How to Make a Hood Scoop Functional

Hood Scoops are one of the most popular and easily recognized car modifications. They can be found on all types of vehicles, from muscle cars to import tuners. Hood scoops serve two main purposes: they improve airflow to the engine, and they look cool.

There are two types of hood scoops: functional and cosmetic. Functional hood scoops actually duct air into the engine bay, while cosmetic ones only look like they do. Many people believe that functional hood scoops provide a performance benefit by increasing airflow to the engine.

However, there is no definitive evidence that this is true. In fact, some studies have shown that functional hood scoops can actually decrease performance by disrupting airflow around the car’s body. So if you’re considering adding a hood scoop to your car, ask yourself first whether you want it for looks or for performance.

If you just want it for looks, then any type of scoop will do. But if you’re interested in improving your car’s performance, then you might want to consider a different modification altogether.

Are you tired of your non-functional hood scoop? Well, there’s good news! You can make it functional with a few simple steps.

  • Decide which side of the car the hood scoop will be placed on
  • Cut a hole in the hood big enough for the scoop to fit through snugly
  • Affix the scoop to the underside of the hood using screws or bolts
  • Connect one end of a flexible duct to the scoop, and route it to wherever you want fresh air to be pulled from (usually near the engine)
  • Connect the other end of the duct to an opening in your car’s firewall or fender well
  • Make sure all connections are secure and that there are no gaps or leaks in any of the duct work
  • Enjoy your new functional hood scoop!

What Makes a Hood Scoop Functional?

A hood scoop is a feature that is typically found on sports cars or high-performance vehicles. It is an opening in the hood that allows air to flow into the engine bay. This extra airflow can help to cool the engine and improve its performance.

In some cases, a hood scoop may also be used to funnel water away from the engine bay in order to prevent it from getting too wet.

How Do I Make My Own Hood Scoop?

If you’re looking to add a hood scoop to your car, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

First, you’ll need to measure the area where you want to install the scoop. Once you have your measurements, you can either purchase a pre-made scoop or make your own.

If you’re making your own scoop, you’ll need some fiberglass and resin. Start by creating a mold of the desired shape and size using clay or foam. Once you have your mold, lay down a layer of fiberglass cloth and wet it with resin.

Continue adding layers of glass until the mold is filled. Allow the resin to cure overnight before removing the mold and trimming any excess glass. Your new hood scoop is now ready to be installed!

How Much Power Does a Hood Scoop Add?

A hood scoop can add a significant amount of power to your engine. By forcing more air into the engine, you are effectively increasing the amount of oxygen that is available for combustion. This results in more power being produced by the engine as it is able to burn fuel more efficiently.

While there are no hard and fast rules about how much power a hood scoop can add, you can expect to see an increase of around 5-10% from installing one.

Is the Challenger Hood Scoop Functional?

The Challenger hood scoop is functional and can help to cool the engine. It works by directing air into the engine bay, which helps to dissipate heat. The scoop also helps to improve airflow around the engine, which can increase power and performance.


If you have ever wanted to make a hood scoop functional, here is how you can do it. You will need to purchase a few items including an air filter, some tubing, and clamps. Once you have these items, you can follow these simple instructions which we mention above very clearly.