How to HHR Trunk With Dead Battery

How to Open Your Chevrolet HHR Trunk With a Dead Battery
How to Open HHR Trunk With Dead Batteries

The Chevrolet HHR (Heritage High Roof) has a full power accessory standard with all doors and windows. But if you try to open the trunk with a dead battery, there may be a problem. In fact, if you don’t have any more batteries, your car won’t have the ability to use centralized locking. At that time the key will not be enough to open your door manually.

The HHR device includes a touch pad on the trunk handle to open the unlocked trunk. If the battery dies, the touch pad will not work. No manual extras are available on the outside of the trunk. However, it is still possible to open the trunk manually. To do this you must be inside the rear of the HHR.

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How to Open HHR Trunk With Dead Battery

Step 1

First, enter the HHR and position yourself right behind the lift gate.

Step 2

Look for the removable trim plug in the lift gate again. Trim plugs located in the middle of the line of running trim plugs at the bottom of the lift gate. Now remove the removable trim plug. Use the thin flat tool carefully if you need to thin the edge of the removable trim plug.

Step 3

Locate the release lever inside the lift gate. The release lever is about three inches from the trim plug opening.

Step 4

Use the thin plane tool and press the release lever until you hear the latch release. You will hear a pop or clink sound. Do not press the lift gate when trying to release the latch. Since the added weight release will make the lever more difficult to manage. Replace its opening trim plug in the lift gate and then push them to open the lift gate.

If you have a flat-tipped screwdriver, use it to work. Or start your HHR to gain access to the rear cargo area. Also, try to recharge the battery.