more threadlocker before re-inserting your bolt.

Remove Stripped Caliper Pins

If you find that your car has difficulty in braking, then one possible cause may be stripped caliper pins. Caliper pins are important components which connect the brake pads to the calipers and allow them to move freely when the brakes are applied.

To fix this issue, you need to remove the old pins and replace them with new ones.

This can be done by removing the wheel of your car, taking out the retaining clip on both sides of each pin, pushing out the pin from its hole using a screwdriver or a chisel, and finally replacing it with a new one.


Removing a stripped caliper bolt can be difficult, but with patience and the right tools it is possible. Using a heat gun or torch to heat up the bolt can help loosen any corrosion that has built up over time. Once heated, use either an impact driver or pliers to remove the stuck bolt head.

If these methods are unsuccessful, try using an extractor tool or carbide drill bit to remove the stripped bolt entirely. With careful attention and perseverance, you can have your car back in working order quickly and safely!