How to Remove a Roll Pin from a Blind Hole

How to Remove a Roll Pin from a Blind Hole
How to Remove a Roll Pin from a Blind Hole

A roll pin is also known as a small pin. It is basically happens to be 2 to 3 inch long piece of metal. This piece of metal has hollow ends that assist to attach two components of a machine.  Car engines and firearms are among those components. Usually, it is easy to remove a roll pin. It can be done by fingers or by a wrench. Unfortunately if it is broken or stuck, you have to apply some unusual methods. If you are facing this problem then follow the steps given below:

How to Remove a Roll Pin from a Blind Hole (Easy Tips)

Step-1: The roll pin might be broken inside the metal. In that case spray an aerosol oil spray on the roll pin.

Step-2: The metal itself might be get old for which removing the roll pin become harder. Sparing the roll pin is necessary for that. Using aerosol oil and water-displacing spray, you can loosen up the roll pin.

Step-3: Thirdly, if the spray did not work well then you have to use a roll pin remover. It is designed in a way which will easily removing the roll pin without any damage.

Step-4: Fourthly, if the pin is in a small object where none of these will work, then freeze and heat the roll pin to remove it from the small object. Freeze it in a freeze. It will take 2-3hours. After that,  use a propane torch to heat it. The cold and hot temperatures will loosen the roll pin.

Step-5: If the roll pin is not loosen then use a pin punch set. These are used to install and remove roll pin.

Step-6: Now choose the right size for the roll pin. If you do not have the right size then select a pin punch, smaller then the roll pin.

Step-7: Then tap the back of the pin punch. Push it forward. Use a hammer to tap the pin punch.

Step-8: Notice the roll pin. If it is stuck then tap one to two times from the opposite side. Then again tap the roll pin from the right direction.

Step-9: Continuously hammer the roll pin until comes out. Do it few more times. It will come out gradually.

Step-10: Finally, you will see the roll pin comes out from its housing.


Most of us face this problem in our daily life. This little roll pin hassles a lot. That is why this article is for those who want a simple remedy for this problem.