How to Open Honda CRV Hood

How to Open Honda CRV Hood
How to Open Honda CRV Hood

You need to open the hood before doing any work, maintenance, or even oil testing on your Honda CR-V. Although each car is different, the method of opening the hood is the same for most. The CR-V has a main latch to keep the hood closed and if the main latch fails, there is a secondary safety latch that releases the hood from the inside of the vehicle. In this article, we learn about how to open a honda crv hood.

How to Open Honda CRV Hood (Easy Way)

Step 1

Park your vehicle, and set the parking brake. Pull the handle of the hood release located in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard. The hood will pop up a bit.

Open the driver’s door of your CR-V and look for the hood that appears under the dash opposite the left-hand interior kick panel. Hold the handle and pull it again until the hood is open.

Step 2

Go to the front of the car and slide your hand between the hood and the grill. The hood latch handle is above the H logo. Press it with your finger until the hand is released.

If the hood latch handle is removed firmly, or you can open the hood without lifting the handle, the process should be cleaned and lubricated.

Step 3

Holding the grip, pull the support clip out of its clip. Place the end of the rod in the hole under the hood. An arrow of the prop rod is embedded in the steel point of the hole for easy detection of the hole.

To close the hood, lift it slightly upwards to remove the support rod from the hole. Return the support rod to its holding clip. Make sure it’s securely latched.